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Expert Adventurer
Rakeesh Sah Tarna
Custom Title:
Professional Duelist
Character Race:
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Place of Origin:
The City-State of Tarna (a fantastical alternate Egypt)
Duelist, Wandering Paladin
Personality Traits:
Rakeesh is well-known for being a calm, level-headed old Paladin. He's shown great care, empathy and leadership over the years in Rhydin as the founding Captain of the dueling team, Champions of Mythos, and as the Guildmaster of the old Adventurers Guild. His political leanings during his reigns as Overlord or during various Baronies are more divisive and difficult to weigh.

There are many rumors about Rakeesh: he hates mages. He protects mages. He is a murderer. He sometimes flies into a fearsome rage in the ring. He was once possessed by the hated Necromancer, Vanion Shadowcast, and isn't responsible for some of the vile actions many blame him for. Despite the many rumors, few doubt that the actual truth behind this strange creature is complicated.

Whatever troubles weigh deeply on the old liontaur's heart, he rarely shows them or speaks of them. He is proud and dignified ... most of the time.

Physical Traits:
Half-lion, half-man, this immoderate (just over seven feet tall on all-fours and weighing around 700 pounds) creature holds himself majestically; his old red-brown eyes reflect a gentle wisdom and noble pride, despite his wild, dirty yellow and white fur. His once proud red mane is now entirely grey, a rarity for liontaurs; he would be considered ancient to his people at ninety-six years, having lived long beyond his race's usual expiration date.

He wears no clothes, to many a maiden's dismay, but does adorn himself with two necklaces: a simple, silver ankh and the bronze medallion that heralds the Champions of Mythos dueling team, engraved with the symbol of a sword engulfed in blue flame. When "dressing formally", it is typical custom for the liontaur to braid two long sections of his mane and let them hang at the side of his face.

His famed greatsword, Soulforge, is not much to look at; it is made of old iron and a simple pommel, stained by blood and rust accrued over its many decades of use. However, its size - a whole foot longer than a standard human greatsword - and the holy blessings laid upon it make it a truly dangerous weapon in the hands of the massive Paladin. The beast generally keeps the sword strapped to his back by way of a ratty leather weapon-harness.

His hind left leg, he keeps perpetually wrapped with fresh bandages. In his youth, a battle against a Demon-Wizard wounded the leg - and the Demon's poison has caused it to never completely heal, despite the Paladin's skill at such white magics.

Rakeesh has scarcely been seen in the several years prior to this one. Rumors abounded that the old warrior was close to death, a near cripple. Recently, though, he has re-emerged -- and, strangely, in the best health he's been seen in since his fateful last reign as Overlord.


Rakeesh is a master martial combatant with his giant greatsword and in unarmed brawling, having won much merit for his skill over the years, including the following accolades:

- 2008 Rhy'Din Duelist of the Year

--Duel of Swords--

- Four-time All-Star of the Team Dueling League
[32W-12L, 3.55 Career MPDPD, 73% winning percentage]

- 2008 Duel Madness Tournament Champion
[15W-5L Career Madness Record, 75% winning percentage]

- Two-time Overlord of the Rings [2 Defenses]

- Baron of Old Temple [2 Defenses]

- Baron of New Haven [1 Defense]

- Three-time Warlord Tournament Champion

--Duel of Fists--

- Three-time Powerhouse of the Iron Fists League
[12W-5L, 2.53 Career PDPB, 71% winning percentage]

- Bearer of ShadoWeaver [4 Defenses]

- Bearer of Pathfinder [1 Defense]

- Bearer of MoonBeryl

- Bearer of FireStar
Super-human strength, philosophy, healing and herbology, minor white magics, hand-to-hand and melee combat, archery, hunting and leadership.

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