Challenge for the Tower of Fire

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Challenge for the Tower of Fire

Post by Nayun » Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:00 am

Kheldar of the Wrecking Crew
I challenge for the Tower of Fire

That is all
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Post by DUEL Lem » Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:21 am

This challenge is valid and may proceed.
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Post by Kheldar » Sun Aug 25, 2013 10:09 pm

Tuesday night at 9.

Rena has agreed to call.

That is all. ~Kheldar
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Post by DUEL Rena » Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:26 pm

They came, they dueled, we had cake and cannoli and cookies.

Code: Select all

Duel 1
Challenge1 1  Here comes the sun..or in Kheld's case here comes the rocks (ms/nr) 1-0 Kheld
DUEL Rena:((Sorry....they both score...1 all))
Challenge1 2  He waits patiently then zaps the ghost before it could go anywhere (mb/fgf) 2-1 Kheld
Challenge1 3  Here comes the rocks again...but then he gets blasted a bit (ms/nr) 3-2 Kheld
Challenge1 4  You can't hide...but then why hide when she went elsewhere  (ff/fgf) 3 all
Challenge1 5  Shields up, Captain  (sh/fmw) 3.5-3 Kheld
Challenge1 6  Reach out and touch: she did. (fms/ft) 4-3.5 Nayun
Challenge1 7  One hides behind something and the other hides in a suit of something  (sh/ar)
Challenge1 8  Kheld calls on the power of his Tower to stop Nayun in her tracks  (ef/ft) 4.5-4 Kheld
Challenge1 9  You know what they say about pointy things? They are sharp and when thrown like to break stuff-like glass (wb/rf)
DUEL Rena:((Kheldar def Nayun 5.5-4 in 9 to take the first duel))

Duel 2
Challenge2 1  Nayun moves where we don't know. (mw/di) .5-0 Nayun
Challenge2 2  Can't touch this...or his mind (sh/fmw) .5 all
Challenge2 3  Sharp, pointy things can't hit a moving target though (wb/fdi) 1.5-.5 Nayun
Challenge2 4  Again, can't hit what isn't there. (gf/ms) 1.5-1 Nayun
Challenge2 5  Nayun gets zapped before the blades could hit (mb/fwb) 1.5 all
Challenge2 6   It's getting cold in here  (ab/nr) 2.5-1.5 Kheld
Challenge2 7  Kheld fogs up the place...that's some wicked image in the mirror  (ff/rf) 3-1.5 Kheld
Challenge2 8  Nayun moves  (ms/di) 3-2 Kheld
Challenge2 9  Before she could escape, Nayun got zapped, keeping her in this world  (mb/gf) 4-2 Kheld
Challenge2 10   They both try to occupy the same space...the bigger person claims more of it though (fdi/di)
DUEL Rena:((Kheldar def Nayun 5-2.5 in 10, defending his Tower))

Well defended Kheld and well tried, Nayun.

((OOC: There was a wonky moment with my caller tool but it seemed to have fixed itself.why the score in the first duel in the first round was listed as 1-0 then corrected.))
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