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Mirror Mirror

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Before you came what was your name?
Did you look like me?
No one’s from here, no one my dear, not even the trees.
So change your name, just keep your face.
We’re temporary anyway.

So lose your past.
I’m sure you’ll find it’s in the way all the time.
Before you’re through you’re someone who looks a lot like you.
I am trying very hard to be here—AFI

Kasimira stood in front of the full-length mirror in her suite at the RhyDin Imperial Hotel. She was all dressed to start her day: dark skinny jeans, a knit top with white lace embellishments at her throat, sparkly flats on her feet, and now-red hair done up on her head. Her glamour was firmly intact. She was ready to go. But when she peered into the glass for a final once-over, the woman staring back at her was not the same. Yes, she wore the same clothes, had the same physique, even wore a familiar expression on her face, but the face was different than her own. In fact, it was even more familiar than the one she currently wore. The hair too was different--styled the same but a blue the color of the oceans.

Mira raised her hand and touched the mirror. Jewell—the woman being reflected back at her—did the same. Mira twirled around, watching Jewell mimic the motion. She hopped in place once and then put her hands on her hips. Jewell did the same. "Are you me?" Kasimira asked the other woman.

Instead of echoing the question back, the woman in the mirror just shrugged. “I don’t know, actually.”

“I feel like you sometimes,” Mira admitted. “When I go out, my friends call me by your name. I feel like you when Tara takes me by the hand and drags me along to make new friends. When I’m sitting in the Inn, surrounded by familiar faces, I almost feel like you.”

“That’s because they are my friends, not yours, and this is my world.” Jewell pointed out.

“But then who am I?” Mira frowned. “Can I be anyone without you?”

Jewell shrugged again. “Do you want to be?”

Mira bit her lip. “I thought I had no choice. I thought they took you from me. They took everything from me, you know. No family. No magic,” she grasped at her chest. “It hurt so bad and I lost who I was. I lost what made me, me.”

Jewell nodded somewhat sympathetically. “It does hurt; I know. But we’ve been through tough times before. And you know what? Nothing can truly change us. They can tear us down, they can take everything away, but they cannot change who we truly are. I mean, who the hell do they think they are anyways?” Jewell scoffed. “Bunch of nobodies! They want to stop us, and you’ve gone and let them,” she pointed accusingly at Kasamira. “What were you thinking?”

“I was just so tired and lost. I just didn’t think I could do it anymore.” Mira became quieter, “I thought I had forgotten how.”

Jewell rolled her eyes. “Then you’ve forgotten everything! You were once the princess of Aquarius. You were acting queen of Pyra. You are the rightful heir to the Ta-Neer family. You are daughter of Lady Nereida. You are the mother of Amanda, Moradin, Kerrick and Devyn. You are the foster mother of Eva-Jade, Oz, and Raven. You are the sister of Brian Ravenlock. Second in Command to Tara. You are the bloody Empress! You can play any role that you need to take on. You can be coy. You can be charming. You can play the fool if it suits you. Taking our magic away hasn’t changed any of that.”

Mira closed her eyes, nodding a moment. “But it still hurts so badly, and I am so much less than I was.”

Jewell just smiled. “For now. And it does hurt, but we will just make them hurt more, won’t we?” It was a challenge offered to her other half.

Kasimira matched the wicked smile on Jewell’s face. “Yes.” It was her time to make the plans, to create deception, intrigue, and ultimately take revenge and crush whoever stood in her way. “We will grow stronger than they could ever imagine, be even more fabulous than before. We can gain strength and bide our time here in RhyDin.”


Mira nodded then looked at Jewell, considering. “I will need you to do this. I cannot do it alone.”

Jewell smirked. “Of course you do! I have been right here all this time, just waiting for you to be ready again.”

Mira opened her arms. Jewell stepped through the thin glass barrier that divided them and into that waiting embrace. When Kasimira looked into the mirror again, she saw her true reflection once more. There was still that layer of glamour to hide behind, but she didn’t think she would need it for much longer. “Darling, you’re gorgeous!” She blew herself a kiss before turning away. She had a date at the radio station.
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