Diamond Quest July 2012 *

The happenings and goings-on out back in the home of the Duel of Fists.

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DUEL Jasper
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Diamond Quest July 2012 *

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Round One
Sartan vs. Gnort, Sartan wins 5-2
Candy vs. Pslyder, Pslyder wins 5-4
Seirichi vs. Rachael, Seirichi wins 5-1
Mur vs. Harris, Mur wins 5-1
Tical vs. Xanth, Xanth wins 5-3
Artemus vs. Chris, Artemus wins 5-1
Kheldar vs. Myria, Myria wins 6-5

Round Two
Sartan (bye)
Seirichi vs. Pslyder, Seirichi wins 5-2
Mur vs. Xanth, Xanth wins 5-2
Artemus vs. Myria, Myria wins 5-4

Round Three
Sartan vs. Xanth, Xanth wins 5-4
Seirichi vs. Myria, Myria wins 5-2

Round Four

Myria vs Xanth, Myria wins 5-4

Congratulations to Myria Graziano as the new Diamond.
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Chris Graziano
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Maria, you now need to go win that magic title.
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Expert Adventurer
Expert Adventurer
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Give Maria my maids rank!

Good going Crew on your win last night. GO GO GO.
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