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Junior Adventurer
Junior Adventurer
Phil Goshawke
Phil Goshawke
Character Race:
Kabuki Street or the Lyceum, usually
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Character Age:
Appears early-mid 20's
Place of Origin:
Page at the Lyceum. Former RIMT Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant
Other than his height, little about Phil makes him stand out in a crowd. Sure, he might be a bit taller than the average human, but little else about him is immediately striking. Dark brown, almost black hair sits in a messy pile atop his head. Brown eyes of nearly the same hue hide behind thick black rectangular glasses he's constantly pushing up on his nose. He's frequently dressed in lab coats (which typically hides how wiry his build is), even after work, but when he's not in uniform, he prefers clothing a little more dressed up than the cool kids might prefer: sweaters with dress shirts underneath, polos or henleys with jeans, all in typically darker and understated colors. He prefers scuffed up and well-worn sneakers or boots.
Expert in repairing most magical artifacts and technology. Possesses a Bachelor's of Magical Engineering degree from Camford University. Strong knowledge of various systems of magic.

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"Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology."
— Larry Niven's corollary to Clarke's Third Law.