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Re: Diamond Quest CIV!

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In Diamond Quest CIV, fourteen duelers vied for the Outback's top title! In order of seeding, they were:

Caleb Feren
Koyliak VanDuran-Simon
Mallory Maeda
Salvador Delahada
Eden Parker
Jaycy Ashleana
Matthew Algiers Simon
Strawberry Armstrong
Ebon Ilnaren
Michelle Montoya
Bailey Raptis
Kheldar Drasinia

Jaycy won the top bracket by besting Bailey, Mallory, Koy and Sal to claim her spot in the Finals. Karma, after beating Ebon in the first round, lost to Caleb in the second to get bumped to the bottom bracket. From there, she ran through Kheldar, Koyliak, Michelle, Mallory and Salvador to stake her own spot for the Diamond or IceDancer, the blue opal.

Winner of DQ 100, Jaycy found herself on the positive end of a 5-1 victory - almost a year after she won previously - and claimed her fifth ever overall Diamond title in the Outback!

Karma didn't walk away empty-handed and went home with IceDancer!

Congratulations to both Jaycy and Karma for impressive dueling throughout the night!

*Historical Note(s): Kheldar had a shutout win over Bailey in the second round, the event's only shutout. This is also the 2nd DQ in a row where Bailey's been shut out in the second round of the tournament.

((Challonge Bracket is here: https://challonge.com/lpowmydd))
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