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Junior Adventurer
Bart Fitzroy
Bart Effin' Fitzroy
Character Race:
Excessively Human.
Wherever it is, he got there at just the right time for... something.
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
Michael Rosenbaum
Character Age:
Around Thirty-something.
Place of Origin:
Ann Arbor, MI
Junkyard owner, mechanic, and distributor of... "inspiration."
Bart just... looked like he would be a d-bag. He kept dishwater hair cut short, but no matter what it just kinda stuck out and up. He was farsighted, so he tended to lean his head back and squint while having ice blue eyes, which sometimes read as standoffish. He was never in a hurry, and stuff just... seemed to work out for him.

But then, there were days where he'd get on an elevator clean shaven and step off with a three-day beard, or when he'd stare off into space and wonder of his name really *was* "Fart Buttzroy", out loud and to perfect strangers. Nature had a way of keeping people humble, and Bart seemed well-versed in humility.
Driving just about anywhere... Sometimes on a dirtbike... He's pretty good at fixing things... And there's... time stuff... Y'know, just... *%$&in' time, man...

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