Crystal Tower Post-Appearance Stories (Open Thread)

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Crystal Tower Post-Appearance Stories (Open Thread)

Post by Goldglo » Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:18 pm

Having not been inside the Tower of Air when Twilight Isle birthed its crystalline mystery, Matt hadn’t experienced the sights or sounds of the event firsthand. Nor did he believe the goblins’ version…their tales were too disparate and besides, who could truly trust a goblin, anyway?

This whole thing smelled of the smarmy little witch, Jesse.

In the bedroom of his home, face bathed in the light of red flame, Matt cursed. Jesse. Of course this was her doing. Of course this – whatever it was – was her fault.

Cursing again, he turned in his chair, reluctantly tearing his eyes away from the red, and roughly keyed a code into his hand-held pad. Moments later, a voice piped through.

“Secure channel confirmed. This is Coventry Airbase. What can we do for you, sir?”

“Get me Pemberton, right away. Tell her there’s been another…incident…on Twilight Isle. I want patrols overhead non-stop, until I order otherwise. I want SWACS from the 301st swapping in and out every six hours, no breaks. Borrow from the 103rd if you have to. The 209th is best suited for the recon patrols. They should assign at least two wings, preferably three, with intersecting waypoints. Nobody leaves until they’re relieved by the next group. I want brand new topographical mapping completed no later than 12 hours from now, with analysis and change-reports on my desk no later than eight hours after that. You got all that?”

Matt turned back toward the red, his eyes drinking in the color. It was almost as if the red was reaching for him or, perhaps, the Dark Orb he’d acquired on the Isle mere hours before.

“Everyone’s to be fully armed. Rules of Engagement are to fire at wi…”

Reason somehow interjected itself and he changed his mind. “Fire if threatened.”

After a moment’s hesitation, during which Matt felt his anger rising at the delay, the voice on the other end replied.

“Yes, sir. Sir, if I may sug…”

“What!” Matt didn’t bother trying to disguise his exasperation. How dare this person not jump to action immediately!

“Well, sir, the latest recruits in the Sunliners haven’t had much in the way of meaningful duty of late, outside of the simulators. This might be a good chance for some of them to demonstrate if they’re going to make the cut.”

“Fine,” Matt hissed. “Get on with it.”

“Yes, sir. Out.”

Matt sucked in a deep breath and slowly exhaled. He reached down with his left hand, covering the source of the red. FireStar felt like it belonged there. Like it belonged nowhere else.

The door opened downstairs and Koy’s voice carried up the staircase, asking if he was home.

With a grunt, Matt released FireStar and shut the lid of the box that Koy kept it in. She should know better, he thought. A mere box couldn’t contain FireStar. Koy’s attempt to hide the opal from sight was childish. Foolish. He knew better. The red opal should be his. He knew it should be his. Not hers.

Withdrawing from the room, he shouted an answer down to Koy to let her know he was home. But his thoughts were not on his wife, nor even on the Isle.

They were on Jesse.

On Jonn.

On Runt.

On Rachael.

They would all pay. He and FireStar would make them pay.
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Re: Crystal Tower Post-Appearance Stories (Open Thread)

Post by Cade Washington » Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:32 pm

“Alright listen up!” Cade and the other would-be’s stood at attention rising from their desks. “We’ve got orders coming down that the walking and talking anathema known as Jesse is back. Add onto that, there’s been some irregularities on the Isle. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to put one and two together.” The projector went from an outdated picture of Jesse to a map of Twilight Isle.

“As you can see here, roughly a click off the coast North East, a new structure has appeared. It’s origin is unknown. It’s purpose is unknown. While it is a matter of interest our mission is to perform reconnaissance. There’s a lot of life on that island and we need to make sure it stays that way.” He clicked on the remote and the map of the isle had several circuits plotted.

“We will begin our rotations at the six. You will do a fly-by at the Tower of Water. Remember, people often inhabit these so do be respectful of their air space. We’re here to help.”

“What if they don’t want helping?” A younger pilot in the back coughed up.

“I don’t remember asking.” He replied. “We will proceed clockwise up the West Coast until we hit the Tower of Earth. Keep your eyes peeled for anything at all out of the ordinary. Anything suspicious, anything that might not belong.”

“What exactly doesn’t belong on a magical island?” Cade was having a hard time distinguishing.

“Anything dead that moves.” He reiterated.

“Post the Tower of Earth we will make for noon and the Tower of Fire. Be wary of volcanic activity, triple check your instruments before take off, we don’t need any VSI issues. I don’t need to explain to upstairs why people descend into a volcano. Once noon has been cleared you’ll clear to two. The Tower of Air is the last landmark. We’ll follow down the East Coast until we’ve rendezvoused with the next circuit at six. Each fly-by will consist of a full circuit of the landmark and the neighboring areas. Any questions?”

“What if we run into J-3?” The opportune abbreviation for the mage.

“We have orders to shoot if threatened. Use your judgment.” He pointed on another hand.

“How long will these shifts run?”

"This is a joint mission between the 103rd, 301st and the 209th. You're all a little green but the severity of this has given way to some trial by fire. You will be debriefed upon every finished circuit. You will be relieved when the next circuit relieves you. It's going to be a crowded few days, we don't have time for screw ups. Get to know the crews, make a good impression and maybe you'll get noticed. That is all, report to your ships and await further instructions."
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