A Matter of Veterans

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A Matter of Veterans

Post by Pharlen » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:35 pm

Amaris had been a busy lass with her attention focused upon the homeless and needy veterans of RhyDin. As it was a little known fact that Pharlen could not ordinarily see ghosts, she sent her aide, Tommy, to meet with the girl and the ghosts of Battlefield Park. Though Tommy was a local born RhyDinian, a good looking and rather small statured white young man with wide hazel eyes and short straight brown hair, he was still nervous to deal with the ghosts until something clicked in his head and the blessed logic of business and finances took over.

After carefully explaining the entire process of creating a trust fund to continue to pay for the vets to work and stay in the old barracks, Tommy was glad to help Amaris and Mist visit the Bank of RhyDin to begin the necessary paperwork for the trust.

Pharlen, meantime, responded to messages from Reiko, and assembled a package for the woman, including information on several successful projects taken from the neighboring realities. Mainly communities of tiny homes, whether newly built or repurposed existing buildings, were used to house and care for the homeless veterans, headed by people familiar with both the issues of homelessness and the veteran.

The information packet was sent on to Reiko, with the note that there were funds available as well as a labor force and land, Reiko had only to contact with the Veteran's association to get things moving.
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