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Reiko Souma
Proven Adventurer
Proven Adventurer
Reiko A. Souma
Character Race:
Camden, NJ, Terra; visits Rhy'din on vacations
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Character Age:
Place of Origin:
Camden, New Jersey, Terra
Medically retired S.D.F. Regional Ranger Admiral; Woodcarving shop owner in her hometown on Terra
Feature(s): "Pink Widow" is permanently burned into her upper left arm, roughly five inches (fourteen centimetres) from her shoulder. There is consideration of the tattoo being removed sometime. Her bubblegum pink hair (which is now kept at shoulder-length), deep pink eyes, very white skin, and the absence of eyelashes have often mistaken Reiko for an Albino or a cosplayer.

Accessory: Reiko has shed her anti-telepathic headband and now keeps the black cuff on her upper arm entirely visible, wearing sleeveless attire.

Personality: Having once been rather hotheaded and heavily-riddled with mental deficiencies following her service in the S.D.F., Reiko has become much more laid back and reserved since returning to her hometown. Her memories of darker days have been suppressed through sessions of deep hypnosis at her guardian's insistence. Her poor reaction to blood, however, remains problematic to this day, although it has been improving overtime.

[Link to extensive bio coming soon.]
Weapon(s): Souma Katana, a twenty-seven inch blade which has been in the Souma family for centuries, is the family heirloom and Reiko’s most prized possession. It is said that anybody who touches it, but hasn’t earned the Souma wielder’s utmost respect and trust, will suffer an unfortunate fate. Nobody has yet to try finding out what that fate is…yet.

S.D.F. Military-Issue Bow, issued to archers who have achieved the elite rank of Ranger Admiral, is Reiko’s preferred weapon. The Rune Arrows that she uses are made by Reiko herself; the wood is fletched from yew trees, and the arrows are hand-chiseled from pieces of rune which have been mined and blessed by the only priest who shares Reiko’s belief in Fate as a divine guiding force.

All-Ranks Tournament (Magic), 13.9.2020: Third place

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