Taking a Trip to No Worries.

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Taking a Trip to No Worries.

Post by G » Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:46 am

A simple discussion started it, and a suggestion afterwards sealed the deal. Mercedes had a busy couple of weeks with her modelling career and insane ( as he sees it) boss, Aleks, and G, himself, had a pretty active time, as well. Between the wonderful visits to Caradon to visit her and watch her work, to returning and running his businesses (as well as getting in a duel or two at night) it was easy to see that they both could use a good couple of days off and away from the things of man.

So, after she playfully chastised him for not giving her a proper greeting, the suggestion was brought up for taking some time off to go sailing again. Something they hadn't done in a pretty good while.

G brought up going back for a relaxing trip to the Isle de la Floras again, which, of course, set Merci off about not setting foot on the Island after dark, due to superstitions about the Boitata Eye Eating monster. He really was going to have to find a new Island for them to relax on. Surely there are some available nearby. He wanted to sleep on the beach again.

But that's beside the point. What the point really is, was that they decided to take approximately 4 days off and just sail. Two straight days out to sea, and then turning around and turning back to come home. The auto-pilot would do most of the work.

The intent was to set out on Sunday morning, but that was delayed for a day due to getting affairs in order for the week for the two of them, as well as making sure the ship was stocked enough for the trip. It turned out he was low on butter. Need to have butter when you're cooking. Makes the food taste much better than margarine or substitute spreads. Go butter, salted, too. Very tasty.

Anyway, with everything taken cared of, they would be setting sail for a relaxing few days of No Worries.

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