IronFistCon Rescheduled!

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IronFistCon Rescheduled!

Post by JewellRavenlock » Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:46 am

IronFistCon has been temporarily postponed!

Due to a ceiling water leak that wasn't spotted as a result of the holiday last week, IronFistCon has been postponed to the first weekend in December

Dates: December 6th & 7th
Time: 8:00am-5:00pm
Location: RhyDin Convention Center

Get your tickets today for the hottest convention in RhyDin!

Interested in being a vendor or hosting a panel? Contact the folks over at RhyDin Sports Network!

((My apologies for the delay! I was travelling during Thanksgiving and was unable to complete this in time.

This will work similarly to the way it did in 2015 and be a board only/vapored event.

Please see this doc to add in booths, vendors, meet & greets, and panels by Wednesday, December 4th.

I will post all the booths, vendors, panels, and meet & greets on Thursday, December 5th! There will be a cosplay contest with a fun RP prize as well as icons for all those who “attend” on the board. Stay tuned for more info!))
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