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Sport Headlines

  • The Dream of Desert Winds Stays with Mallory

    What could be best described as "Toys for Tots", with the tots being the Duelists weapons in this case (thank you attempted pre-challenge assault turned quick thinking magic to transform weapons into toys), happened this New Years Eve as Lord Bile and Baroness Mallory faced off for Cadentia! After tying it up at sudden death Mallory was able to secure her victory and rein in the New Year with the first defense of the Cadentia title!
    [ link ]
  • This is the (Toll) Way!

    Undefeated and crowned champion of the End of Fall Cycle All Ranks Tournament, Harris D'Artainian claimed the Old Market Barony as his own! Don't forget (or do forget) to pay your toll!
    [ link ]
  • Glory for Gloria!

    The Celestial Citadel is Gloria Blaze's for another cycle after she defends it against challenger and Archmage Tournament Winner Eden Parker! Gloria will herald the 2020 New Year as Twilight Isle steps into the newest decade!
    [ link ]

RhyDin Playables

  • Shattered

    - Jan 19th, 2020


    Last night during the historic Diamond Quest 100, an incident took place in the home of the Duel of Fists, the Outback. At the end of the tournament, there was an explosion that purportedly destroyed the physical objects known collectively as The Opals as well as injuring severa...
    [ link ]
  • Old Market Tolls Increased

    - Jan 19th, 2020

    Starting Sunday morning, reports throughout Old Market talked of increased tolls when coming from Dragon's Gate in the wake of Diamond Quest 100 after rumors reported strange elemental behavior and heavy damage to the Outback. The reason for the increased tolls? "It's a state of emergency," was the ...
    [ link ]
  • DQ Watch Party at the Red Cardinal!

    - Jan 18th, 2020

    With tickets to DQ C being sold out for months, patrons of the Outback are scrambling for last minute arrangements to make sure they won’t miss it. Enter the Cardinal Inn, home of the Barony of Old Market, which will be hosting a boozy bash boasting beverages and food galore along with every singl...
    [ link ]
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