L'avventura del gattino

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L'avventura del gattino

Post by Sammy » Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:54 pm

Quick OOC before post(s) to follow. These posts will contain Violence, gore, brutality, possibly suggestive/sexual themes, drugs, alcohol, cursing, and violence. You have been warned!

Also for this first post, any none default text color is a flashback, default is the present day! Enjoy!

It was the perfect night on the outskirts of Rome. A night filled with drinks, loud music that drowned out the weeks of mental silence that had been spent in the deserts of the Middle East, the heat of other bodies near her. It was the rest and relaxation that Sammy needed so desperately, that by the time she managed to slip out to the cheap hotel it was nearly sunrise. The cheap wooden door opened and then closed behind her to the stale white room with nothing more than a television that was out of date five years ago upon a dresser, a bed, and a small shower attached to what was no bigger than a powder room. Her clutch tossed onto the cheap, likely stain ridden sheets, she would make her way into the powder room to wash up before catching a few hours of sleep… after all, she had a flight to catch!

The window of the room, facing out towards the sunrise, shattered behind her. Glass shards sent in all directions as a static riddled voice replaced the ominous moment of silence. “Ciao gattino, hai qualcosa che vogliamo e ce lo regalerai o morirai in quel buco di merda in cui ti trovi attualmente. Restituiscilo a noi e ti lasceremo in pace.”

A roll of her eyes as she looked into the smudged mirror. Even as tired as her eyes were, there was a sharpness that took over as she examined herself. A slow and deliberate motion as she brought her hands through the mess of hair that had come undone from whatever style she had managed to put it in before her night out, tying it off behind her in a tight ponytail to not be obstructive.

“Hai un gattino di dieci minuti”

Brushing down the leather jacket that sat on her shoulders over the white blouse and the short skirt that hooked into the fishnet stockings. A simple motion to reach within that jacket produced her only form of defense. The brushed steel of her Beretta was placed into her palm as she turned quietly. Heels clicking against the ground before then hitting the glass to an audible crunch. The static of the handheld radio that sat amongst the broken shards of glass sprang back to life, but before a voice could craggle through, her hand came to depress the transmission button: “Vieni e prendimi.”

The black shell of the radio went soaring through the twilight air and came crashing down somewhere amongst the parking lot outside. Slowly sliding down the edge of the bed, Sammy’s gun slowly lifted up in both of her hands, the hammer resting against her forehead as she took in a deep breath.

Opening her eyes she looked around the room for a moment. Feeling the cold steel against her forehead was enough to cause her to relax back against the mattress that was gifted to her by Tetra. Memory foam with extra padding to make a cloud for her favorite to sleep upon. The rest of the room was a dull grey that was only slightly off in comparison to the steel color of her hair. Off to the left of her was the nearly impenetrable vault filled to the brim with just her personal armory and closet, off to her right a lavish bathroom with a soaker tub and a rainfall showerhead. However, her gaze was forward, out the window and over Rhy’din.

Ten Minutes. Three of that was already gone if the clock was correct. The analog clock blinked in a constant flashing of the red lights in the early morning light that was slowly starting to edge its way just over the Eastern Horizon. Exhaling as she listened, hearing the footfalls all around the building, some in the halls, others next to the window that she was staring out of. A slow breath brought through her nose as she prepared.

The slow breath cast itself against the glass of the window, steaming against it slightly to obscure Rhy’din in a slight artificial fog in front of her gaze. Looking up towards the ceiling as she would count the seconds until the fog cleared.

Five...four...three… Sammy suddenly jumped to her feet, she heard the two pins get pulled outside her window and she gave a deadly grin as her heels had not even made a sound. One pair of hands outside of the window would just barely peak around the outside of her window and flinch. It was early, too early. The clock hadn’t struck the top of the hour. The flinch cost the man time as he pulled back as the sound of the two Italian hitmen arguing in hushed whispers broke the silence.


Sammy laughed as the clock hits the top of the hour, the first rays of the sun cresting her gaze. “Another sleepless night…” She would slowly come to stand against the back of the bed and turn towards the master bath that she had to prepare a chance to relax. The night had provided itself with a new outlook on the situation… as she had been the one to be strong… the one that had comforted her benefactor…

Gunshots rang out from the end of her Beretta through the edge of the window casing, sending cheap wood splinters outwards as the bullet struck one of the would-be attackers in the shoulder. A stun grenade landing at his feet and going off causing the second to echo out a scream. Sammy’s confident smirk remained as her right arm carried the Beretta over to point towards the door. There had already been one thud of a foot hitting against the lock, then a second. On the third she unleashed the last of her magazine into the door before she ducked down under the bed as bullets whizzed over her head, killing the stunned hitman that had tried to see what was going on inside.

The bubbles of the bath just barely overflowed the edge of the soaker tub as she sunk down into it and closed her eyes. There was so much that she did not understand, that she had been kept in the dark about. The first ray of sunlight basked her bedroom in a faint red glow that almost seemed to paint the walls red…

Blood dripped down from the whitewashed walls of the hallway as Sammy casually made her way down the hall. Heels clicking with each step as she rolled the grape lollipop around from one side of her mouth to the other as her hands worked in tandem to reload her pistol, the empty magazine dropping to the ground as she turned the corner. The air in the room was still and silent.

The morning silence that fell heavily upon the penthouse was one she welcomed. With most of the staff keeping to a nighttime schedule, the upstairs was left in her hands. Standing and drying from the quick bath, it was time she went and took care of the day's business.

Three bodies all slumped outwards from their bits of cover. Faux walls made of the barest bit of drywall turned over tables and chairs. Sammy shook her head and turned her pistol upwards to stereotypically blow the steam off the end of her barrel, laughing to herself. “I have always wanted to do that..” She would strut casually through the mess, tossing a wad of cash towards the counter… more than enough to cover damages, as she would emerge into the full breadth of the sun's light and go about her way.

Armed and ready to go, Sammy’s trip down the elevator had her checking her personal weapons. A number of knives, grenades, the Beretta and a Desert Eagle all strapped to her in hidden places. As they came down to the ground floor, she would lock a fresh magazine into the Beretta and chuckle towards the doorman. “I have always wanted to do that…” The audible click was too much of a movie trope, as combat boots carried her out of the glass front entrance to the tower situated just within the boundaries of the city, bringing her out into the full breadth of the sun's light and to go about her way.
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