Red Orc Brewery offerings

Tales from a goblin-infested brewery (home of Jake Thrash and Badsider Brew), and a lawyer-infested sports bar (home of Kalamere Ar'Din and The Line).

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Red Orc Brewery offerings

Post by Jake » Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:27 pm

The regular and seasonal offerings of Red Orc Brewery

Regular Stock
  • Badsider Ale
  • Bad Wolf Stout
  • Broot (non-alcoholic root beer)
  • Mojo's Raspberry Brew
The Seasonals
  • Orktoberfest (available from September until supplies run out)
  • Wicked Winter Ale (available from November until supplies run out)
  • Beach Bitch Blond Ale
  • Bad Santa Brew (available winter 2013)
  • New! Mad Fairy Winter Ale (available winter 2016)
Imports (non Red Orc Brewery stock)
  • Skullsplitter (Dwarven ale)
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