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Siofra Kelley
Siofra Kelley
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Faerie Gentry/Raised by humans
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
She stands at 5ft 6in. Her figure has always been considered lithe but with the bud of womanhood, her long, shapely legs lead up to a volumptuous swell in her hips. The curve of them accentuated by a tiny, cinched waist and topped off by the medium fullness of her chest.

Her skin is soft to the touch, almost silken and is very fair as to have a radiant spectral effect without actually glowing.

Her thick, pearl white hair is cut in layers around her face. Bangs cut to sweep gently over her forehead while the rest is left to play softly around her face and down the middle of her back.

Her eyes are a pale smokey gray rimmed in a dark stormy gray. In these breathtaking orbs can be seen hints of warmth, tenderness, and innocence with the cool intelligence of her people. However, there also lies the faintest traces of mischief.

She has changed up the baby doll dresses and soft cotton feminine look for something a bit more modern. When she walks it is unmistakably feminine. She is prone to blushing. A lot. Especially when complimented or if the conversation is on a topic she doesn't understand but can glean it is of an adult or dirty nature. She is as pure as pure can be but has a sharp mind and a warm heart.

Her voice has a husky quality that is very soothing and soft. She is a linear and logical thinker, always attempting to reason understanding when faced with statements, reactions or emotions that confuse her. She has lived a very simple life so there are still many things she does not understand.

Her temperament is gentle and comforting but the Irish in her can make for a very nasty show of the true power within her. The blood that runs through her veins is more powerful then even she knows fully and the power of it unleashed is something she still struggles to control.
She has all the skills of her birth family. She has the power of glamour which gives her the ability to allow someone to see what she wishes them to see or hide what she doesn't want seen.

She can also shapeshift into anything she wishes from the people she interacts with to the animals in nature she encounters.

She also possessed the ability to levitate objects around her. From a dish on a table to the building in front of her. She has attempted and been successful at levitating her self but she can't seem to stay aloft for more than a couple of minutes.

She has some control over the weather as she has noticed on days where she has been sad, it always seemed to rain, and the opposite of that on days where she is elated and happy. It seems to mostly be driven by her emotional state.

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