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Stories of the those from House Dragoon Talanador, the Company of the Dragon and the Tavern itself.

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Post by G » Mon Aug 22, 2016 3:53 pm

Presenting: The Trust Fund Darling, Sadie Hunt!!!

Special features and accessories:
  • Guinness Keg Cart
    T-shirts depicting a couple of her favorite things
    Patriotic red, white and blue bikini, because you know you want to undress and dress her.
    Stack of wood so you can pretend there's a bonfire night coming for great makeout sessions. For your other figures, not you. Not that we judge.
    Financial report because she's the daughter of an oil magnate, and probably wants to take over the business one day.
    A knife, pistol and can of pepper spray because she's the daughter of an oil magnate and probably gets threatened with kidnapping at least twice a week.
    And hearts. Lots and lots of hearts.
And so much more!

Several Choice Phrases Including:
  • 1. "You're welcome to join us at church on Sunday, if you'd like."
    2. "Who doesn't like cookies? Unless they're bad cookies. Bad, bad cookies. Like dollar store cookies. Nobody likes dollar store cookies. I wouldn't take them to the homeless shelter."
    3. "Ashley, the best thing about dating a Cowboys fan is that they ain't expecting a ring."
    4. "Peanut butter and jelly just makes me fat."
    5. "Ya ever tried a bath bomb? It's a lil ball ya drop in a bathtub full'a water an' it dissolves. All fizzy an' smells good. Best baths ever. Bath makeouts are fun too."
    6. "Free drinks for anyone that duels shirtless tonigh'!"
    7. "Miss Sadie Jane Hunt, atcher service."
    8. "That G'nort guy is so hot, I could use him to pop my microwave popcorn. Yum!"
And many more! We're just glad she doesn't curse a lot!


Birthday request figure!

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