Visits from.. friends.. sort of. (Quantum Leap)

Stories of the those from House Dragoon Talanador, the Company of the Dragon and the Tavern itself.

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Visits from.. friends.. sort of. (Quantum Leap)

Post by G » Tue Mar 08, 2016 5:24 pm

One fine day while sitting at his desk, blissfully oblivious to most of the strange happenings in Rhydin of late. You know, that whole space/time continuum brouhaha that was occurring. For example, he hadn't noticed Bran Bale had been around, he would have liked to see the old lizard guy. Probably due in part that he wasn't really participating in the hustle and bustling action of the Arena, of late. One tends to miss out on these details when not being particularly social.

Suddenly, there was a loud knocking at the door.


G stands up to get the door because, well it was almost lunchtime and he was going to be going to get something to eat soon, and perhaps it was Mercedes coming to visit. They could have a nice lunch down by the river. It seemed they've done this quite a few times for it to be such a thought.

The door bursts open.

"I'm his Wife! Of course I don't need an appointment!" Came a sweet, shrill voice, completely recognizable and one who, many years ago, he would have been happy to hear.

He blinked his surprise. "Prin?" Wasn't she dead?

"I tried to stop her, sir, but she got past me." Came Mai's response.

Prin smiled widely, running forward with her arms wide and skirt flowing to give him a great, big hug and one of those wonderful, deep, sexy kisses that he remembered. "Oh, G! She couldn't keep me away from you. I missed you!"

G silently pulled back, stared at Prin for a moment. There was something awfully familiar about this. Well, it worked once before, he shrugged.

As she looked deeply into his eyes, then he reached to his hip where he pulled out his flintlock and took a step back, then he rose the weapon to place the barrel against her forehead before pulling the trigger.

As she laid there, blood pooling on the floor with what was left of a shocked expression, G blew on the barrel and looked down with eyes that held neither sympathy nor regret. Though there was a little bit of a confused feeling.

"You missed me. It's a shame your aim wasn't as good as mine." It sounded funny the first time he said it, why not say it again?

"Be a sport and have this mess cleaned up, would you..."

He would have finished, but at just that moment..

"What the hell was that? Who's shooting in my office!?" Came another familiar voice. It was his own. In the doorway was a perfect reflection of himself, if a little younger looking, a bit slimmer and more toned in the muscle department where as the current G had bulked up over the years. G didn't remember this part at all from the last time he shot his ex-wife.

"Goddamn Rhydin."

"Your office? You idiot doppelganger. It's *MY* office!" came a more feminine voice entering the office just after G'nort. Now G was beginning to get really confused. This G was definitely one he didn't *want* to remember. Well, maybe a little bit. This version of G from the past was unmistakably him, when a spell went completely wrong and he was turned into a woman. But he got turned back, eventually. The fiery red hair, sassy attitude, and stylish jacket. Current G just shook his head and repeated the statement.

"Goddamn Rhydin."

"Gnortie? What's going on in here? Why are there two of you and who is this.. slut? And why is there someone who looks like me bleeding all over the floor?!" Came another Prin voice. This was getting ridiculous. G'nort, the second one and G'noriko, the female version, both turned at the same time. G'nort was quicker because G'noriko only had daggers, and was quick to put a hole into Prin 2's skull, much like G did to Prin 1. Or would it be Prin 2 and 3 because G had already done this once before? Who could keep track!?

Mai, for her part, kept looking between the three G's with a sigh and a shake of her head. She would need to bring in the cleaning crew for this one. She began scribbling in her notebook with a typical frown. She was familiar with the way events occurred in Rhydin but that didn't mean she enjoyed them. The entire temporal distortion was playing havoc with her senses as it were.

G'noriko looked at the two Prin bodies on the floor with blood pooling around them, all over the imported carpet, with a scowl and then to G. "What is going on here? And why are there two of you who look like I used to look?"

G'nort frowned and shook his head. "No, you two look like me, except for you when I was a woman for that month. And why are you in my office?"

G ran his palm over his face and shook his head. He really needed to pay more attention to the news.

"Guys... and gals.. Just relax a moment. I'm sure there is a sensible, logical explanation for all of this."

"G'noriko, babe... uhh, what is all this?" Prin 3/4 suddenly spoke from the doorway.

G and G'nort looked at each other with a sigh and shrugged in unison. "It's your turn." G'nort said to G'noriko. And she approached Prin 3/4 while sliding a dagger from her belt.

"Give me a moment to explain, babe." She said as she plunged the dagger into Prin 3/4's stomach.

As this Prin fell to her knees with a surprised expression on her face, G looked at all three bodies and noted that the look of shock was remarkably the same on all three.

He smiled. "Well, this turned out to be a pretty good day!"
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Post by G » Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:20 am

Given a few moments(read: hours) of research(read: asking someone when he didn't find anything documented), G found out that there had been a recent fluctuation in the fabric of space and time that had been affecting all of Rhydin.

He happened to have experience in some of these matters, to be honest. GnomCorp had been experimenting with dimension hopping with Project Paragon in the past, and he'd even used the portals once. That experience wasn't exactly one he was thrilled with, because the return path was somewhat confusing and not clearly labeled on the pamphlet he'd been handed at the start. Still, it was quite the interesting experiment and led him to believe this was something similar.

So, of course, he blamed the Gnomes. It turned out, however, that it had nothing to do with them. They weren't even running any experiments on Project Paragon and hadn't in a few weeks. According to what he was told, this current event was a natural, if unusual, Rhydin fluctuation known as Leap Day. Something like that.

He allowed G'nort and G'noriko to stay at the Golden Ivy, though they'd naturally fought over who would get the bigger room since they considered it as their tavern still. G put a stop to that after verifying what the actual date was and thus confirming that HE was the real, present G. He rented them(at a discount) individual rooms of the same size so they wouldn't have reasons to continue complaining. Meanwhile, he sat at his desk, which was covered in several flintlocks that were loaded, primed, and ready to be utilized. Not because he was afraid of anything, but because if, during this temporal event, more Prin's should show up, he'd get to blow them away again.

A few days passed, and there didn't seem to be any sign of G'nort and G'noriko being sent to their own time. This vexed G. If they didn't go home, what did it mean for him? Did it mean nothing that happened in the past would happen again? If younger G didn't go home, would female G cease to exist, and by extension, him? There were puzzles to be solved here. He tried to remember the past, focusing on G'noriko.

When he was G'noriko for that month, he wasn't with Prin at that time, he was with Drakewyn, sort of. But this Prin seemed to imply that she knew and was dating G'noriko by the use of the term "babe." G'noriko would have to confirm this later. He didn't remember having anything resembling a close relationship with her at that point in his life. Then, a month after being turned into a woman, Tim Enralyte(Or Evan Faline, he could never remember which) had turned him back into a man. One month wasn't nearly enough to regain a relationship with Prin, so it had to have happened sometime after that. Younger, female G wasn't too bright, apparently.

But, if female G/G'noriko existed, then that meant that G'nort had to have gone back home. Didn't it? If he never went back, G'noriko never would have existed in the first place. He knew that G'nort pre-dated G'noriko because this G'nort never went on a vacation that ended up with him marrying a lunatic chieftess and thus founding the Island Nation of Urnst. G'nort was quite surprised to learn of that fate. But if he never went back, it could never come to pass. Timelines were difficult.

He frowned as he leaned back in his chair, folding his hands over his stomach. He was still here. G'noriko was still here. If they were here, it implied G'nort returned to his time. Or did it?
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Post by G » Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:21 am

As stated, time and space were a difficult thing to understand. Certainly, they couldn't be controlled, and Rhydin had a history of mucking things up. Everything seemed to be normal again. Everything, except the fact that some remnants remained from the Leap Day fluctuation. G'noriko and G'nort remained, as did some others. But he still existed, as did G'noriko. This could only mean one possible thing.

Not only were G'nort and G'noriko from the past, but it seemed as if they must be from an alternate reality, as well. That was the only explanation. Just as he came to that conclusion, the door to his office burst open and he stood, grabbing his flintlock with a smile on his face, expecting to finally get another shot at Prin. But now. It was G'nort and G'noriko.

"Okay, we need to know what's going on!" They both said in unison, putting their hands on the desk at the same time. It was as if they were twins. Exceptionally good looking, if somewhat annoying twins. He sighed and sat back down and placed the pistol back on his desk. Ah well. He looked back up at them.

"Well. As near as I can tell, this is the situation." Pausing for some dramatic effect. "You're stuck here." He nods.

They waited, as if something more insightful was forthcoming. But it wasn't. Finally, it was G'noriko who broke the awkward silence. "We know that. But you said that if we didn't go back we'd probably cease to exist. Well, we're here, so what gives?" She seemed impatient. He didn't remember being that impatient.

"Okay, look, as near as I can tell it's because you guys are from my past, but in an alternate timeline."

G'nort looked a little confused, as did G'noriko. Not ignorance confused, but more 'how does that happen?' type of confusion. Lucky for them, G's experience with Project Portal had given him some insight. So, he pulled out a piece of paper and pen and drew a little diagram.

"Here's my timeline. I start here." G draws a line out. "G'nort, you break off here, I think. And G'noriko, you break off here. When we make certain choices, I theorize that we created out own timelines. Something like that. And then, when this Leap Day thing.. well, we converged. From our own pasts but into my present. Near as I can tell."


"You should pick up some angel hair pasta and sauce, too." G'nort said.

"I could use some pills. I'll tell you later." G'noriko added.

"Guys, forget about the list! It was just what I was writing on!" Exasperated, G crumbled up the paper and put it in his pocket. He needed to get the chocolate and didn't want to forget.

"We know the whole timeline thing, G. We're not stupid so don't treat us as such. But we had lives. I'd like to get back to living it." G'noriko was frowning.

"I don't know. I don't think I care either way, right now. I didn't have much of anything going on before I showed up here." G'nort shrugged and folded his hands over his chest.

G let out a long, deep sigh. No, he didn't know how to get them back. At the same time, he couldn't throw them out into the street, either. It wasn't just that they weren't related to him, but they WERE him. Alternate versions of him. And good lord, what would happen if they started going out and were seen in public? G'noriko could be overlooked as him, but not G'nort. They'll think he had some work done.

"I'll see what I can do. For now, sit tight, and try to keep a low profile. Remember, people know me as I am now. They won't recognize you.." Pointing to G'noriko. "..but they may hassle you. For your own safety, don't go far from the GIT. I'm not the most well liked person around here." He chuckled and quickly ushered them out of the office door, closing it behind him.

"Not well liked?" G'nort said, looking at G'noriko. "I wonder when I turned into a big dick." G'noriko had to giggle at that.

"C'mon. Let's go see what the GIT has to drink. I used to stock all the best liquor, may as well make the best of a bad situation." She grinned.
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Post by Gnoriko » Mon Mar 14, 2016 10:28 pm

The two alternate G's were sitting in a booth together at the Golden Ivy Tavern. G'nort was more sullen, leaning over his drink as he slowly spun the tumbler around in his fingers. G'noriko looked far more relaxed as she lounged lengthwise on the bench, having already drained her fourth glass.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Don't look so serious. This isn't so bad. It's a nice place here, and the drinks are pretty damn good." A pause as she stared in her glass with an impressed expression. "I must say I have very good taste."

"That's all you can think about at a time like this? Drinking?" G'nort was a bit of a spoil sport, it seemed.

"Ugh. I'm so glad I grew out of my serious phase when I did. I was so boring."

"Look, this is serious. We could be stuck her, permanently. What then?"

Gnoriko raised her glass with a slight smirk. "Then I get another drink. But since there's nothing I can do about it now..." She raises her glass to G'nort and finishes off what's left in her tumbler.

"Bah." Disgusted. "At what point in my life did *I* become so complacent?"

"Oh, it's not complacency, G'nortie. Not in the least, little bit. It's knowing when and which battles to fight. See, here, we have no resources. We have no money. We don't even have this." She raised her finger and spun it to indicate the GIT. "G, however, does. I'm pretty sure he can figure it out because if I had what he does, I'd do it. In the meantime..." And she refills her glass.

G'nort sighs and grinds his jaw slightly. "I just don't want to sit and do nothing." Quietly said.

G'noriko paused a moment. Then she gets an amused grin across her features as though she knows just what reaction she'll get to what she is about to say, waiting just enough time for him to take another sip from his glass.

"If we fucked, would it be incest or masturbation?"

The resulting spit take was everything and as glorious she imagined it would be.
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Post by G » Tue Apr 19, 2016 5:51 pm

"Okay, I've got some good news, and I've got some bad news. Which would you like first?"

G'noriko sighed. "Better give us the bad news first. Get it over with."

G nodded. "The bad news, you're both looking like you're stuck here. We can't seem to locate your times or worlds for some reason. Your.. for lack of a better term.. physical frequency.. can't seem to be matched by any of the worlds we have on file at Project Paragon, though we're constantly finding new ones every hour. So don't give up hope yet!"

G'nort and G'noriko looked at each other and sighed. G'nort was more of a sad, forlorn sigh. He was well liked, respected and loved in his time period. G'noriko's was more of a 'What can you do, pass me a drink.' sort of sigh. She was more laid back and relaxed, the go with the flow type. G, himself, was just G. He was trying to figure out a way to make a profit out of all this.

G'nort, subdued and sounding almost broken, said weakly. "So then, what's the good news?"

G pursed his lips, then chewed on his lower lip, looking around a moment. Then as if coming to a decision, he nodded. "Okay, it's like this. -Technically- you guys are me. So, I can't exactly turn my back on myself, but I know I can't trust you because I wouldn't trust me, however, I also wouldn't leave myself out to dry with nothing. Soooo..."

A pause for effect.

"I'm the future me. Well, future to you, present to me. Anyway, in the time since I first came to Rhydin, I've become a pretty damn powerful man. Holdings, properties, businesses, etc. So it goes without saying that I will set you guys up. Give you places to live and work, maybe even manage a business. G'nort, you're still a little green and humble. I don't think you hit your stride yet. G'noriko, you're a bit.. wilder. A loose cannon. It'll be a matter of finding where you guys fit in."

G'noriko raised her hand.. with her glass. "I get the Tavern!"

G'nort looked up quickly, suddenly with some energy. "I get the 'Jammer, then!"

G looked at them both as if they were effing nuts. "You'll get what I give you and you'll like it. Everyone knows about you two already and they know me, and know not to let you two know anything about my business without my express permission, you know? You guys have rooms here at the GIT, and we'll work from there. Not promising anything spectacular, but it won't be shoddy. I treat myself really well."

"G'nort.. wait till you meet who would have been your future girlfriend."

G'nort's mouth dropped. Couldn't believe he went there.

"G'noriko. I believe an ex of yours is still here." G grinned.

G'noriko's mouth dropped. She couldn't think of which ex he meant.

"Oh yeah. I get to be mean to myself all the time. Get used to disappointment." G laughed.

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