Edict of the Overbaker

Notices and stories concerning events in the legendary basement of the Duel of Swords.

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Edict of the Overbaker

Post by Michelle Montoya » Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:01 pm

Edict of the Overbaker, Lady Michelle Montoya-Bidarte

By the decree of Lady Michelle Montoya-Bidarte -- henceforth titled Overbaker for the duration of her reign -- the following standards are set for the Arena and Annex. All mentions of the Arena include the Annex.

Policies Carried Over from the Overwitch
  1. Any complaints filed with Arthur, head of the Arena Complaint Department, shall be subject to a fee of 1 oz. shredded apple, cucumber, or mango, payable only to Arthur in person.
  2. High-five your caller. Fist-bumps, finger-guns, and jaunty salutes are also acceptable.
New Policies, Standards, and Rules
  1. Ring Royal and Ring Narwhal are the official Rings of the Arena. If you fight (Swords) in Ring Royal or Ring Narwhal send the Overbaker proof, and she will give you a free Overbaker Limited Edition chocolate silk pie.
  2. For every Swords win against the Overbaker in the Arena the victor will receive a free Overbaker Limited Edition chocolate silk pie.
  3. For every Swords win in the Arena against Olaf or any of his Interns the victor will be awarded a thirty-token arcade voucher for the Annex arcade.
  4. Black Magic Burgers™ are the official food of the Arena.
  5. Crown Royal™ is the official alcohol of the Arena. If you don’t partake of alcohol, Broot is the next best thing.
  6. If you see Tass you must throw him kisses.
  7. If you see Harris you must throw popcorn at him.
  8. If you see Taneth you must ask if she wants a hug.
  9. A Word About Pies
    1. Pie must always be enjoyed with a fork.
    2. Pie must always be sliced and eaten on an individual plate so all may enjoy the pie.
    3. Pie must never be thrown. If you must throw a dessert, throw cake.
Anyone found violating these policies, standards, rules and obligations are prohibited from attending any and all Overbaker Yacht Parties on The Chimera

Chocolate Silk Pie: Overbaker Limited Edition

((Free pie comes with the associated icon! The chocolate-silk pie icon is limited-edition to my reign as Overbaker.))
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