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Meadow "Stars" Starling
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where the party is
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Character Portrait
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musician, celebutante, rich kid
"I know," she says with a laugh. "You hear my name and you think, 'Oh god, hippies'. But you think wrong. I'm not hippie, I'm Hollywood." There's truth to what she says. Before there was Apple, or North West, or Blue Ivy, there was Meadow Starling.

It isn't hard to guess her parentage -- she's the only daughter of the exact legend you think she is. Meadow is part glitterati celebutante party girl, part soulful musician, part utterly bored rich kid. You can see her father's world famous angst in her eyes as surely as you see her model mother in the pretty purse of her lips. She's both the polished aristocrat and the punkish rocker chick, and she seems oddly comfortable with the contrast.

"My mother always wanted to be more cultured than she is, so I was forced to learn all the classics," she says with a bored flutter of her fingers, and she isn't looking at me as she checks her latest round of social media notifications. "You know, piano, cello, violin, harpsichord, etcetera." Meadow says it like she's rattling off the days of the week, commonplace and ordinary. "I learned the guitar to be more like my dad, then I picked up drums and the bass because somebody said girls aren't supposed to do that."

It's this defiance that defines her best, a force of nature in a socially acceptable package. She looks like she fits in, she walks and talks like the picture perfect celebrity she was born to be. But there's a subversive undercurrent to her posed exterior, you catch it in the way she smiles, the derisive smirk that lights eyes like thunderheads in the distance. She's amused with her own irreverence, and perfectly aware of her privilege. "Life for me isn't hard, you know? I get that I was born lucky. But whatever. Who cares who my dad is, how much money I have, what clothes I wear. What you do with the luck you're given, that's what matters. I don't have it all figured out yet-- don't get me wrong. But I'm getting there. I really think I'm getting there."

We're looking forward to finding out what that means.

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