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He stepped into the tent, walking towards the graying man sitting upon his throne and kneeling before him on one knee, bowing his head. "My Lord, I come bearing words of warning and ill tiding."

The King nodded and motioned to the demon. "Rise, Guardian, and give your message."

He did as he was bade and went on. "My Lord, I have been instructed to tell you that the line is close to failing. The next charge by the enemy will likely be their last. It has fallen to me to inform you that you must flee, lest the enemy come and slay you."

There was silence from the King, and as he looked the man over, he wondered at the change in him. He had been a Guardian since before the man before him had ascended to the throne, since long before he was born, in fact. To see the man so aged and old was strange to him, but he sensed that there was still power and greatness in the man, still much strength.

Finally the King spoke, shaking his head. "Nay, Guardian. I hear your words, but I cannot heed them." Regal tones were in his voice, not that of an old man but rather one of strength and kingly bearing. "I may yet meet my fate here on this field, and likely will...but there can be no turning from my duty to my people."

He knew the king would speak thus, and opened his mouth to object. "My Lord..."

The King held up a hand, and he fell into silence. "This is the end of an age, Guardian. I will stand forth and meet those remaining that come for me, and though I may fall, our story does not end here. You must leave now. Carry forth our legacy of service to others from this place through the ages, so that our purpose, our duty to the world, does not die with me, in this place."

It was the Guardian's turn to be silent for a moment. Why was this being asked of him? Who would give such a command to one such as him, a demon, even one with a soul and such duty as he had undertaken? Finally, he found the words to speak. "My Lord...I would remain with fight to the last, rather than flee like a coward into the night..."

The King gave him such a look that he fell silent once again. "This is not a request. You are Lupinius, Guardian of Avalon, and if what you have told me is true, soon to be the last. And this is my command to you: go from this place, leave this battle that you might live and continue to serve as you have done for the hundreds of years before I became King. This is your duty, your quest from this moment hence: to survive, and one day bring our legacy through the ages until such time as you find others that are fit to carry on our tradition of service to those whom are in need of it."

The command was undeniable. All he could do was bow to the King. "I will do so, my Lord. May fortune favor you in the times ahead."

The king smiled at him. "Do this thing for me, Guardian, and I will need no such fortune. So long as one carries on our legacy, we shall not truly die, but instead endure forever."

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