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Junior Adventurer
Junior Adventurer
Ronixi Sulrealta
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Feminine Persuasion
Lurking about.
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Character Portrait
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Felice Fawn
Place of Origin:
There's an Irish lilt in her voice.
Private Investigator, and proud co-owner of the Fallen Cross Detective Agency.
At five feet and eight inches tall, with almost unhealthy, long scrawny limbs, and the haunted overall look she can't seem to shake, she often gives the vibe of a dead and brittle willow tree, moments away from a strong wind knocking her down. Her skin is more cream that peach, relatively free of blemishes, and there is a smattering of fine freckles along shoulder tops, the bridge of her finely pointed nose and the sharp planes of her cheekbones. Her hair tumbles to a wavy mess that stops just past her shoulders, frames her face, and appears to simply be dark as coal. Watch close though, and a wealth of rainbow colors may be revealed underneath. Her eyes are framed in thick lashes, round in shape, upturned, and those irises abyssal pools of a black starless night.

More and more as of late it seems her fingers are always smudged inky black from work. Like she couldn't be bothered to scrub them clean. Or that's what she wants to let most believe.

Just under her bra-line sits three tattoos. Dead center is an intricate scythe crossed with a single purple rose, to the left is a white bunny with a crown of green ivy, and to the right, a fedora and a whiskey glass. All three are no bigger than about an inch and a half. Just above the spanse of her pubic bone, nestled between her hips is an intricate brand of scarred pink skin that forms a pattern of intertwining symbols, the magic that once hummed within it gone. She has a smattering of pale, barely there scars along her arms from an unfortunate night with a broken wine bottle. From her left wrist holds the thick pearly scar about four inches long stretching up her arm, that speaks of something vicious. Another barely there scar rests just in the hollow of her throat. The rest of the scars that litter her body seem to be in all the right spots to be hidden away by clothing. The bulk of them litter her torso and back, varying from thin and delicate, to thicker pearly pink.

Clothing choice tends to be a little eccentric, with the majority of it being black. The fae seems to favor the color above else, in the style of flouncy dresses, pleated skirts and variety of plain and printed tops, with a hint of leather articles from time to time. All rather good at hiding whatever weapons she may have on her for the day. Always, there's a snowflake-esque engagement ring and a simple matching band glittering on her left ring finger. When working she makes no effort to go dressy, sticking to simple inconspicuous outfits to blend in better, and always, she wears a pair of well loved steel toe combat boots. Always on her person is a various assortment of iron knives, all with a well covered hilt. She also carries an older looking silver cigarette case often filled with Marlboro reds, along with some color variation of a baby Bic.

Most days are spent down dockside at the Fallen Cross Detective Agency, which she is the current sole owner of. She pulls early mornings and late nights that often take her all over the whole of Rhy'din, and what time isn't spent at the agency is spent either in the comfort of her favorite restaurants, or somewhere with her favorite people.

-One fluffy black cat named Lacey, who is completely spoiled, and wears a purple collar laden with rhinestones.
-One lesser black pewter ball python by the name of Murphy, who she affectionately refers to as her 'Danger Noodle'.
- 3 yellow ducklings, named Huey, Dewey and Louie, because she totally can.
- Tank with 5 different goldfish inside, and 2 snails....and maybe a crab.
- Brown and white rat named Sundae.
The fae is slowly learning the basics of unarmed combat, close ranged weapon combat, and already seems to have a good aim and a steady hand with her Sig P210-3. She's a fast learner, good at blending in with the crowd, rather observant of her surroundings, and rather decent at trailing after people she has to for one reason or another.

She is also able to drift through and visit the dreams of others, with the power to manipulate and sculpt the dreamscape. Adept at glamours, little cantrips, and simple magic.

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