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Caleb Bryn
Caleb "Cal" Bryn
Character Race:
The wild places around the city
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Character Portrait
Art Credits: ... alex-libby
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Place of Origin:
Gresham, Oregon, United States
Tracker, trail guide, gardener
Caleb stands a little taller than average at 6'1", with a naturally muscular build that comes from a physically active lifestyle. Sometimes, he manages to tame his slightly curly brown hair into a texture fringe, but oftentimes he lets it grow wild and long and all over the place. When he lets his hair go, lighter strands and even the occasional white-streaked lock can be spotted. His sleepy hazel green eyes often seem unfocused, or, at the very least, he makes little effort to focus them on people. In the sunnier months, he frequently sports a tan. He very rarely shaves off his facial hair.

He typically dresses like an outdoorsman, often in hues of brown and green and olive, with occasional dips into the brighter side of the spectrum. He frequently wears sweaters, henleys, and jeans when the weather is cooler, switching to shorts and t-shirts when the temperature rises. In bad weather, he wears one of two water-proof ultralight down jackets: a dark green one and a bright red one. Regardless of its appropriateness for social situations, Caleb wears or carries a black hiking backpack with him. No matter the weather, he never goes shirtless, even during situations (swimming, tanning) that might call for it.

He sports half-sleeve tattoos on both of his arms. The right arm has a black-and-white depiction of a mountain range with a full moon and clouds overhead. The left arm has a river, several pine trees, and another full moon looking over it all.
As a distant cousin to the Hurst family of the Druidcrafting lineage, little was expected of Caleb when it came to the Crafts. That he displayed some talent for plant manipulation and animal empathy at a young age did not surprise them. That he seemed to eschew serious study of Druidcraft in favor of exploring the forests and peaks of the Pacific Northwest did not disappoint them. He was, after all, several degrees of kinship and half a world away from the Oceanic heart of the Hursts.

He had drifted through high school under the radar, and brief stints at the University of Oregon's Thaumaturgy campus and Portland Sorcery Community College did little to disprove the notion that Caleb was anything more than a slacker. He might have continued to fly under the radar, if not for the Snoqualmie Pass Incident.

The sole survivor of a presumed animal attack that took the lives of four other Druidcraft mages, Caleb refused to provide answers for the Mentalcraft maguses who interviewed him later. Suspicion grew further when they were unable to pluck the answers from his head, along with the exponential and seemingly overnight growth of his druidic powers. Eventually, he was branded a Heretic, and fled for the safer realm of RhyDin.

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