IFL Championship Pool, by The Line

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IFL Championship Pool, by The Line

Post by Kalamere » Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:28 pm

Make your bets on who will win the league!

Cost: 100 nobles

How to Enter: Contact Kalamere with your entry fee and with it pick
(a) The 2 teams who will meet up in the IFL final
(b) Which of them will win, and
(c) The number of points they win the match by.

Who wins: Anyone who picks the correct 2 teams and the winner will take a share of 50% of the entry fees. Whoever is closest to guessing the point differential gets the other 50% to themselves (or splits it if several are tied)

Deadline for Entry: Wednesday, November 13th

Good luck!

ooc: To enter, make a forum donation to Kalamere for 100 nobles and put your picks in the note. Enter as many times, with as many characterss, as you like.
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