A Nice Bath

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A Nice Bath

Post by Mist Gul » Wed Dec 04, 2019 3:34 pm

It wasn’t the amethyst polished into a shower-bath that they had in the cave, but the big enameled cast iron tub in one of the Battlefield Park Barony's would more than do. Mist cleaned it with wet salt, the water running clean and pure and cold the entire time. He chanted softly while he worked.

Once it was cleaned, he filled the tub with hot water, epsom and sea and rock salts, powdered sage and lavender. It smelled lovely, but he still was dealing with a rather anti-bath individual. Normally, Mist let Amaris decide for herself when she would bathe, but not this time.

He cast a spell over the waters, and they glimmered as if filled with moonlight. Then he turned to hunt down his quarry.

“I don’t want a bath!” Amaris yelled from… somewhere.

“You have to have a bath. You hugged Michelle, you’ve been slimed,” Mist responded firmly.

“I’ll just change my clothes, it’s not that bad!” Amaris insisted. Mist narrowed his eyes and cast a tracking spell. Amaris saw her own golden hued footsteps forming in the floor and muttered a bad word. She hopped a few times, hoping to elude the spell, but it was relentless.

Amaris jumped to a chair back and tottered. Then she clambered over a coffee table to a sofa. The foot prints followed.

“Da-aaaddd!” she complained, hopping chair to chair until she was rushing down a hallway, “I already had a shower!”

“Bath!” Mist yelled, quickly tracking after her game of ‘the floor is lava (and a damn snitch)’.

“It’s just goo! It’s mostly on my clothing!”

“Your clothes are going into the bath, too!”

Amaris muttered, then abruptly leaped, grabbing onto the ornate carving over the door way into the dining room. She clung there, then pulled herself up to work her away along the decorative moulding around the room.

Mist had been in too many dungeon crawls to be fooled by that one. He realized the footprints stopped at the doorway, and looked up. There he found Amaris toiling along like a spider. She gasped when she spotted him coming for her and made one last heroic effort: she jumped for the chandelier in the middle of the room.

She almost made it. Mist snagged her midair and threw her over his shoulder.

“Dadddd!” Amaris wailed, flopping down his back, disgruntled. She couldn’t even pull on his hair to protest. It was too short.

The moment Mist went to drop her into the bathtub, Amaris dug in and clung with all she was worth to his tunic. He folded over and dropped her and his shirt into the tub. Amaris flailed, thoroughly soaking Mist.

“Into the purifying waters, mud puppy!” he commanded, laughing despite the gravity of the situation.

“I’ll take you with me!” Amaris insisted, sending a wave of water into Mist’s face. He grabbed the top of her head and baptized her thoroughly, speaking words to a prayer while she flailed.

Once he let Amaris up, she snatched his undershirt and hauled him in after her. Thumping over his back while he flailed, Amaris sloshed out of the tub and grabbed a towel. Then she took ALL of the towels.

“I’m taking a shower!” the girl complained, marching out of the bathroom. Mist blew water out of his mouth, and finally started to laugh.

(Posted as part of the Lost in Time and Space Storyline: wherein Mist starts losing his cookies)
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