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IFL 2019 - Registration Now Open!

Post by Kalamere » Fri Oct 11, 2019 12:50 pm

IFL 2019 Registration is now open!

Player Registration:
  • Returning Players: Please visit the site (http://ifl.duelingzone.org) and confirm that you are still able to log in. (the login link is on the top right of the home page.) DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT IF YOU CANNOT LOG IN. If you have any issues, drop Kalamere a PM/IM/EMail and I will work with you to get your account back to a functional state. Feel free to update any items for your personal bio. (For the record, the site is known to be in somewhat rough shape. I'm working to rehabilitate it).
  • New Players: Whether you will be on a team or just want to have your character's name entered into the FreeAgent pool or be a volunteer caller, you will need an account on the IFL site. The registration page is here. Please fill out the character bio information as it will show up on the player cards. Feel free to ping me if you have any questions. The answer to the security question is: kiowa
Team Registrations
  • Team registration should take place in this thread, by posting the required information (see below).
  • Teams must have a minimum of 5 members, ideally they will have 6. You may register 7 if you like, but I think 6 is really the best team size unless you are a team full of alts.
  • Players may only enter 2 characters in the league (even if one is a non-dueling manager)
  • No player may captain more than 1 team. You may assistant captain a 2nd team, but this is not recommended.
  • Please remember that when your two teams face each other, you MUST sit out one of them. To this end it might be a good idea to let your captain know your alt.
Required Information for team registration:
  • Team Name:
  • Team Captain: (If you are a non-dueling Manager please mention that here as well, though I'd rather see everyone fight)
  • Team Assistant Captain: (this IS required)
  • Team logo if (a) you have one (recommended) and (b) it hasn't changed from last year. Logos should be 150px x 150px. I can resize if this is a problem for you, but please at least attempt to make it square.
  • Names of the fighers on the team:
Tentative 2019 Schedule
  • Registrations: Now through October 27th
  • Administrative break: Oct. 28th - Nov 10th
  • Week 1 Fighting: Nov 11th - Nov. 20th
  • ... more to follow
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Black Wizard
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Re: IFL 2019 - Registration Now Open!

Post by Kalamere » Sat Oct 12, 2019 6:41 am

Below are the fighteres to have fought in the last IFL season according to the rank earned from that season. Fighteres joining for 2019 who are not on this list will begin as either Flyweight (those who have earned 2+ IFL wins in previous seasons, or achieved a Ruby or higher rank in DoF by Oct. 27th) or as Trainees.

Ranking rules can be found here. Please post any questions you might have, or if you believe I've made a mistake.

Kiowa Belt Holder (6 mods)
Canaan Devillier

Power House (5 mods)
Claire Gallows
Jewell Ravenlock
Jin Chae
Salvador Delahada
Tex Wellington

Heavy Weight (4 mods)
Blondie Eastwood
Darik Warchild
Dean Reighland
Eden Parker
Gren Blockman
Kheldar Drasinia
Koyliak VanDuran-Simon
Matthew Algiers Simon
Melanie Rostol
Renley Killian
Tahlia Faras
Xanth Van Bokkelen

Middle Weight (3 mods)
Andu Kirost
Anubis Karos
Aurora Spencer
Charlie Nine
Dizzy Flores
Gaius of the Cassii
Izumi Takamine
Rachael Blackthorne
Vincent Smith

Fly Weight (2 mods)
Cooper Gallows
Kate Turner
Morgan Chae
Terry King
Xerzes Maureen
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Re: IFL 2019 - Registration Now Open!

Post by Delahada » Mon Oct 14, 2019 11:24 pm

Team Name: Deathcake
Team Captain: Salvador Delahada
Team Assistant Captain: Canaan Devillier
Team Logo: (Same as last year.)
Names of the fighers on the team: Rekah Illyriana, Yeardley Owens, Saila DeFortes (KhaoticBliss), and Bettle the Goblin (Green Machine).
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Re: IFL 2019 - Registration Now Open!

Post by Hope » Wed Oct 16, 2019 10:29 am

Team Name: Real Rhy'Din
Team Captain: Hope
Team Assistant Captain: Jewell Ravenlock
Team Logo: Same
Names of the fighters on the team: Hope, Jewell Ravenlock, Eden Parker, Gren Blockman, Kheldar Drasinia, Michelle Montoya, Gloria Blaze
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