Diamond Quest Results!

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Diamond Quest Results!

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It was my honor to witness and officiate the Diamond Quest tonight. Six duelers showed up to claim the title, and although the turnout was light, the fighting was all the more serious for it. With so few contenders, a round-robin format seemed best, six bodies, five rounds. The green opal, PathFinder, was also up for grabs in this tournament of jewelry.

Round one saw Matt and Ria facing off on the bridge in a hot and heavy balancing act. Though Matt launched a good early-on offensive, Ria came away with the sudden death win. Tarl and Harris began in the Can and heated things up to a 5-5 sudden death match, Harris eventually eked out a final blow to take the win there. Chris and Kheldar socked it out down in the Pit, but Kheldar would be unstoppable and take a 5-3 win.

In round two Kheldar earned a whopping at the smarting Matt up in Styx, a 5-4 aerial battle both on the beams and above it. Ria went to sudden death again against Harris, but came away with the victory 5-4, par for the course in the Fern. Chris took on Tarl in the Ice Rink, and came away with less icy scrapes and a 5-3 win. At this point the crowd was close, only Ria held a 2-0 record and everyone else was 1-1, with Tarl trailing at 0-2.

Round three was one-sided in every way. Kheldar got his game face on and stomped Harris 5-2, Harris' only points came in the first and last round. Tarl took great glee in showing off his gymnastic skills and took Ria out of the air 5-3 with a sweet coup-de-grace. Chris just plain opened up the Can on Matt 5-3. Still anyone's game at this point, half at 1-2 and half at 2-1.

Round four separated the cream, Ria, from the milk, Chris, putting her at 3-1 in a 5-2 beating. It also saw the wheat, Kheldar, beat out the chaff, Tarl, 5-2. And in the last of the big wins, Harris clinched any hopes Matt had at the title in 10 hard rounds.

At this point, only Ria and Kheldar were left on the playing field for the rock. Harris and Chris still had a shot at the opal if they could beat one another and then face whoever didn't get the diamond. Tarl and Matt just fought because they like fighting, and neither wanted to say they came in last place. Chris put up a good first half, but Harris outlasted him and took a 5-3 win. Matt pounded up Tarl to save face.

Kheldar, however, really wanted to be diamond. He laid the smack right down on Ria and shut her out in 5. There is no question who was king of the hill here tonight.

Afterward, Harris refused to fight the Ria hologram again, forfeiting PathFinder to her. Someone make her defend it please.

All hail Kheldar, our new Diamond!
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