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Phil Goshawke
Phil Goshawke
Character Race:
Furnished apartment in Seaside
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Character Age:
Appears early-mid 20's
Place of Origin:
Coalhold, a small village at the edge of Midgard & Jötunheimr
Weapons Designer and Engineer for Horace Daniels Amalgamated Magitek & Thaumaturgy. Former RIMT Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant and Lyceum Page.
At first glance, Phil comes across as a typical academic. What stands out immediately about him is either his height or his glasses. He stands a little taller than the average human in RhyDin, though his posture and skinny frame combine to keep him somewhat hidden in crowds. Typically, he wears thick black rectangular frames or unbreakable clear prescription goggles when dueling or otherwise working with materials that pose a risk to his vision. He tends to be a bit more buttoned up in his fashion than the cool kids might prefer: sweaters with dress shirts underneath, polos or henleys with jeans, all in typically dark and understated colors. His outfits are usually paired with scuffed-up, well-worn sneakers or boots. His messy dark brown/black hair and similarly colored eyes further conspire to keep his appearance ordinary, though anything beyond a cursory glance at Phil reveals an interesting wrinkle -- the white portion of his left eye is clouded with blood.

When wearing shorter sleeved clothing, one might catch a glimpse of a tattoo of an obsidian knife on the inside of his left forearm, and what looks like a Moon tarot card on his right bicep.
Expert in repairing most magical artifacts and technology. Possesses a Bachelor's of Magical Engineering degree from Camford University. Strong knowledge of various systems of magic. For someone who wears glasses, he's proven to be a surprisingly good shot.

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"One has to look out for engineers - they begin with sewing machines and end up with the atomic bomb."
(Marcel Pagnol)