A Letter to the Boss

Stories of the those from House Dragoon Talanador, the Company of the Dragon and the Tavern itself.

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A Letter to the Boss

Post by Gabby » Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:33 pm

Mr. Talanador,

During one of my many meetings today, it came to my attention that there is some unrest amongst the gnomes on Urnst and production has stalled on The Project. I'm planning to leave Wednesday afternoon to deal with the problem.

I am confident that I do not need to remind you of the incident from my last trip so I will need a letter from you instructing Seiyuu Maeda to allow me to step foot upon the island again. I will also need you to go ahead and supply me with enough gold to pay her off in case another...accident...occurs. Don't worry, I will supply you with receipts in return!

Gabriella Alexandros
Vice President of Operations
HDT Enterprises
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Post by G » Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:11 am

Miss Alexandros,

Given the apparent stalled production on The Project, I find myself in agreement that you should personally handle this situation. Delicacy does not need to be used in order to bring the gnomes working on this into line.

No reminders are necessary regarding "the incident." There was an extravagant amount of paperwork and financial settlements involved that required me to have a direct hand in dealing with. I would very much prefer to not have to have a repeat of that.

Enclosed is a hand written note from myself to Seiyuu Maeda and official documentation that will permit you to step foot on Urnstian land again without risk of being arrested, tortured or shot. I imagine there may be a possibility that she may not allow you to roam freely without an escort while on site, though I requested you be allowed freedom. I also would not put it past her to have a security detail assigned to you for after hours, as well. I am, however, confident in your ability to avoid detection.

Have a productive trip,

G'nort Esplenade G'neesmacher Dragoon-Talanador the Third
President and CEO
HDT Enterprises

P.S. Please avoid the South-Eastern Corridor. Very delicate material there.

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