Famous Past Lives

A place for the stories that take place within Rhy'Din
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Famous Past Lives

Post by Avrie » Mon Feb 10, 2020 6:46 pm

“A fire has been lit
A ritual has begun
A fire has been lit
Let the flames of your life engulf you”
(Youth Code, “To Burn Your World”)

Everything’s burning, and I love it. The buildings -- the wood, the glass, the brick, the steel -- each has a different sound, a different smell, as the fire consumes them and spits out smoke and ashes. Crackling gives way to shattering bursts as windows blow out, ceilings collapse, walls implode on themselves. Fruit and flesh and vegetable, sweet and sour and bitter and salty, all are now charred to a crisp.

And I - I hover in the fiery sky, each flap of my wings burning away clouds, threatening to set the sun itself alight. Triumphant screams tear their way out of my throat, while I watch the people -- the ants -- try to escape the inferno. But there’s nowhere safe left for them. Everything is cinders, everything is embers, everything is dust. They thought they could tame me? They thought they could chain me? No. I shriek one last time, rising up so that my wingspan blots out the sun and shrouds the world in darkness.
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