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Alexia Longbow
Alexia Milisindiel Longbow. Leader of no one. Ruler of nothing.
Character Race:
Fae mixed with something else
Lost in a book
Character Age:
238... appears 19
Place of Origin:
Apprentice Mage
Only 4'10", a little on the scrawny side. Her face is lightly freckled and she appears to be about 17. Large, dark chocolate eyes, matching soft, wavy hair which hangs almost to her knees. Her small hands are usually warm and, though a bit calloused have a firm but gentle touch. Her ears are definitely pointed, but it's a bit of a sensitive subject.

She usually wears simple tattered and repaired clothing and brown boots made of supple, well-worn leather. In colder weather, she can also be seen wearing a sad excuse for a cloak. From hood to hem, it has been patched and re-patched, snagged, frayed, singed, and any other torture you could think of for a thinning old garment.

Clumsy, stubborn, and curious, she often finds herself in odd situations.

Never one to cause trouble, she has the passive ability to diffuse most tense situations as though her very aura is the essence of tranquility often giving off the scent of chamomile and lavender. Provided she is not in a state of panic, in which case, her aura will spring to life in a protective layer sparks of electricity, curls of smoke, and even flickering flames, all tinted purple.

((Mun is 18+))
She is a natural, empathetic healer, which means she'll absorb whatever injury or illness a person in need of healing may have. Since she is still learning, her own health and ability to self-heal is greatly compromised.

Despite her protests and denial, she has been known to sing occasionally. When she does, it seems as if the world stops, time slows, and hearts melt. It doesn't work on everyone, but few have actually been able to resist.

As of late, she is a bit skittish and probably traumatized as a result to a recent kidnapping and subsequent torture and attempted murder. Her usual severe stutter has found its way into selective mutism.

((Character is extremely shy and tends to blend into her surroundings, so feel free to bump into her, accidentally step on her, or spill on her, etc. Also, and most importantly, I have a little one who takes up a very large amount of my time. I might suddenly disappear!))

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

- Maya Angelou

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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

- Maya Angelou