Underground Acolytes: Cultists or Victims?

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Underground Acolytes: Cultists or Victims?

Post by Butcher Ben » Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:56 pm

On Friday morning, 1/18/2019, an alleged trio of deviant individuals appropriated a prized possession that belonged to a religious group that calls themselves the, "Ronpawlians", leaving 33 dead and one severely injured.

"We are shocked and appalled," said Jeremiah Feingold, arch-bishop of the Ronpawlian congregation, "We have taken great measures to seclude ourselves from society. We congregate underground, for goodness sake, just to spare the general public from our -what many consider to be- radical views. The fact that such discriminatory behavior can take place in this day in age is terrifying."

The prized possession in question was a collection of diamonds. We here at RhyNN have looked into how the Ronpawlians acquired these assets, but are yet to find a direct link. Rumors, however, indicate that they may be involved in black market activity. When questioned about this rumor, Mr. Feingold did not out-rightly deny it.

"So what if we believe in intimacy between a child and a grownup? It's our right! Ronpawl has endowed us with the right to act as we please without having to deal with the tyrannical laws and regulations of government. Every being has that right, and it's our goal to make that right known and available to everyone," he shook his head, "but when these vigilantes came down and slaughtered 33 of our good and pious people, and the authorities do nothing about it, you can't tell me that that's justice."

In spite of Feingold's statements, authorities are indeed working to uncover the perpetrators. According to the one surviving witness, a male identified himself as Ben O'Shmonner, and referred to one of his comrades by the name of, "Roni". But while Feingold described the trio as vigilantes, their true motives remain -as of yet- at large.

"Our God is just though," Feingold continued, "and rest assured, he will find those responsible, and he will bring them to justice. Even if it means burning all of Rhydin down."

So far, there is not enough evidence for the authorities to convict Feingold or anyone in his congregation for their alleged illegal activities, but authorities will continue to keep their eyes on the group. Lieutenant Bhaskar addressed the situation directly.

"We can't just go and arrest someone for saying outrageous things," Bhaskar explained, "A public statement and a confession are not the same thing, at least not in the eyes of the law. Nonetheless, we will continue our investigation, and if we find any evidence to support Feingold's statements, we will respond accordingly. In the meantime, we ask that the citizens of Rhydin remain calm and not jump to conclusions."

Any information leading to the arrest of the trio will be rewarded with up to 10,000 gold pieces or its equivalent in any currency.

-By KATRINA O'CONNER, RhyNN correspondent
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