Notes from the Isle

March 28th - April 3rd

-Week 3 of 9-

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Morgan won the Tower of Water! Congratulations Morgan and well reigned Mairead! This challenge was a swimming success! Andrea and Jaycy are fighting this coming Saturday for the Tower of Air! And there seems to be another collaborative menu for this challenge too! I'll be calling this and I'm bringing some of my special sugar cookies! Come hungry and ready to cheer on your favorite!

I spotted Snowflake by the giant Sakura tree before they hopped on a boat to trail down the river! I guess they’re Dreaming of Spring in Bloom! Keep an eye out for special Cherry Blossom items for sale in Twilight Market! And speaking of Twilight Market, stop by for their annual Spring Cleaning sale! Many vendors are offering excellent discounts on last season’s merchandise as they welcome Spring! Enchanted brooms, magical buckets and dust bunnies are also available!

Note: Haru Jeong won the Elemental Fury Tome on 3/14/2021 in the Spring All Ranks tournament. This awards the usage of Elemental Fury in regulation matches until the next All Ranks tournament. Helea Alwin won a Ragnarok Infused Magic Orb on 3/14/2021 in the Spring All Ranks tournament. This awards the use of a Mage Spell in regulation matches until the next All Ranks tournament. Helea selected Nether Ray.

NEWS FROM OTHER VENUES: In the Arena, Madness is down to 8! How are your brackets fairing this week? And there’s maple ice cream at the Bistro! For challenges coming up this week there’s an Overlord Challenge on Tuesday! Come out to the Arena and see if Rachael continues her ART success and obtains the title of Overlord or if Hope defends once again! And Anubis is still trying for Battlefield Park! Yuzuki is the new warden of Overlook! Congratulations! A win rate of 85.71% is very impressive! And after being in the ring 37 times, Salvador is now the warden of Lakeside!

In the Outback, after winning the Tower of Water, Morgan may have been trying for Hydro Master, or he just wanted to get into the rings with the Fashion Icon, Koy and try to snag IceDancer in the process! But the Masochistic Fashionista showed him why those heels of hers are the best and defended! Also, Strawberry is after a firey rock herself and has challenged Eden for FireStar! This challenge is set to take place on Thursday! Please look forward to it! Hopefully there will be free pizza if Matt doesn’t catch on! Also Bailey retired PathFinder and it is going to the Diamond Quest as a prize! The tournament is coming up next Sunday. Sign up today!

DEBUTS: No debuts this week.

ADVANCEMENTS: No rank increases this week.

THE RING OF KLYTUS: The holder for this cycle is Bailey Raptis! The ring grants an additional focus over the normally allotted amount, but is still limited to the maximum of 3 foci.

General Info: If you find a mistake in these standings, to select a spell upon reaching Mage, or to request reinstatement, please send a message to the DoM Standings Keeper, Max Lager. Or you may contact the DoM coordinator, Max Lager, at this address: (Forum PM)

The histories of our mystical bloodsport are chronicled at this address: (DoM Histories) Someday, you may be in these histories too! If you want to know how to get started, or what the rules for the ranks are, go here: (Game Guide) (Rules of Rank) To discuss with the Duel of Magic community, or with the entire dueling community at large, go to the corkboards, located here: (Forums)

Not listed in the current standings, but sure that you have a past record? Find your listing on the Old League of Duelists table and duel at your old rank. Just make sure you tell your opponent before the duel begins.

Current Standings Cycle Rankings

Keepers of the Isle

Celestial Keeper / ArchmageMallory MaedaGained: 2020-01-12Defended: 2021-03-16 # Defenses: 1
Keeper of AirJaycy AlexanderGained: 2021-01-28
Keeper of EarthAnya de la RoseGained: 2021-03-13
Keeper of FireRachael BlackthorneGained: 2021-03-14
Keeper of WaterMorgan LaFeyGained: 2021-03-28
Titles in italics, above, indicate towers under challenge.
Entries in bolded purple, below, denote Keeper of Twilight Isle.
Name ForumName W L T Spells Last Dueled


[ 3 Foci ]

Mallory Maeda Mallory49 0 0NR, IM, EF2021-03-17

~=Mage Emeritus=~

[ 3 Foci ]

Bailey Raptis [ RoK ]62 0 0NR or IM2021-03-06
Eden Parker 82 0 0NR or IM2021-01-18
Gloria Blaze 58 0 0NR or IM2020-11-20
Gren Blockman 36 0 0NR or IM2021-03-27
Lilith Anderson 22 0 0NR or IM2021-03-09
Rachael Blackthorne 124 0 0NR or IM, EF2021-03-23
Xanth Van Bokkelen XanthVanBokkelen70 0 0NR or IM2020-11-10


[ 3 Foci ]

Alasdair Galloway 19 0 0NR2020-11-10
Andrea Anderson 29 0 0NR2021-03-09
Anya de la Rose 15 0 0IM, EF2021-03-29
Atiea 15 0 0IM2021-01-18
Colleen MacLeod PrlUnicorn21 0 0NR2020-12-08
Ebon Ilnaren 18 0 0NR2021-02-15
Eregor 56 0 0NR2021-01-27
Haru Jeong 39 0 0NR2021-03-30
Jaycy Alexander Jaycy Ashleana22 0 0NR, EF2021-03-17
Mairead Harker 32 0 0NR2021-03-11
Mart Di'luna Mart20 0 0IM2021-03-06
Matt Simon Goldglo71 0 0NR2021-01-11
Mew 17 0 0NR2020-12-15
Michelle Montoya 38 0 0NR2021-01-25
Morgan Chae MC28 0 0IM2021-02-16
Morgan LaFey 40 0 0NR, EF2021-03-27
Phil Goshawke 26 0 0NR2021-03-17
Regina Wellston 27 0 0NR2021-02-16
Royal Farron Royal29 0 0NR2020-12-11
Strawberry Armstrong Strawberry17 0 0IM2021-02-01
Sylista Shadowsoul 18 0 0IM2021-02-15
Tasslehofl Momus 46 0 0NR2021-02-16


[ 3 Foci ]

Amaris 14 0 02021-02-26
Max Lager 10 0 02020-12-29
Mephisto Mephisto the Red13 0 02021-03-23


[ 2 Foci ]

Anubis Karos 5 0 02020-11-18
Doran Ilnaren 8 0 02021-03-04
Kira Adia [ Mentor: Sylista Shadowsoul ]6 0 02021-03-30
Rhiannon Brock [ Mentor: Eregor ]9 0 02020-12-15
Sheridan Driscol BardGallant9 0 02020-12-29


[ 1 Focus ]

Felicity Lakeman [ Mentor: Haru ]2 0 02021-02-17
Luna Sanguinem 4 0 02021-02-15
Octavia Tarracon The Eighth Child2 0 02020-12-08
Olaf von Trunk Static Rest2 0 02021-02-22
Reiko Souma 4 0 02021-02-07
Rhys Germain 3 0 02020-12-29


[ 0 Foci ]

Caleb Feren 1 0 02020-11-30
Charca The Blue0 0 02021-03-06
Ettyn Gedda Death Knell1 0 02021-03-01
Gwen Kasady 1 0 02020-12-11
Tanning Bread 1 0 02020-11-21

(ForumName above listed only when different from Character Name. ForumName in [brackets] is an RDI name and listed only when no RoH name is known.)

Cycle Ranks Through Week 3

Cycle rankings show how duelists perform over the course of the cycle, with the top performer earning the Ring of Klytus (provided they began the cycle below the rank of Mage). To balance percentage performance duelists are broken into 3 brackets based on number of duels fought, with top accolades achievable by only those in the upper tier. Duelists are ordered first by bracket, then by winning percentage, followed by the number of wins and lastly by low rank to high.

(click column headers to sort the table.)

Bracket 1: 8+ duels   |   Bracket 2: 4-7 duels   |   Bracket 3: 1-3 duels
Name Record Win % Bracket
Morgan LaFey 02-00-00100% 3
Phil Goshawke 01-00-00100% 3
Rachael Blackthorne 01-00-00100% 3
Kira Adia 01-00-00100% 3
Haru Jeong 01-01-0050% 3
Mallory Maeda 00-01-000% 3
Jaycy Alexander 00-01-000% 3
Mephisto 00-01-000% 3
Gren Blockman 00-01-000% 3
Anya de la Rose 00-01-000% 3

Duels fought for Week 3

Date Caller Duelist 1 Result Duelist 2 Score1 Score2 Rounds
2021-03-29 Duel Bot Haru Jeong .def. Anya de la Rose 5 4 9
2021-03-30 Duel Bot Kira Adia .def. Haru Jeong 5.5 2 7