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Coydog 'Mitchell'
Custom Title:
The Marvelous Mrs. Fitzroy
Character Race:
Most often away from civilization
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
Beth Riesgraf
Character Age:
Place of Origin:
The Mojave Wasteland, Earth
Coydog is a tall, lean woman in her early thirties with blonde hair that's usually pulled back into a ponytail or twisted into a messy bun at the nape of her neck to accommodate a sharp black Stetson cowboy hat. Her eyes are the dark, murky green of swamp water, and it is rare that they miss much.

Smiles come easily to Coydog; it is when they don't that one may find cause to worry.

In addition to her cowboy hat, she often wears a simple tank top and blue jeans, along with a deep wine colored leather jacket gifted to her by her pal, Dillman Johns. At her hips, nestled away in their holsters, are two revolvers:
* A snub nosed .44 named Pancho
* A single-action .357 revolver with a white grip marked with a black spade. It's name is Lefty.

Despite wearing foundation over what damage her hair does not conceal, Coydog still bares the marks of getting her eggs scrambled with a 9mm whisk. One the right side of her head, beneath her hair, are scars - some pitted and others like pale snakes. From her hairline down are more scars, though none so severe as what those blonde locks hide, and faded powder burns down to her jawline.

Smiles come easily to Coydog; it is when they don't that one might find reason to worry.
Surviving, lock-picking, gun-slinging, running her mouth; surprisingly good at the piano. Being the best damned courier she can be.

She also confuses the hell out of robots.

(Fallout based character. Obviously I don't own Fallout, or I'd be hella rich. If you see me playing, feel free to jump in!)

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