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Retired/Inactive List

Post by DUEL Gabby » Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:42 pm

- Duelists who have fallen off the standings due to inactivity or retiring may duel at last recorded rank as shown on the Inactive/Retired Duelist List, provided they inform the caller on duty prior to the start of any duel that they are not currently on the standings and link them to the DoS Historical Record found in this post or from the link on the standings.

- Inactive/Retired Duelists will be moved to the Active Standings after they have finished a single duel. Reinstatement does not apply until the Standings are updated. The Inactive / Retired Duelist must continue providing any new caller with this information until such time as they are placed back on official Standings. There is no requirement to contact the standings keeper, unless a discrepancy is found

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