Kirost Enterprises to Sponsor Hydra Team!!

The Second Best Dueling Event of the Year!

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Kirost Enterprises to Sponsor Hydra Team!!

Post by Andu Kirost » Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:02 am

Andu Kirost, Founder and Owner of Kirost enterprises is looking to form his own team for the Hydra Competition.

Competitors in each of the 3 Sports of Swords, Fists, and Magic are needed. Actually holding Rank in any of them is NOT required.

Apply at the RTS main station, or with Andu personally where ever you may see him.

((With time running short on this last minute idea, I (Andu-mun) can be contacted at Andu Kirost on either RDI or RoH, or at, or at ))
Andu Kirost. RTS founder and manager.

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