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Sport Headlines

  • A Very Melee Christmas!

    Christmas time is almost upon us. Let your days be melee and bright, by getting your fight on (and a gift!) with Duel of Swords in the month of December for A Very Melee Christmas!
    [ link ]
  • Squireships Up for Grabs!

    Mallory, the Arena's newest Baron, is on the hunt for a squire and is hosting a tournament to find one! And Myria Graziano's piggybacking on the event, looking to choose a squire of her own. The more participants, the merrier; sign up today!
    [ link ]
  • Mallory Wins WLT & Becomes Battlefield Park Baron!

    In a WLT that saw four entrants (Jay Capistrano, Mairead Harker, Minion of Deathlord & Mallory), Mallory defeated Minion - who perhaps was overtaxed from a 24 round loss to Mairead earlier in the tournament - in the finals! She claimed the Barony of Battlefield Park (left vacant by Nayun's recent retirement) as her prize and it's worth noting that Mallory gained the Warlord rank just days prior to the tourney! Congratulations to Mallory!
    [ link ]

RhyDin Playables

  • Yuletide Grand Opening at the Unifier Brewing Company

    - Dec 04th, 2018

    To celebrate their Grand Opening to the public, the newly established Unifier Brewing Company in Seaside is hosting a party at the Winter Solstice, on Saturday, December 22nd, kicking off the Yuletide season with free drinks, snacks, a tour of operations, and music. Stop in, enjoy the atmosphere, s...
    [ link ]
  • Mad Fairy Ale Re-Release

    - Dec 04th, 2018

    Premiering in time for the Gala at Winter Wonderland and available from different vendors throughout Winter Wonderland itself: Mad Fairy Winter Ale re-release!

    As a special addition this year in collaboration with House of Summer, Inc., many bottles have an actual fairy inside!

    Open t...
    [ link ]
  • A Rhydin Christmas Carol

    - Dec 02nd, 2018

    There year something magical is in the air at Old Temple’s Winter Wonderland, spreading both Christmas cheer and holiday romance to all who visit!

    Daniel, acting as the spirit of Christmas romance, always loved this time of year and how it brought together so many couples, so now he is roam...
    [ link ]
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