The Metamorphism

The happenings and goings-on out back in the home of the Duel of Fists.

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The Metamorphism
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Junior Adventurer
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The Metamorphism

Post by The Metamorphism » Tue Sep 10, 2019 4:04 pm

“He was a tool of the boss, without brains or backbone.”
― Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis
The Metamorphism
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Junior Adventurer
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Re: The Metamorphism

Post by The Metamorphism » Tue Sep 10, 2019 4:20 pm

“Quiet! Listen. Feel.”

If ShadoWeaver’s siblings had eyes to roll and breath with which to sigh loudly, they would each have done so with exaggerated gusto and exasperation.

“Leave us alone. Or at least leave me alone. Bother the others if you must.”

“I’m with IceDancer,” FireStar’s harsh voice grated against their minds. “I have better thin…”

QUIET,” commanded ShadoWeaver in a tone the others had not heard her use in centuries. Taken aback, they ceased bickering.

“This is no game, no trick. I found what we’ve been looking for since we were brought to this wretched place. Just reach out and feel it.”

The Opals followed their sister’s suggestion. Annoying and self-serving as she might be, they each knew that ShadoWeaver was often the first of them to key into a new discovery or sense subtle shifts in elemental energies across innumerable planes.

“Do you…”

“I don’t!” PathFinder, sensing nothing out of the ordinary, suspected that despite her protestations otherwise, this was another ruse cooked up by his sister to torment him and amuse herself.

”I do,” MoonBeryl’s honeysuckle-poison voice seemed to salivate with anticipation. ”I do!”

“What are you talking ab…

“Simpleton!” FireStar laughed. “I will show you.”

PathFinder, directed by the others, began to gain a sense of… something. An energy, just out of reach, waiting to be tapped.

“What does it mean?” MoonBeryl asked in a whisper, as if afraid a louder voice might quash the potential at their proverbial fingertips.

Gleeful, with a sense of hope she had not felt in ages, ShadoWeaver replied with a word that made all of them tingle with desire and hope.

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Sapphire Ravenlock
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Re: The Metamorphism

Post by Sapphire Ravenlock » Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:01 am

It started Thursday afternoon while the three of them sat on a private stretch of beach below Seaside Baronial Manor.

“You don’t want a drink?” Sapphire asked as she reached into a small cooler.

“Eh…” Jewell responded with a shrug. “I don’t know. I feel a little bit off.”

“Off how?” Ishmerai looked to his lady with concern.

“Like… uneasy. Like anxiety is creeping in my chest. I don’t know. I’m sure it’s nothing.”

“Maybe it’s just something you ate.” Sapphire countered as she opened a Badsider.

Jewell snagged the bottlecap and tossed it at Sapphire’s head. “It’s not just something I ate,” she protested after just stating it was likely nothing.

“Ow! Hey…” the blue haired young woman reached for a small pebble in the sand as a weapon.

After that, things just got silly.

Later though, the topic resurfaced. They had tromped back to the Little Elfhame penthouse for some peace and quiet after a long day at the beach, cheeks freckled and red. Despite her smiles and normal raucous laughter, Sapphire had struggled to shrug off a feeling of unease during the latter half of the afternoon. She had blamed it on Jewell getting in her head, but as she settled into the kitchen to try and whip something up for dinner for the three of them, she couldn’t avoid the knot that had slowly formed in her stomach and now was sunken there like a burning piece of cold iron.

She stared down at the tableau of fresh vegetables without seeing the crisp green of the lettuce cut minutes before from the patio container garden Jewell had somehow managed not to kill, trying to sort out what could be wrong.

“Hey kiddo, what’s up?” The knife in her hand went skidding across the counter when Jewell came up behind her. “You communing with the lettuce or something?”

“Don’t do that,” she admonished, reaching for the knife with a glare over her shoulder at Jewell before she started chopping.

The faerie shrugged, reaching over the girl’s shoulder to snag a green bean and stick it in her mouth before she leaned back against the opposite counter. “Sorry. You’ve just been kinda odd since we got home.”

“Odd how?” she asked, gruff and defensive.

“Oh you know,” Jewell stepped closer again to steal another green bean even as Sapphire swatted her away, “not running your mouth non-stop.” She poked at the girl with the green bean and nimbly avoided the second swat, retreating to the other side of the peninsula this time and taking up residence on a bar stool.

“I’ve just got something on my mind.”

“The cute guy you beat in volleyball?”

“No,” though Sapphire couldn’t quite maintain her scowl. He had been really cute. “I just feel…” she ducked her head and muttered, “I guess I just feel a bit uneasy. I don’t know why though.”

“Oh-ho!” Jewell crooned victoriously. “Hey, maybe it’s something you ate?”

“Shut up.” Sapphire threw a green bean at her.

“You shut up.” Jewell threw it right back.

By the time Ishmerai emerged from his room, Jewell was dashing out of the kitchen, wielding a green bean while Sapphire chased after her with a knife raised high.

They didn’t get back to discussing their shared apprehensions until late that night when they were both heading to their rooms. “Hey,” Jewell touched the young woman on the shoulder, “I’m sure whatever it is, it’s no big deal. We’ll figure it out.”

Sapphire smiled at her, “Yeah, I’m sure there’s no use worrying about it. We can handle whatever comes our way cause we’re tough af. ”

“Yeah yeah yeah,” Jewell rolled her eyes at the expression. “Night Lil Blue,” she leaned over and gave a messy smooch to her cheek.

“Ugh,” Sapphire used her shoulder to wipe it away. “Night J.”

Neither of them felt so tough when they woke up at 2am in a cold sweat, hearts still racing as their nightmares dissipated around them, broken into countless pieces by their conscious thoughts.

Just like the Opals.

((Based on this playable))
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Gren Blockman
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Re: The Metamorphism

Post by Gren Blockman » Fri Sep 13, 2019 7:15 pm

Friday, September 13, 2019

Gren had been more paranoid than usual that morning as he had woken up and took a trip to RhyDin City. He had been used to weird shadows and evil thoughts being planted in his brain by ShadoWeaver, but today everything seemed more off than usual.

It’s Friday the 13th, and it’s a full moon tonight, he thought. That’s why you’re so jumpy.

You are right to be anxious . . . considering YOUR IMPENDING DOOM IS NIGH! HAHAHAHA!!! ShadoWeaver mocked him from his grey Ranger’s cloak inside pocket.

“Shut up shut up shut up!”, Gren hissed. “Aw man, why couldn’t Matt have beaten me last week?” He lamented. “I just gotta keep cool here. Keep my head down, and before I know it this day will be over.”

Walking down a street in the Old Market District, he heard an unfamiliar voice call out to him. “Watch yer head, buddy!”

Gren reflexively ducked and turned his head to see a ladder tied to a rope sailing overhead. He glanced back to see a black cat leaning against a wall with one paw, while the other was holding a cigarette in its mouth.

“Those idiots up there are trying to paint the side of this building. It’s been chaos ever since they started.” The black cat said.

Gren blinked then gasped. “Hey, wait! I just walked under a ladder! That’s bad luck!”

“Whatta ya talkin’ about? You about got creamed, pal. It’s a good thing we crossed paths.”

Gren look became even more horrified. “I just . . . I just crossed paths with a black cat! Oh no, this is bad, this is really bad!!!”

The black cat pulled the cigarette out of its mouth and tilted its head to the side. “You humans are a real trip. Yer always superstitious about one thing or another. It’s just another day. Suck it up, buttercup.”

Gren backed away from the cigarette smoking cat. Behind him was a hot dog vendor with his cart. “Hot Dogs! French Fries! Hot and ready to serve!”

Gren bumped into the cart, causing the salt shaker to tumble and spill on the street below. Gren jumped, his gaze falling to the pile of seasoning lying on the ground.

“Quick, buddy, throw some over your left shoulder.” The black cat offered.

Flustered, Gren quickly grabbed a handful and threw it over his right shoulder in his haste.

“Heh. Well, you’re really screwed now, ain’t ya pal?” The cat said.

Gren yelped and took off down the street. The black cat wandered up to the hot dog vendor, watching Gren run away. “DON’T RUN INTO ANY MIRRORS, BUDDY! Sheesh, what’s with that guy anyway?”
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