RhyDin River Bridges Damaged!

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RhyDin River Bridges Damaged!

Post by Mallory » Sun Jan 12, 2020 6:35 pm

Last night, during the orcish war barge river parade, a large creature reportedly made its way downriver from Kaiju Lake to the harbor, and back to the lake again. Allegedly, two bridges across the river were shelled once it was determined they were free of people to make way for the creature. No casualties have been confirmed on the river so far, and repairs are already underway, with coastal ferries and pontoon bridges erected to alleviate traffic. Zip lines, pole vaulting stations, giant eagles, and tears in reality have been provided by enterprising individuals for the more adventurous commuters.

Others have decided to take their chances on the affected bridges in their current state, and claim to have traversed them without issue.

((Tied to the culmination of this story! As always, everyone is welcome to play into this as they like, but no one is obligated to acknowledge it.))
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