Challenge for MoonBeryl

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Kimone Kidd
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Challenge for MoonBeryl

Post by Kimone Kidd » Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:50 pm

The time has come to try again. Need to bring Four to AZN.

So Blue, I'm looking for the Yellow Opal, please.

Good luck!
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RoH Official
RoH Official
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Post by DUEL Kal » Fri Nov 14, 2014 5:43 pm

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Post by Blue » Fri Nov 14, 2014 8:29 pm

I accept. After a short talk, we've agreed to meet this Sunday, November 16th, at 8 PM EST. Claire will be calling.

To the victor, Kimone.
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DUEL Claire
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Post by DUEL Claire » Mon Nov 17, 2014 12:16 am

This. This happened. Tonight even. I was there.

Code: Select all

Yellow 1: Kimone goes for violence. Blue says give peace a chance. (FDO/JB) 1 Blue
Yellow 2: Blue wants to boot her but here we see a little dodgy retribution. (SN/FDO) 1 All
Yellow 3: There's the jabbity, because I want some violence. Kimone nopes right out of there with an up and over. (JB/FL) 1-2 Kimone
Yellow 4: Teeter totter, Blue ties it up. Hey, isn't that a FireStar Charlie thing? (FaLP/LS) 2 All
Yellow 5: Kimone must be practicing her dance moves, because she's drops it low. Blue, though, he's ready and adjusts accordingly. (FeFL/FaDU) 3-2 Blue
Yellow 6: Blue's turn to drop it low. This time, he's going for the takedown. (LS/FDO) 4-2 Blue
Yellow 7: Blue's jabbing out to try and end it but Kimone's defensive persistance pays off and she edges a bit closer in score. (JB/FAB) 4-3 Blue
Yellow 8: We have a sudden death situation up in here! **Lights and klaxons and other annoying noise sounds** (CH/LS) 4 ALl
Yellow 9: No matter the indecisiveness, Kimone's kicking Blue to take the first match. (FeFL/SN) 

DUEL Claire: ((Match One Final: Kimone Kidd .def. Blue, 5-4 in 9))

Moon 1: Pow! Punched in the face. (LS/JB) 1 Kimone
Moon 2: Blue looks to kick Kimone to the moon but she drops it low-low. (SP/FDU) 2 Kimone
Moon 3: Kimone's going for what worked only to find it's not doing the trick. Blue's out of there. (FDO/JB) 1-2 Kimone
Moon 4: Down and dirty, that's how I like it. Sweeps and points all around. (LS/LS) 2-3 Kimone
Moon 5: That also didn't work for Kimone either. Don't feel bad Blue. (JB/SP) 3 All
Moon 6: Recipping her way to match point. (JK/JB) 3-4 Kimone
Moon 7: I could be mean and drag this out, but instead I'm going to point out that last time their match went to sudden death, the underdog won it. So will we see that happen again? Blue's tying it up! (JB/JK) 4 All
Moon 8: Will this be a round of regret later? (FeSN/LS) 4 All
Moon 9: Alright kids, this one's going the full three! Blue sends Kimone to the mat to claim the second. (FL/JB) 
((Match Two Final: Blue .def. Kimone Kidd, 5-4 in 9.))

Beryl 1: Blue's starting off with a bang, jabbing Kimone over the sweep. (JB/LS) 1 Blue
Beryl 2: The one two gets her. (CH/SN) 2 Blue
Beryl 3: Blue's reverting to the tried and true punch inna face but Kimone's had enough of that. (JB/FDU) 2-1 Blue
Beryl 4: ...ouchie? (FaLP/JB) 2 All
Beryl 5: Recipping isn't doing it here, Kimone's dodging away. (JB/FDO) 2-3 Kimone
Beryl 6: Ooooo, will this be one Kimone remembers later? (SN/FeJK) 2-3 Kimone
Beryl 7: Blue boogies out of reach and ties it up. (FDO/JB) 3 All
Beryl 8: A little bit of juking takes Blue to match point. (FeJK/FDO) 4-3 Blue
Beryl 9: Blue's hopping around like the energizer bunny. Kimone's got her guns on display. Guess what! Nobody scores. (FaLP/FAB) 4-3 Blue
Beryl 10: Bad time to let go of the jab. And for the third straight duel, we're in sudden death. Hooboy. (JB/FL) 4 All
Beryl 11:...
Ahem. Sorry about that.
Both are kicking!
Pow. I hope Kimone has a good dentist. (SN/LS) 
((Match Three Final: Blue .def. Kimone Kidd, 5-4 in 11.))
After three sudden death super duper tense matches, Blue retains the yellow rock.
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