Grave Maker Halloween Lotto!

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Grave Maker Halloween Lotto!

Post by PC » Wed Oct 09, 2019 9:53 pm

Attention all duelists! The Arena is hosting a Halloween Lotto!

How to join? Duel!

Participants wanting to join the lotto must duel in all three sports by end of end Thursday, October 31st! Win, lose, or tie! One duel in each sport is all you need!

The friendly.. or maybe not so friendly flaming skull will be floating around the Arena and Annex waiting for participants to regale it with their dueling exploits throughout the month. Be sure to report to the flaming skull (ooc: post the results of your dueling in all three sports to this thread) so that the Arena staff add you to the lotto!

Prizes included in the lotto...

The TWO Halloween Mystery Boxes

What could be inside..?!


A weekend stay at the infamous Lantern Estate!
Lantern Estate is a prized manor overlooking the grounds of Orktoberfest, last held by Lady Jacquelyn Orwell Lantern III -- better known to her contemporaries as Jacky O. Lantern, the Pumpkin King. She fell in battle to the undead of Wightstone Manor many years ago, and her mysterious New Haven house has stood empty and silent ever since...



Remember to reply to this thread with your duel results if you'd like to be in the lotto!
All participants who complete all three of their duels will also receive an icon once the event is over. Image
- Na-rae Takamine
Duel of Swords Coordinator
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Rachael Blackthorne
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Re: Grave Maker Halloween Lotto!

Post by Rachael Blackthorne » Thu Oct 17, 2019 2:29 am

Swords - 10/10/19
[22:11:50] Nexus Guide: **Ring Sphinx: Eden Parker vs Rachael Blackthorne in a dos duel. Begin when ready!**
[22:25:23] Nexus Guide: **Ring Sphinx 9: Rachael Blackthorne scores! (FSS / LC | 4 - 5, Rachael Blackthorne leads.)***FINAL: Rachael Blackthorne def. Eden Parker, 5 - 4 in 9 rounds. - dos*

Fists - 10/16/19
[22:28:22] Nexus Guide: **Ring Larceny: Rachael Blackthorne vs Cyrus Merrick in a dof duel. Begin when ready!**
[22:37:31] Nexus Guide: **Ring Larceny 6: Rachael Blackthorne scores! (LS / AB | 5 - 2, Rachael Blackthorne leads.)***FINAL: Rachael Blackthorne def. Cyrus Merrick, 5 - 2 in 6 rounds. - dof*

Magic - 10/16/19
[23:27:53] Nexus Guide: **Ring Warriors: Rachael Blackthorne vs Bailey Raptis in a dom duel. Begin when ready!**
[23:47:56] Nexus Guide: **Ring Warriors 10: Bailey Raptis scores! (MB / FAR | 4.5 - 5.5, Bailey Raptis leads.)***FINAL: Bailey Raptis def. Rachael Blackthorne, 5.5 - 4.5 in 10 rounds. - dom*
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