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Corrine Paige
Junior Adventurer
Junior Adventurer
Corrine Paige
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Retired Detective/ Part-time Private Investigator
Tall, atheletic, beautiful. Her hair worn big and natural atop her head. The daughter of a long line steel-mill owners, she had her life's path set for her. But she had other plans. Top of her class throughout the academy and work ethic that put her peers to absolute shame, she fought clawed her way to detective. A wry sense of humor and a damn near obsessive need to finish the job, she has become one of the stars of the department with a flawless record.

Until, of course, she met Simon Toews. Corrine was relentless in her pursuit of the man until the day both their lives changed forever. Toews' daughter was dead and the entire Cotter criminal organization lie in flames while Corrine was left a severed left arm and a permanent limp.

These days she spends her time as a part-time PI.

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