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Sport Headlines

  • Mallory Wins WLT & Becomes Battlefield Park Baron!

    In a WLT that saw four entrants (Jay Capistrano, Mairead Harker, Minion of Deathlord & Mallory), Mallory defeated Minion - who perhaps was overtaxed from a 24 round loss to Mairead earlier in the tournament - in the finals! She claimed the Barony of Battlefield Park (left vacant by Nayun's recent retirement) as her prize and it's worth noting that Mallory gained the Warlord rank just days prior to the tourney! Congratulations to Mallory!
    [ link ]
  • Vael Defends Seaside for the 7th Time!

    Will anyone be able to take Seaside from Vael, who's quickly approaching the 3rd year of her baronial reign? Deathlord's Minion fell short of that goal a few days ago. Despite giving up an early 2-0 lead in the match, the Baroness struck hard and fast to defend her barony for the seventh time! Congratulations to Vael!
    [ link ]
  • Penny Escobar Takes MB; Juniper Wins Panther's Claw!

    With the Underdogs beating out the Heavy Hitters in overall points (240-195), Penny Escobar (44 points) becomes the Outback's newest Opal holder, and the first non-Emerald to hold an Opal in quite a while! A new dueler to the Outback, Juniper (33 points) wins the Panther's Claw! Rumor also has it that during the event, Jewell Ravenlock discovered an everlasting love for apples, but that rumor remains unconfirmed. Congratulations to Penny and Juniper!
    [ link ]

RhyDin Playables

  • Beer with the Baroness! Tonight at the Golden Perch

    - Nov 20th, 2018

    Tonight from 8:00-10:30 pm et, the newly minted Baroness of Battlefield Park will be pouring drinks at the Golden Perch Inn. All pints and bottles will be half off!
    [ link ]
  • Thanksgiving 1980!

    - Nov 19th, 2018

    Governor Von Tombs is tossing a Thanksgiving party at the Rhydin Civic Center!Admission to this Gala of Galas is: Donations of Non perishable foods, hygiene products, coats, jackets, and blankets in good condition, tents and sleeping bags in good condition, and anything that will bring a little bit ...
    [ link ]
  • Friendsgiving With Eless

    - Nov 15th, 2018

    *** I apologize, but I'll need to postpone this event to next Friday, the 23rd of November.*** Did you work up an appetite competing in The Great Gobble Tournament? Do you simply need to wine down? Come join Eless for an evening celebrating friendship and camaraderie at the Golden Perch. Delectable ...
    [ link ]
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