Merci's Generous Gift

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Merci's Generous Gift

Post by LadyAjaBird » Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:59 am

Once Aja was done calling Ring Morgan, she slipped over to Takki with a smile.

“A most excellent first duel, Takki.”

A smile was given back to Aja. “Thank you Aja though I still think I need more work to get used to it. I believe you needed some information from me? What sort?”

“If you choose to continue to duel, just remember to have fun.” Aja smiled. “I think Merci just needs an address to send the certificate to. It was a nice thing she did. I think yer gonna have a very nice time.”

Takki scratched her head as she thought about what Aja said. “Does the cabin I have rented on Arcadia have an address? I do not think giving some random cabin is a good address.”

“Duh. Yeah.” Aja snickered having forgotten that Takki was a recent resident to Arcadia. She quickly jotted down that information for Takki. “Yer gonna have ta add yer last name. I don’t know it.” Aja smiled at her.

“I was not given a last name. Atlantieans do not have them. Simply Takki will do so that the people of this fine inn do not worry about having to properly speak my name.” Takki grinned back to Aja knowing how much of a tongue twister her name was.

“Alrighty then.” Aja grinned. “We’ll just leave dis here at da bar fer Merci ta find.”
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Andrea Anderson
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Post by Andrea Anderson » Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:32 pm

Andrea left her contact info with the front desk.

Andrea Anderson
Seaside Baronial Manor
Number: ***-***-**** :: there's totes a number there. ::
Requesting a room for February 14th - 15th.

A small note was left along with her info.

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