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Payment in kind

Post by Jonn Revelator » Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:37 pm

Moving away from the junction of tunnels and his meeting with Runt, most of Jonn’s attention was on the terrain ahead of him and avoiding detection but a portion of his mind turned Runt’s words over and around, exploring the unfolding possibilities, risks and benefits they laid out. Most of those recently exposed to his deliberate personality would be surprised to know that a strong portion of his interest in Runt was exactly what it appeared to be: the simple desire that most living things have for friendship and the comfort of shared pleasures. But he was not most living things and even his friendships, rare though they may have been, were also points of data in an overall map of tactics and stratagems, and the ferocious giant was not an insignificant piece on the board.

Shaking off his musings as he neared the paths into the environs of Battlefield Park, Jonn hefted the cloth sack in his hand and grinned fiercely and slyly in the darkness. Business was business, and in spite of the rough nature of his trade his thoughts on communication and public relations were not completely unlike those to be encountered in any other line of work. A message was needed, and so one would be delivered.

The actual entry to the grounds and the completion of his mission this night were accomplished in a bare handful of minutes, mostly spent picking the right location, where his gift would be discovered quickly, but not too quickly. After plucking one item from the sack and wrapping it in a smaller bag inside his cloak, he left the sack in plain view just outside the low wall at which the chain of recent events had largely begun. From another pocket he took out a note, this one written on sturdy animal hide, and pinned it to the sack with a small belt knife. Nodding to himself, he left the area as quickly and quietly as he had come, back into the tunnels and through back ways to New Haven.

The note pinned to the sack read:


Some of your lackeys must not have gotten the word that you thought better of your bounty.
This one wasn’t smart enough to shoot me from hiding first, so enjoy my little gift.

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