The Annex

Located beneath the more traditional presence of the Arena, the once undermaintained but frequently used Annex has seen something of a renaissance in more recent times. The stairs leading down from its parent venue and the more whimsical conveyance of the firepole haven’t changed, nor has the increasingly familiar convenience of the elevator, but beyond their thresholds is where the entertainment begins!

The rings have been given a modern upgrade, with subtle applications of the mystic and mechanical giving the Callers the opportunity to customize the duelists’ environments by request (or sometimes not!) from a larger and much more comfortable Caller’s Couch. Behind and edging the rings on two sides are a series of low rising bleachers, not as expansive as those on the floor above but clean and comfortable enough for a long evening of spectating. Edging the other sides are the equally familiar tables and chairs, backed by a black-paneled bar with white quartz bar top, hinged in places of easy access but ultimately stretching around to…

A barcade! The handful of familiar classic arcade games from the time of a much more barren Annex are still around (DDR will never die!) and have been added to, filling previously unoccupied and expanded space. Hedged off to one side of the brightly lit digital entertainment are a few gambling machines for those not daring enough to gamble against Kalamere’s odds at The Line. A pair of tunnels at one corner are fronted by a Go-Cart station for quick transport and thrills on four wheels. Deeper still within the bowels of the underground entertainment complex are a bowling alley, a narrow set of stairs from the Arena/Annex gift shop, and the Annex’s newest addition: Glow-in-the-Dark Miniature Golf!

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