In Your Face (IFL 2019: Season 7): Raw Footage

The happenings and goings-on out back in the home of the Duel of Fists.

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In Your Face (IFL 2019: Season 7): Raw Footage

Post by JewellRavenlock » Sat Nov 09, 2019 8:57 pm

The weekend before IFL was due to start, the RhyDin Sports Network set up this year’s interview booth. Since the location of the duels for this season was not constant, the booth is mobile! Attached to a rickshaw, it will be moved outside the Gardens or the regular dueling venues depending on the night.

The booth was ready on Monday night for interviews with fighters, team members, or even some spectators. It looks like a slightly larger versions of a boardwalk photo booth, the sides plastered with the RSN logo. There is a small door on the back end to allow the intern “driving” the rickshaw to enter, sit and then freeze inside the small space as he or she waits to ask questions of any potential interviewees.

The fighters gain access by parting a red curtain on one side of the booth. Inside, there is a cushioned bench big enough to hold at least one person, though the possibility to cram more people inside is not out of the question. Once seated, the fighters face a darkened glass panel through which they are videotaped and asked questions by the intern on the other side. The glass is actually a reflective screen, playing what the camera is recording once activated. A panel along the right hand side allows the interviewees to change the background behind them with options ranging from different colors, to all the team logos, to a variety of scenic backdrops.

As people (spectators and fighters alike) enter and leave the dueling venues during the season, a professional looking young lady or man grasping a clipboard approaches whoever’s attention they can get, asking for a moment of their time. If granted, the fighter or spectator is given an invitation to enter the interview booth (and perhaps a little shove of encouragement to do so) and share a few words of wisdom with the rest of RhyDin.

((I tried to leave this as open-ended as possible for people to use. Feel free to play the lackey NPC interviewers/interns as you want, cram as many people into the booth as you want, change the background to whatever you feel like, and just have fun!

If and when you post, please at least include the IFL week, character name, and team name at the top of each post.

For reference on how this worked other times, please see this thread here and here for season 3.

This year, I will do my best to post the edited versions of the “raw footage” posts like I did for season 3. You can see examples of those posts here. If you would like to work on the edited versions, please PM me. There’s a greater chance I can do them if I have help.))
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