No Loss/Challenge Rule Change (March 2018)

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DUEL Claire
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No Loss/Challenge Rule Change (March 2018)

Post by DUEL Claire » Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:45 pm

Permanent Loss Forgiveness:

As the IC post stated, we are making it official; Duel of Magic Losses are no more. Going forward, losses will no longer count toward your record (except under one circumstance, to be discussed momentarily).

Ranks will stay the same for the time being.

Enchanter = 2 WoLs
Sorcerer = 5 WoLs
Wizard = 10 WoLs
Mage = 15 WoLs

See the Arcanist Trials below for how this will impact Mages.

Arcanist Trials (AKA Hard Mode):

For those seeking more of a challenge once they hit Mage, we will offer the opportunity to still work for your record. This will come in the form of the Arcanist Trials. Long of the short, it’ll be DoM Hard Mode (or the current mode pre-change really). Mages can opt in to having their losses included on the standings. Those taking part in the Arcanist Trials will additionally be ranked ROK style and the top Arcanist at the end of the cycle with a record of 50% or better will have the opportunity to choose between adding 5 WoLs to their record or a newly buffed Spirit Staff (see below for Spirit Staff details). They will also be given the IC benefit of Eternity Spire. Think of it as an exclusive little clubhouse to hang out for the duration of the cycle. It’s a gamble, but a fun one at that! Second place in the Arcanist Trial will get the remaining prize.

By default, new mages will continue under the No Loss model unless they opt in to the Arcanist Trials (thread to come). Once you opt in, you can opt out at any point during the cycle. If you opt out, you cannot opt back in until the start of the next cycle. Your record will reset per existing loss forgiveness rules (ex: Record of 20-5 would reset to 15-0 upon opting out) on the next week’s standings after opt out.

If the Arcanist Trial places a Mage below the 15 WoL threshold, it will be up to the (former) Mage to decide whether to opt out or not. Their losses will accumulate until they opt out, even if this means a loss in rank.

Spirit Staff Changes:

The new and improved Spirit Staff will allow for the use of EF in regulation duels as well as in challenges. The holder will be treated as a Keeper for the sake of EF usage by those they challenge. This also applies to Challenges for Archmage.
Example: Keeper challenges for Archmage, Archmage can use EF.
Spirit Staff holder challenges for Archmage, Archmage can use EF.
Mage ( No title / Spirit Staff ) Challenges for Archmage, Archmage can't use EF.

Changes to Challenge Rules:

Going forward, Mage Rank will be required in order to challenge for a tower. Similarly to the current rule, if you are under Mage Rank, you will forfeit your grace period until you attain 15 WoLs or higher. Any Keepers currently under the rank of Mage are not subject to this rule and will retain their grace period(s) until they lose their current title.

Full rules changes will be posted in this thread prior to changing them on the official rules pages.

Questions/Comments welcome.
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Eden Parker
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Post by Eden Parker » Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:32 pm

I think this looks pretty fun! Just tell me where to sign up for Hard Mode!

I'm looking forward to seeing how this works out!
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Claire Gallows
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Post by Claire Gallows » Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:47 pm

Eden Parker wrote:I think this looks pretty fun! Just tell me where to sign up for Hard Mode!

I'm looking forward to seeing how this works out!
We'll have a public facing OOC thread here about a week before the next cycle. I'll link it here as soon as it's up!
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Mairead Harker
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Post by Mairead Harker » Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:29 pm

Maggie finally had enough rank to challenge and the rules changed! LOL! Onward and upward!
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