93rd Diamond Rules

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93rd Diamond Rules

Post by Bat Outta Hell » Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:26 pm

You guys are drinking me dry, I swear to the Gods. But hey, I'm back for a 3rd one of these. In a row. Which puts me on equal footing with the likes of Jake ****ing Thrash when it comes to greatness. I think that means I can be lazy af with these.

1) All drinks are on Lilith until a new Diamond takes over, which feels like it will be never at this point.
2) The official ring for the duration of my reign is still The Bridge. Bonus points if you toss someone off of it. Double bonus points if that person is Harris. No, triple points. Mostly because I'm not seeing people duel up there. Jerks.
3) The Can is the designated babysitter for the cycle.
4) Water the Fern. For Gren.
5) Boxed wine is still the official drink of the cycle.
6) The shirtless dueling rule is still in play (and still optional but encouraged).
7) Andrea Anderson is the official Queen of the Outback. Bow accordingly. But only after you laugh at her and John for being geniuses who can't wrap it before it they tap it.
8) The second Wednesday of the month is bring a friend night. Bring a friend or else you're a loser.
9) If a non-duck quacks, a goblin over on the Isle has to eat a small animal (squirrel, bunny, cat, dog, whatever's on hand). There will be surveillance. We will know.
10) **** hugging. Winners fist bump.
11) The Panther's Claw winner, whoever the **** that is, gets dibs on duels. Exception: If Matt Simon is around, he gets dibs because he's old and is liable to keel over at any moment.
12) Speaking of the Panther's Claw winner, they can write a rule of their own and you all have to obey it. Because they're like a mini Diamond and it's precious.
13) If you're a current Baron, you should pay 10 silver to your nearest caller if you wanna duel. Squires pay nothing, even if Jesse tries to tell you otherwise. Mostly because eff swords. Duel of Fists = Master Sport.
14) If you've ever held a Duel of Fists title, you eat and drink and duel for free. Unless you're Harris, because **** that guy.
15) Emeralds and Opals should teach the lower ranks how things go. 1,000 silver will be paid to every Emerald or Opal that takes on a new mentee this cycle if their mentee logs two duels with their mentor present. 1,000 bonus silver will be paid out to mentor and mentee both if the mentee a) hits emerald, b) wins the Panther's Claw, or c) challenges for a title, win or lose. Also, you all gotta tell me if this shit happens because I don't read the standings so I have no idea.
16) OPAL CHALLENGES! There need to be more of these. Put the opal holders to work. Everyone deserves at least one challenge this cycle. I'll pay out 1,000 silver to anyone who successfully challenges an opal and beats them in said challenge. Hell, I'll even pay out 1,000 silver to any opal holder if they defend.

Seriously though. More people need to come out for the next DQ unless you all want me for a fourth cycle in a row. Nobody wants that. Think of the children.

Issues with any of the above? Well, you'll have to wait til the DQ to do something about it. I'm going back to drinking on the Isle.

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