ShadoWeaver and PathFinder challenge results.

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ShadoWeaver and PathFinder challenge results.

Post by DUEL Gork » Tue Jun 15, 2004 1:34 pm

So, yeah. I was sitting around at my shift one day doing almost nothing, when people started to show up. And I thought Max and Matt were just dueling. I was, at first, oblivious to the fact that this was a challenge. Probably because noone told me.

Anyways, the first duel looked like it was anybody's game throughout the entire thing. It took place in The Pit while it was closed. Matt took a quick first point by jumping out of the way, but Max evened it right back up with a monster block. After that, they beat upon one another. Max then gained himself some postion, but it wouldn't last long as Matt drops the hammer on his jump. They clashed down low, with Matt still in the lead by one point. Max evens it up by stealing Matt's backhand move. But Matt tries to use his own move on Max, ending up being knocked down by Max.

Max Matt
1 Legsweep F Leap 1-0 Matt
2 F Armblock Jumpkick 1 all
3 Chop Jab 2 all
4 Jab Ft. Legblock 2+-2 Max
5 F Leap Chop 3-2 Matt
6 Legsweep Legsweep 4-3 Matt
7 F Dodge Chop 4 all
8 Legsweep F Dodge 5-4 Max

Max wins the first duel, 5-4 in 8.

They continued to fight in The Pit while it was closed. Matt tried using his backhand move to start, but Max just knocks him down again. Much mud flies. Matt brings out the defense to tie it at 1. Max pulls back out into the lead, punching Matt mid-kick. Matt takes to the air to tie it at 2. Finally Matt's move works for him to bring the score to 3-2. It was now that Matt used ShadoWeaver to make three of himself. But the Matt teab tries a spinkick and three Matts ended up spinning themselves out. They trade punches to bring it to sudden death once more. Next round.. Well, everyone thank Percy for teaching everyone that. But now Matt drops into Max's punch, and ShadoWeaver has a new holder.

Max Matt
1 Legsweep F Dodge 1-0, Max
2 Jumpkick F Armblock 1 up
3 Jab Jumpkick 2-1, Max
4 Snapkick F Leap 2 up
5 Jab F Dodge 3-2, Matt
6 F Duck Spinkick 3 up
7 Jab Jab 4 up
8 Ft. Legblock Legsweep 4 up
9 Legsweep Jab 5-4, Max

Max Quinlan Blue defeats Matthew Algiers Simon 5-4 in 7 for ShadoWeaver.

So Max nets himself an Opal.

But that's not all the Opal action last night. The PathFinder Challenge between Ria and Layne also happened last night.

It took place in a Rask Generic Ring. And Ria used that hologram again because she's preggers. It began with the hologram dropping down and Layne's leg passing through it. They go through the classic Jumpkick/Legsweep thing. Then Layne spins and kicks at the Hologram in it's movement. Then the hologram gets tossed across the ring somehow by Layne. Then Layne passes the hammer through the hologram's leg. Ria gets one back with an uppercut. Bringing the score to 4-1. They stall for a round, but the Ria gets position out of it. Ria nabs a conversion by hopping up. More stalling. Layne then puts a fist through the hologram to take the first duel.

Layne Ria
1 Snapkick F Duck 1-0, Layne
2 Legsweep Jumpkick 1-0, Layne
3 Spinkick F Dodge 2-0, Layne
4 Flip Jab 3-0, Layne
5 Chop Snapkick 4-0, Layne
6 Flip Uppercut 4-1, Layne
7 Dodge F Armblock 4-1+, Layne
8 Snapkick Leap 4-2, Layne
9 Dodge Dodge 4-2, Layne
10 Jab Jumpkick 5-2, Layne

Layne Jenkins defeats Alexandria Wells-Graziano in the first duel, 5-2 in 10.

The second duel took place in the same ring, though the ring name probably changed without notice. It started with Layne punching out and the hologram moving out of the way. I didn't know holograms could block attacks, but that's what happens here. Layne gets a brief flying lesson.
Then the hologram kicks Layne. Layne moves out of the way of a holo-punch. He tries to convert by ducking, but Ria goes sweepy. They end the duel with beating on one another. Ria nabs a win, Layne prevents a shut-out.

Layne Ria
1 Jab Dodge +-0, Ria
2 Chop Armblock 1-0, Ria
3 Jumpkick Flip 2-0, Ria
4 Flip Snapkick 3-0, Ria
5 Dodge Jab 3-+, Ria
6 Duck Legsweep 4-0, Ria
7 Jab Chop 5-1, Ria

Alexandria Wells-Graziano wins the second duel over Layne Jenkins 5-1 in 7.

So it comes down to this. One duel for the Opal. Who will win PathFinder? Read on to find out.

It starts with Layne missing again. Ria's sweep passes through Layne and it nabs her the first point of the duel. They then traded punches, which hurts when it's not a hologram you're fighting. And just then, Ria would have fallen because of Layne's sweep, if she were the real Ria.
They look for position and find none. Layne pulls into the lead after punching through the hologram. After jumping and kicking over the chop, it was apparent that he figured the Holo-Ria out. But Ria gets in an uppercut and it seemed that maybe they both figured each other out. Figured out or not, Layne goes through with a snapkick for the win, finally ending the long awaited challenge.

Layne Ria
1 Jab Dodge +-0, Ria
2 Dodge Legsweep 1-0, Ria
3 Jab Jab 2-1, Ria
4 Legsweep Dodge 2 up
5 Dodge Armblock 2 up
6 Jab Legsweep 3-2, Layne
7 Jumpkick Chop 4-2, Layne
8 Flip Uppercut 4-3, Layne
9 Snapkick Flip 5-3, Layne

Layne Jenkins defeats Alexandria Graziano 5-3 in 9 to win PathFinder.

So two Opals changed hands last night.

As observed by: Gork
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