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Post by Mercedes » Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:38 pm

The Price of a Picture--Arena 6/2

Comes on in, down the stairs and heading to a nearby area and glances around as if looking for someone special to him, someone who holds a dear place in his heart. "I must be early."

Mercedes nearly ran down the steps, hating to be late. She looked around, chewing at her lower lip until she finally saw G. Taking a moment to compose herself, she smoothed hands down over the skirt of her dress then through her hair. If she thought she could do so without being seen, she would have reapplied her lipstick.

Slow, confident steps carried her to where he stood and he was offered a flashy grin. "Buy a girl a drink even though she nearly stood you up?"

He can't help but smile upon seeing her., turning and leaning against the bar. "Maybe I will buy her two." He raises a hand and holds three fingers up to order drinks with a smile.

Dip of Rachael’s raven haired head to G'nort. "Monsieur G'nort." Then a dip of raven haired head to G'nort's lady.

A nod to G. "Evenin' sirrah." He raised his glass in polite greeting. Last time they spoke had become...tense.

G nods a return greeting to Rachael. ”Hey.”

To Roderick, same reason.

"Y'know, G, these youngsters jes' donnae listen t'ye." Chuckling, then a small sip o' scotch.

A glance over towards Roderick with a raised brow, "What makes you think the so-called 'old-timers' listen to me any better? "No one listens to me. So it's not big deal."

"Maybe she would let you..." was her low reply against his ear as she leaned in to kiss his jaw. Being ever-polite, she leaned back so he could have his conversation with the accented man. She nodded towards the Watch woman in return greeting.

"Well, et was youngsters duelin' wot jes' slashed. An' most o' the auld timers are 'ard o' 'earin'." Roderick replied. "An’ I dinnae like slashin' cause et's just nae guid duelin' sense. Tha's all. Like thrustin' every other round."

Merci tried not to bristle at the comments about youngsters. Considering she was new to dueling, she took minor offense. "I listen to you," she grinned a little. "...about that, anyway."

"It's good to hear someone does." He grins and nudges her with his elbow. "Though we're going to have to work on tactics and strategy soon."

"You speak evil with those lovely lips of yours, Sir." Feigned huff before he was given a smile once again. "Tactics and strategy...sounds exactly how I want to spend a Saturday night."

He laughs, shaking his head as the drinks are delivered, sliding two to her and taking one for himself. "I didn't say tonight. I just said 'Soon.’ There's a bit of a difference." He chuckles.

"I was not being sarcastic, darling."

"Oh, you were being literal? " He raises a brow and grins. "Just what kind of tactics were you thinking about?"

She looked around then back to G. "We will speak of this later." Ever proper. Or nearly so.

"Oh but of course!"

"So, where were we?" He takes a sip of his drink.

"You were just about to tell me how much you missed me and how you wished you had my smile to brighten your day while you were working." She was unashamed of how flirtatiously she was batting her lashes as she settled her hand upon his bicep.

He took a look at the hand on his arm and broke into a charming smile. "Well, that goes without saying, to be honest. Perhaps if I had a picture on my desk.."

"Are you still trying to finagle one of my portfolio photos?" Fake sigh. "Fine. You have broken me down with your charm. You may choose whichever one you like the best."

"Maybe one of those lingerie ones..."

"Whichever one you want. However..." She grinned slyly. "It will cost you." Oh look...a woman after his own heart!

Yes, indeed. He loved these negotiation tactics. That was something she didn't have to work on! "Oh really? And what is your price?" He chuckled.

"You will owe me something that I ask for at a later date." Lifts her drink for a sip, gazing at him from over the rim of her wine glass with those gleaming amber eyes.

He chuckled and took a sip as well. "Really? Something at a later date? Well I must say, I prefer to know what costs are up front. Could you give me, perhaps, a round about figure, hmm?"

"Well, I suppose I could just hold onto my photograph and your desk will remain bleak and the room drab without my countenance to brighten it." Leaning now against the bar, casually.

"You could. But that would be unfair. Unfair to deprive me of your lovely face staring back at me whenever my day seemed bleak and without life. Is it not fair to have a general idea of a price, when asked, hmm?" Grins, knowing full well that this style of negotiation could come back and bite him later on.
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Post by Mercedes » Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:46 pm


"Oh, my lovely, I am sure it is unfair. I, however, never claimed to be fair. You have a demand and I have the supply. That gives me the upper hand in this negotiation, does it not?" She almost pulled off the act, almost. Except for the snicker that escaped as she took a sip of her wine.

"In a way, certainly. I could always think of how you looked that night after we took a bath. Or that morning during breakfast. That could, perhaps, get me through a dreary day. Or I could remain miserable and just have that hope that I will see you again." He grinned slyly. He was good at these negotiations. "The question is, 'Does the supply meet the demand?'"

"Perhaps it could get you through the day. Your memory isn't the greatest, of course, so that could be a problem. Remaining miserable yet hopeful is not a wonderful choice, either, my darling. The hand that had rested upon his bicep slid down his arm so that she was tracing circles along the back of his hand. Another coy smile was turned up towards him. "As for your last question, that would depend entirely upon what we are speaking of now. I was under the impression we spoke of my photo. So I should be asking that question, instead of you. Does it meet the demand?"

He laughed, looking down at the hands and then back to her. Then he grinned. "Of course, the demand is there. No reason for it not to be. But, what if the price were too high? For example, I could not bare to lose half of my business, not that you would place so high a price on a simple picture." Grinning and leaning closer to her, reaching up to bring a few fingers through her hair. "It's just a photo of you. Is not being able to see your smiling face a worthy price?"

"Well, we could impose limits. I have no desire for half of your business. So, impose your limits if that will make you feel more trusting." Turning her head to kiss at the inside of his wrist as he brushed his fingers through her hair. "It is just a photo of me. But a photo that you admitted to wanting. You would lose respect for me if I didn't negotiate something out of this." She tossed a wink at him and smiled before reaching for her wine glass.

"Hmm, this is true. What to limit to, what to limit it to. How about, limited to something physical, a dinner date, or something of equal value to me that would be traded to you? Is that reasonable?" His grin is wide as he leans back against the bar.

"Hmm...can you place a value on your brightened mood? On looking upon my smile and having your entire day improve because of it?" Her grin mirrored his own. Wine glass was placed upon the bar top before she took his hands, just idly playing with his fingers simply because touching him was preferred over not touching.

He let his fingers play against hers, not exactly thumb warring, but affectionately. "I could. For example, the price I place on being with you in person is so expensive, it'd cost several large countries to go bankrupt if they were to pay it. That is to say, being with you, is priceless."

Merci stared at him for several long moments, golden amber gaze shifting between each of his eyes. Back and forth several times, searching him for sarcasm or dishonesty. Finally, she swallowed a little and smiled "his" smile, possibly a little more brightly than any other time it graced her features. "That was incredibly sweet." Clears her throat a few times.

"Sweet or not, doesn't make it any less true." He finishes off his glass. "How about we go for a pleasant little late night stroll, and continue these negotiations under the light of the nearly full moon?"

There it was again. That ba-bump in her chest that threatened to drown out the sound of his words. "That sounds wonderful, actually. Lets walk on the beach." She picked up their glasses, took them around the bar and put them in the sink then washed her hands. "I'm ready when you are." Back around the bar, she picked up her purse and slipped her hand into the crook of his arm as usual.

He stood from the bar and took her arm into his, placing his other hand over hers as she held onto him."That sounds like a Wonderful place to have a little walk. We can even take off our shoes and go barefoot."

Aja glances back to G and Mercedes and waves. She had been leaving them to their flirting in peace. G smiling like he was is a good thing.

Nicole offered a wave to G and, by extension, his companion

G smiling is a very good thing, probably saves lives. He keeps smiling and waves to Nicole and Aja. Half of whom he knows.

"Sounds perfect." Nods politely to the women that had waved, lifting the hand that held her purse to offer a bit of a return wave.

And now, he leads the two of them out into the night, holding the door for Mercedes as they step through the portal into the unknown. Which is the Beach walk. So.. it's known, but who knows what they may encounter! Pirates? Aliens? Hermit Crabs! Dun dun DAHN! And everyone got a wave as well! Just to cover the bases!

Taken from live play and edited with permission. Thanks to players involved.
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Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:44 pm

I Need an Assistant 5/31

He is sitting on the deck of the Jammer, having left her taking a nap after a morning of seafaring experiences. They were just coming into the dock, so the ship was running quiet and coasting the rest of the way, so he didn't think there was a need to bother her just yet. Soon enough, though, he could wake her and they could make their plans for the evening. Perhaps go bother some people in the Arena or go out and have dinner at a nice place. Either way, just being with her would please him greatly.

After docking, he came into the bedroom to check in on her and smiled as he saw her half awake, splayed out under the covers and looking extremely relaxed. He leaned against the doorway and crossed his arms over his chest. "Good afternoon, sleepyhead. Gonna sleep the rest of the day away?"

”Mm. I might.” Languid limbs stretched, bronzed and bare, before she lifted to rest upon her elbows. Amber hued gaze lifted to those green eyes that were always so full of life. ”We aren’t back to RhyDin already, are we?” Lips down turned into a bit of a pouting frown, indicating her disapproval of returning to their chaotic lives.

"Just got settled into port, m'dear. For a moment I was worried it woke you. But, glad you got your rest." He smiled as she rose a bit, liking the way she looked in that position. He moved from the door way and came over to sit on the edge of the bed, leaning down to give her a soft kiss.

"Don't worry, We'll be going out again before too long. By out, I mean out to sea. By too long, I'm thinking.. soon." He chuckled, reaching up and brushing aside a few of those sleep mussed strands of hair that only made her look sexier. Besides, Rhydin's such a Dull, Boring place. Nothing exciting ever happens here."

”Excitement isn’t what I crave. Time with you is.” Still pouting a little, mostly for his benefit. She turned her head to the side to kiss the inside of his wrist as he brushed aside her hair. ”We will get back and our schedules will rule our lives and there will be less time to just savor one another’s presence.” Sitting up more fully, she leaned towards the side of the bed where he sat next to her, and layed her head against his shoulder.

”Don’t be surprised if someday I just kidnap you and take you away for some grand adventure.” A teasing smile touched her lips briefly before they pressed to his collarbone.

He gave a little groan of enjoyment as she kissed his collarbone, shifting so that he could let one arm slide around her to give her more of him to lean against. He smiled and looked up slightly as he imagined what kinds of trouble they could get into. "That doesn't sound like half a bad idea. A nice little getaway to who knows where."

Since she was sitting up, he couldn't help but let his eyes trail over her body as she moved closer to him. He shook his head and chuckled softly. "You can't delegate your modeling career like I give everything to Mai?" He laughed, running fingers through her hair."You're so adorable. There's not much we can't get away with."

There was a little triumphant gleam sparking within those amber eyes as she heard him groan. If this had been a swordfight she would have just drawn first blood. That was always an excellent occurrence. Of course, the moment of competitiveness was over as quickly as it sparked and she leaned in closer to him as his arm sipped around her.

”Not a bad idea at all. Just you and me and no responsibilities to speak of.” She couldn’t say ‘no worries’ because the two of them would likely uncover a serpent’s nest of worries and cares while they were away. She was far too curious for her own well being and he was far too protective of her safety as well as just being recklessly brave.

She didn’t attempt to shield her body from his gaze. Since they were alone, there wasn’t any need to now that their relationship had changed. ”I sort of have to be there, G’nort. Though, I have been toying with the idea of hiring an agent to take care of the details that bore me. Not that it would free me up enough to disappear with you for an indefinite period of time, but it would be some freedom at least.”

Sliding across the few inches of bed that remained between them, she situated herself into his lap much like a baby being cradled. Dimples flashed as she smiled sweetly up at him. ”I’m not sure if anyone has told you this...but you are pretty adorable as well. But exactly what would we be trying to get away with? If you are planning to take over rulership of another group of island people, I am probably going to be forced to be unhappy with you since that would be taking more time away from what you should be doing, which is adoring me.” Did G realize that he had his hands full when dealing with her?
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A Nice Looking Assistant to Worship Me...

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:46 pm

Of course he had his hands full, she was getting comfortable in his lap. He shifted slightly so that he could move his lips to her neck, giving her a light bite and then suck before pulling back to smile at her. "No, nothing quite -that- dramatic. Just thinking we can get away with getting away. Although, if you Have to be there, well, a sacrifice can be made for your benefit." He chuckled at being called adorable, he would be amused at just about any pet name or comparison she would come up with.

The fact that she was nude didn't bother him in the least, and in fact he enjoyed getting those glimpses and with how comfortable she had become with him. It meant their relationship had progressed significantly, which made him happy. Of course, he was going to resist her womanly charms. It was too early in the afternoon to get distracted by those kinds of excursions. Right? Do you want help finding an agent? Or do you want to stay independant on that, too? Either way, the sooner, the better. I would like to get away for a while, and anything would be a good change." He smiled at her as she snuggled in his lap, reaching around her to keep her close.

She wasn’t trying to use her charms against him at the moment. She was simply trying to be close because she enjoyed the feel of his arms around her; they were her safe haven . She was only unclothed because she had been sleeping and had gotten distracted by him sitting down next to her.

”Maybe I should look for an assistant instead of an actual agent, but one that has experience in the modeling business. That way, I can have the person do more for me and they will be less of a pain in the rear end. If you know of anyone, I wouldn’t mind interviewing them.Of course, you won’t be paying them, just so we understand one another on that point.” Not that he had planned to try to go behind her back and help out financially, but she was letting him know that she was aware that he had the ability to be that underhanded. In an adorable way.

”I would like to get this taken care of immediately, as well. We have your portal to try out, after all. Might as well take off now while things are still slow for me. A personal assistant could handle absolutely everything I needed taken care of in my absence, not just getting jobs lined up for me. It will be perfect.” She nodded lightly to punctuate that sentiment then seemed to be thinking. After a few moments of deliberation, she half smiled.

”G’nort, if you know of someone...I need them to be able to keep any secret I entrust them with. They need to not be...hmm..overly moralistic, either. Do you understand what I am asking?” She was saying she needed a criminally minded assistant that she could trust. It wasn’t entirely impossible to find someone like this, right?

"An assistant would do you good, yes. I mean, you'd kinda be a celebrity, being a model. You girls make good money to afford an assistant? Or would the agency pay for it? Suddenly he grinned. "I bet I could ask Mai for some references. Get you an assistant just like her." He laughed.

Of course, now she wanted a suggestion. The more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea of asking Mai for references. Somehow, he imagined she'd like the idea as well. Someone who was secretive, efficient, snazzy dresser, knew how to be effective in her role, and able to keep clients as well as themselves in check. He grinned at Merci, kissing the side of her head. "Yes, I think I will ask Mai to get you someone."

”Actually this would be my own assistant, I don’t want him or her affiliated with the agency at all. As for what the agency pays for...they pay for whatever is needed for the model to be able to work. If the model goes out of town for the job, they would cover the hotel, cab fare, food, etc. Then they charge these things to the model’s account, at exorbitant prices, frequently adding charges not incurred. The model pays this back when she gets a job.”

Merci frowned a little. ”So, unless we make it to supermodel status, we don’t really get paid nearly as well as people think we do. I am choosing to finance myself. Everything will come out of my own pocket, that way when the agency gets me a job, they only collect their percentage and cannot take most of my pay.” What G didn’t know was that Merci’s money didn’t come from modeling. The modeling would be her career to keep her busy and if she was able to become as famous as she had been on Earth, then she could retire from her other “job.”

Merci just stared at G for a moment at the suggestion of Mai finding her an assistant. ”That woman is frightening. I don’t want a demon assistant. I was thinking of some nice looking guy that is a fashionable dresser with impeccable manners that would worship me.” He was given a little grin, because she already knew what he would have to say about that.

”Don’t ask Mai to ‘get me someone,’ my dear. I will be interviewing people, not just simply hiring someone that Mai sends me. You can feel free to tell her of my preference, however.”

"A fashionable, nice looking guy? Impeccable manners who would worship you? I don't know where you could find one of those. I mean, aside from me, that is. I just don't have the time to be your assistant. I would end up delegating it to Mai." He grinned. The thought of a good looking man following her every move might have got him to be a little jealous, but that was okay at the moment.
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Admissions and Walls

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:51 pm

He reached down and began stroking his fingers through her hair, slowly as he looked her over. Pursed his lips in thought a moment and then looked back to her. "You know. If you're going to be working, and I'm going to be working, it means we will only have the nights to see each other. I can adjust to that, since, you know, I've always been working for, like, ever. How about you? Can you live without seeing my shining, handsome face that long each day? Without the feel of me in your arms? Hmm? He chuckled softly, teasing her.

”Oh I am sure there are tons of those types out there just waiting for me to snap them up.” Merci grinned at his admission of delegating to Mai. ” Now you realize why I haven’t hired you as my assistant. I don’t want everything delegated to Mai. She is a demon woman that would have me working harder than I was prior to getting an assistant.” She giggled lightly as she reclined more in his arms, fingers brushing lightly over his shoulder and up his neck before a light tap was given to his chin, followed by a peck of a kiss where her finger had tapped.

”Your schedule has always permitted you time to spend with me. Can you not rearrange things occasionally if I get a sudden break and show up at your office?” Oh, look at the pout affected upon those plush lips; she was definitely trying to get what she wanted. ”You know, I will work time for you into my schedule any opportunity I am afforded. Her lashes lowered and her voice softened barely enough for him to know she wasn’t teasing now. ”Because...I don’t think I can make it through entire days without you, G’nort.” It sounded silly to a man such as G, perhaps.

That confession was enough to make the normally confident diva feel like cringing; it made her vulnerable which was something she didn’t enjoy feeling. Yet, she had placed herself in that position anyway, because she didn’t want to play emotional games with a man that had been played with so many times before.

"Well of course I can rearrange things. That's what power comes with being me. I can pretty much do anything I want, whenever I want, however I want." He smiled at the kiss. While she meant it, he was assuming that her statement about being unable to go for days without him were intended as a bit of sarcastic humor, teasing him to make him feel more self-important. Either way, it made him smile wider.[/color=green] "Not to mention all the vacation days, and travelling days, beach days, island days, sailing days and.. hot, passionate, lust filled nights.."[/color] Yeah, he just had to throw in that last one, there, referring to how insatiable she'd become of late. He didn't mind.

"And don't be too harsh on Mai. Sure, she's a demonic, dragon-lady or something.. I mean, I haven't quite figured out what she is. She won't let me take a blood sample. But, she's efficient and very good at what she does. I swear, she'd stop an invading army by crossing her arms over her chest and just staring them down." He couldn't repress a sudden shudder.

"Hey, we have time today. Since I adore you and like spending so much time with you, what would you like to do today? If you want to stay in, I'm good with that. Plus, you wouldn't have to get dressed!" He was a bit playful, it seemed, even as he continued to pet her.

”Being you must be a wonderful job to have then.” A little smile was offered as he seemingly skirted around her little confession of beginning to grow attached to him. It was likely something he wouldn’t want to hear, and she mentally kicked herself for even saying something so silly. These thoughts moved through her mind in the quick span of time between him smiling and his resumption of speaking about all of the days they would have together, so the change in her expression was very brief.

The wall around her heart was erected once more, not as a punishment to him, but simply because that is the way she dealt with the world; in safety, behind that emotional wall. She was so skilled at guarding herself that he would likely not even notice a difference in her demeanor or the application of one of her rehearsed smiles. Smiling brightly, she nodded once. ”It all sounds perfect. Especially those passion filled nights. That is the highlight of this plan, after all.” Forcing that last sentence caused a moment of pause as it was an outright lie, but then she was moving onto the next topic smoothly.

”Oh, I never doubted her efficiency at all. I also do not doubt that she could stop an invading army in just the way you suggest.” She laughed lightly, picturing Mai doing just that.

”Hm, what to do with our free time today...what to do, what to do. I will assume that your vote includes anything that doesn’t require me wearing clothing,” He was flashed a dimpled smile. ”So, I think you should decide what we do and I will play along.”

'That's what I love about you, Merc. You let me make all the tough decisions, when all I wanna do is just be with you, in my arms. He chuckled, there wasn't any sarcasm in there. He genuinely liked being around this woman, and couldn't really explain why. Until he could figure it out, that's why he was avoiding acknowledgement of either of them being attached. There was that little worry about moving too fast. Undoubtedly, the time would come when he would realize just how much she did mean to him. Then she would be able to say, freely, how much he meant to her.

"How about, we stay here, few clothes, I make lunch, we sit on deck in the sun, and just bask in each others presence? Hmm?" It was a simple plan, that allowed for any changes or desires to do something else to come along and distract them. He did take the opportunity to glance down at her again, partially covered only in the bed sheet. He hummed a moment. "I wonder if you know just how good you look right now."
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There is Always Room for You Under these Sheets...

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:54 pm

”Part of getting to do what you want whenever you want is having to make those tough decisions, my lovely.” She chuckled softly. ”You don’t set your sights high enough if that is all you want to do. The world is at our feet and you choose to stay right here with me in your arms? She feigned a scoff then shrugged. ”Okay, I said I would play along. If you want to laze about in the sun half naked, who am I to stop such an event from occurring?” Dimples were flashed.

Her admission of being attached was definitely not an admission of love and if she thought he would take it as anything more than admitting how much she enjoyed being in his company and not wanting too much time apart, she wouldn’t have ever spoken the words. She didn’t want to move too fast, she just wanted things to be natural, for them to be at ease with one another. The casualness of their relationship was something she was definitely alright with; it meant things wouldn’t get messy. She preferred to avoid emotionally messy situations whenever possible.

Merci laughed softly and followed his gaze before looking up at him again. "Of course I do. We all have our talents and use them to gain what we want. Being beautiful is my most obvious talent." She knew exactly how arrogant she sounded, even though she didn't speak it as arrogance. It was more of a sad admission than anything else. It was also her way of maintaining that wall around her heart when he seemed to be able to chip away at the stone with a mere few words.

"Oh, it's not a matter of setting my sights high. I'm just feeling a bit lazy today. And when you're lazy, you just want to lounge about and keep the things you like most closeby. And that's why I'd choose you to stay with me and share lazyday." He grinned, touching the tip of his finger to her nose and pressing it like a button. "Besides, I like watching you sunning mostly naked. Gives me ideas and all that.

The pace at which they were moving seemed just fine. It was as if their relationship went to the next step and now they were completely comfortable with each other. He had been letting most of his guard down, after all. Letting her stay on his ship as often as she wanted, free access to him while he worked, even Mai was told that she was allowed to interrupt anything she wanted. As for her, all he had to do was show up to where she was and she would let him in. Except Cor's place. Then she needed to be there, too, in order to get him past those wards. And who didn't like wards?

He smiled and shifted with her, moving her off his lap so that he could rotate around and move over top of her. It took a minute to get the right positioning, but he moved her onto her back, and he had one foot on the floor as the rest of him was on the bed, on one knee, his hands by her shoulder so he could look down at her and then lower himself to press his lips against hers. "I think that being beautiful is one of the added benefits of being you. Just remember that I like you for more than just looks."

”Well, in that case, I shall stay with you and enjoy Lazyday as your chosen one for the job.” Merci giggled softly as he began to shift their bodies, arms snaking around his neck to maintain security in case he should stumble.

Her arms unclasped from about his neck as he lowered her to the bed, hooded gaze hiding the sudden flare of heat in those golden eyes. It took a moment for the surprise and then the intensity of her reaction to him to die down, then she shifted her gaze up to his eyes. Her hand lifted to twist so that she was lightly stroking along one of his arms, as her lips yielded to his without pause. ” you even see more.”

She inhaled a sharp breath and forced a laugh, trying to shake out of whatever spell he had just cast over her, again. ”Since you enjoy watching me laze about in the sun nearly naked, I will let you pick out the bathing suit I wear.” There. That was a safe topic, something superficial, nothing to cause him to say anything else that drew her closer to him. She was under “his spell,” and was fighting not to be. Not daring to look into his eyes any longer, she instead shifted her gaze to his lips, trying to breathe normally.

She wouldn't get to look at his lips for long, because they were pressed back against hers, parting and slipping his tongue slowly over her lips. One hand reached up to brush through her hair, over her cheek, then down over her chest. He pulled his mouth from hers and licked his lips slowly. The position he was in above her was quite suggestive, and he wasn't really ready to move away just yet. It must have been how she looked that caused him to suddenly desire her, the talk of her beauty and the thought of her sunning herself on deck, covered in sunscreen to give her skin a shining look.

"Maybe, in starting Lazyday, a little bit of relaxation in here would do us both some good, hmm? Do you have some extra room under those sheets?" At this point, he sat up part way and slid his shirt from off his chest before leaning back down over her, again letting his hand begin to pet her skin slowly, gently. His eyes glancing over her body before resting on her eyes. Then he was leaning forward again, only this time his lips went just under her ear, taking her lobe between his teeth and biting softly.

”I think you have a valid point about relaxation.” She watched him remove his shirt and visually devoured the sight of his bare chest. Both hands lifted, one to trail, with agonizing slowness, from his collarbone to the waistband of his pants and the other to caress along his jawline as their gazes met. When his teeth found her earlobe, a breathless whisper was the response, "Yes, there is always room for you under these sheets."
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Any Reason to Get Out of RhyDin is a Good One...

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 6:00 pm

Several hours later, as she lay curled against his side with her cheek pressed to his chest, she laughed softly. "I wouldn't exactly call what we just did being lazy, G. I feel that you have misnamed this day."

He chuckled, petting her hair with a slow and gentle ease, having enjoyed those several hours with her in bed. He grinned down at her. ”Well, there was a few lazy moments in there. Though yes, I think a lot of the activity was definitely, most assuredly, -not- lazy." He laughed, letting his hand slide down her back, trailing his fingers along her spine as she remained against him.

"Mmm. I suppose it's a little late for lunch now. I figure it's early afternoon now. Maybe a snack, some tea or something. There's still several hours of daylight left for us to relax on the deck and catch some rays. If you're interested in still doing that, I mean." He grinned, and his feet were suddenly attacking hers lightly.

Merci laughed. ”Those few moments you call laziness were mere moments to regain my breath.” A hand trailed languidly up and down his side as she yawned.

”Mm. Some sun and a swim sound great...Hey!” She had been about to say that they couldn’t stay in bed forever when her feet were suddenly under attack. Being highly ticklish made her retaliate by maneuvering to try to pin his legs with her feet pressed atop his. Laughing, ”Someone is suddenly full of energy!”

"I remember having a few moments like that, as well!" Chuckling, then she was fighting leg against leg, her feet putting his down on the bed. He grinned and squeezed her side with the free hand. "Well, I always have a bit of energy when I'm with you. What I was talking about, was that I didn't want to do any kinds of work today. Kind of a vacation day. Though I don't know about swimming here. The Rhydin waters are a bit on the dirtier side. Maybe we should go back out to sea?" He grinned again.

The thought of continuously spending time away with her was one he completely enjoyed. He hasn't felt this relaxed in a while and she was the one who was taking a lot of weight off his shoulders. He was more than happy to take her away and keep her with him. If just for these "Lazyday" types of activities. He grinned at her. "I've already got your 'suit' in mind for when we lay on deck."

As soon as she knew she won the foot war, she eased up on pinning him then stretched to press a kiss to his jaw. ”Really, we can go back out to sea? I don’t have anything scheduled today, so feel free to abduct me!” She was like a child being given a present, full of happy smiles.

She was more at ease when he was near than when he wasn’t. It was quite a confusing feeling for Mercedes, and she did her best to pretend this wasn’t the case. ”Any excuse to get out of RhyDin for a little longer is a good one. Besides, I don’t want to swim in dirty water.”

Well defined dark brows were lifted. ”Oh do you now? You do realize it has to actually have material and be a swimsuit?” That wasn’t really a requirement, but she had to put up some resistance at some point, didn’t she? Otherwise, he would likely get too egotistical to deal with.

"Consider yourself abducted then. Listen, I gotta tell you.." He smiled at the kissing to his jaw, reaching both arms around her to keep her held against him, enjoying her presence. "I really like spending all this time with you. If you want to go anywhere, at any time, just let me know, and I will arrange things so we can escape to places where there will only be the two of us, together. And I like it that way."

He smiled, then slowly sat up as he released her, because they wouldn't be able to go anywhere if they stayed in this position. A couple of hours in each others naked arms wouldn't allow them to leave port again. "Isla de Flores is still, as far as I know, our private place. Perfect for swimming with those white beaches and clear water. If you are up for it, I know I am. And, well.. I wasn't talking about a swimsuit. We don't need those for swimming."

She wasn’t sure what to say to the offer of taking her anywhere she wanted to go at any time. ‘ I will arrange things so we can escape to places where there will only be the two of us, together. And I like it that way,’ What was she supposed to say to that? Lashes were blinked slowly as she struggled to keep her guard in place. She finally decided she couldn’t really say anything in response to that.

”Excellent. Being abducted to Isla de Flores sounds perfect.” She held onto him for one last lingering moment, pressing her lips to his almost tenderly before drawing back quickly and laughing away her sudden self-consciousness. She sat up, drawing the sheet to cover herself.

“You do realize that someone has to own that island. I don’t think land that is easily accessible stays unoccupied. I would like to discover, someday soon, exactly who it is that owns our private paradise.”

Brows were arched as she chuckled. ”No swimsuits? Fine by me. I don’t require one to swim.” It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen her nude before anyway. They were at a place in their relationship where they were extremely comfortable with one another in most ways, this was one of those ways.
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Boitata the Fiery-Eyed Serpent -- A Brazilian Superstition

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 6:04 pm

"It may be owned, or it may not. Who knows, maybe there's some dangerous creature roaming about the island that we haven't seen yet, that will force me to protect you so that the natives, that we have yet to see also, won't feel a need to have a beautiful woman tied up for a sacrifice to it. And because of that, no one has claimed ownership over it. That said, it has a really beautiful lagoon and I am as eager as anyone to go back to swimming there." He grinned, reaching out to stroke some of her hair even as she covered herself up with the sheet, which maybe made him pout a little.

"I'm not really worried about the ownership about it, though. If there hasn't been anyone to stop us from swimming there in the nude, there probably won't be anytime soon. But if there is an owner, I would like to purchase it and make it ours. I've grown to like that little island a great deal now. It's 'our spot.'" Leaning forward, taking hold of her cheek and then pressing his lips to the corner of her mouth. "And now, mid-afternoon snacking should commence! Agreed?

She would have derived great pleasure from that pout, had she really even noticed it, but she hadn’t. Because she was suddenly clutching at the sheet, balling it into her fists and drawing it higher as if she were going to hide beneath it.

She nearly hissed in Portuguese then crossed herself, “Boitatá a serpente de olhos!” Being Brazilian came with a slew of superstitions, among them a fiery eyed serpent named Boitatá. Calming enough to switch to common, she stared at him wide eyed.

”You must not speak of him. You will make him come out tonight and eat us. He will eat our eyeballs out of their sockets to fuel his fiery eyes.” She slid more and more beneath that sheet until she was laying down again and was completely covered. Much like a small child playing the “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me” game. From beneath the sheet, a little mouse voice, ”You won’t let it eat me will you, G’nort? Don’t let it have my eyes.”

Poor G. Everything else he said after his little joke about the dangerous creature, was lost on Merci. She was -still- hiding beneath that sheet. ”He cannot see during the day, so I will swim with you. But we mustn’t stay past dusk because he sees everything.” She had yet to even tell G who or what she was really talking about aside from a few vague details here and there; having obviously forgotten he didn’t speak Portuguese yet.

No, he had no idea what she had said, but he got the general idea. He was just being playful but the reaction he received had been anything but. He stopped what he was doing and reaches to grab her shoulders, he pulled her into a hug as much as he could at that point, so first she wouldn't see his really puzzled expression, but also so that he could try and comfort her. His hands were petting her back. "Shh, shh. I wasn't speaking of Bonfires of serpent holes, honest. I was thinking more along the lines of giant apes or something. Don't worry, that island doesn't have anything like that. I promise. I was just.. being silly."

He pulls back slowly, looking at her. "Merce. I swear I won't let anything get you. Nothing at all. It'd have to get through me, first and that would take a lot. You'll be okay." He was rubbing her shoulders firmly, looking at her and trying to calm her down through sheer force of will. Hopefully he will remember the fear in her eyes when he has this explained to him more sensibly and will be able to avoid laughing about it. Most superstitions were funny, even in a realm where anything could happen.

As Merci was pulled up into the hug, the sheet slipped from over her face to reveal a genuinely terrified woman. She clung to him as he hugged her, arms slipping beneath his and then up his back so that both palms were pressed to his shoulder blades and fingertips dug into the bare flesh surrounding. Her chest heaved from the effort of breathing and her body trembled.

She attempted to cling to him tighter as he drew back then looked up at him; her lower lip drawn beneath her top teeth being bitten firmly. A wide-eyed gaze met his comforting gaze and she swallowed heavily as she listened to him. ‘I swear I won’t let anything get you,’ caused her to nod slightly because she knew she was more safe with him as she was anywhere else. He had demonstrated that when she was attacked on the docks. She began to relax a little as he rubbed her shoulders, though she was certainly still scared.

She was finally able to calm down, after a few minutes of his soothing touch and encouragement. ”I’m...sorry.” She had the presence of mind now to be embarrassed by her behavior.

If it weren't for how terrified she was, he would have laughed at her. Instead, he only took the moment to kind of smile behind her back when hugging, he was amused at the situation but could tell well enough to take it seriously. When she pulled back and calmed down, he smiled at her in a soothing way, reaching up and brushing hair from her eyes.

He got a bit closer so he could look into her eyes. "Don't be sorry, hon. Like I said, I don't know what that thing is or anything.. but, there's no way it's getting you here. You're completely safe." He gave her that look that was asking if she understood.

She humored him and tried to not launch into yet another rapid fire explanation in Portuguese. Even thinking about the monster unnerved her and speaking of it would bring about all sorts of bad events; most of which he would be powerless to prevent. She forced a smile for him, to reassure him that she wasn’t going to dissolve into tears or dive under the covers and hide.

”So, we will go back there and play on the beach and hike back to the waterfall again. Spend the afternoon there and then come back to RhyDin. Perfect.” That was the most subtle way she had of telling him that she had no intention of staying on that island for even a moment once it was dusk.
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I am not staying on that island!

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 6:20 pm

He couldn't stop himself from chuckling now. He just held her at arm's length and grinned at her. "Sweetheart. Why go all the way out there just to come back later that night? There's no Demon-Beast Zannifar, no Shabranigdo, and No Bonbons. It's just an Island. Probably owned. Mostly deserted except for local flora and fauna. If there was something there, I'm sure we'd've heard of it or saw 'Keep Out' signs. It's completely safe!" Which is to say, it's only as safe as he thinks. Who knows what other creatures or people lurk on this or other nearby islands. But, he liked that place, it was romantic, and he wanted to go back there often. It's their Island.

Merci’s golden amber eyes suddenly looked like molten gold as she stared at him. Her full lips were flattened and downturned into a severe frown. ”I will be getting off of the ship as soon as I can get dressed. Would you please refrain from leaving the dock before that time?” Molten gold turned cold as ice.

She drew back from him, pulling her arms from his grasp. G knew enough of Merci’s temperament, at this point in their relationship, to know she was not going to budge from this line of thought. She wasn’t going to that island unless he kidnapped her...and if he kidnapped her, he had better be sure she didn’t get out of her restraints or she would claw out his eyes.

She let the sheet slide from her body as she stepped away from the bed, uncaring that he was being given a full view of her backside. Her clothes were yanked from the folded pile upon a chair and she began to dress, muttering under her breath in rapid Portuguese. Oh yes, she was unhappy!

She finally looked over at him, switching to Common once she stopped ranting. ”You tell me I will be safe with you and that you will not let it get me. But you lie because you would intentionally take me into danger. The fact that you are laughing about this greatly upsets me.” Pausing momentarily to pull a sundress over her head.

“You may choose not to believe Boitata lives on the island but I refuse to stay there. Not on the island. I would stay on the ship but that would not be acceptable to you. enjoy danger!”

The situation was quite comical, the way she poked a finger at him and accused him of something so “horrendous” as...enjoying danger. Duh, he was a pirate adventurer, of course he enjoyed danger.

It -Was- comical. He leaned back on both hands, lounging on the bed and getting an appreciative view of her as she walked to her clothes. He let her rant and rave and just nodded along with it. Then, she would -dare- to accuse him of Enjoying danger! How could she! He feigned being wounded and pursed his lips as he then leaned forward. "Enjoy? En.. enjoy Danger? Me?" Aghast.

"Okay, maybe I enjoy danger a little bit. But that's not the point. Think about it, you're being terrified of a creature that you've heard stories of. From where? You gotta remember, you're not there anymore, you're here in Rhydin. You're more likely to get your head bit off by a dragon or have your blood sucked by some sweet little Vampiress just walking down the street to the Red Dragon, than you are to encounter some demon from stories from your childhood." He laughed softly. Surely his logic would work here, right? Right?? He pulled the sheets from off of him and then turned to sit on the edge of the bed, letting his forearms rest on his knees as he leaned forward and watched her.

Her eyes were narrowed and he was given one of those looks that sane men dread and never -ever- try to provoke. G, obviously, was not exactly sane. He was provoking a superstitious, Brazilian woman while she was already angry.

”Yes, I dare. I dare...I DARE! It is the point! You are dangerous and therefore you will not understand the seriousness of this situation.”

Merci stopped talking for a moment as she grabbed sandals from the floor and began to slip them on; looking up as she did so while squinting at him. ”Do not think to use my fear of RhyDin’s monsters to distract me from the fact that I AM NOT STAYING ON THAT ISLAND!”

Trying to reason with Merci when she was this wound up would not get G the results he desired. She began ranting quietly in Portuguese again, this time about choosing a crazy, dangerous man to give her heart to.
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Quick to Anger, Quick to Make Up

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:42 pm

This really was too amusing for him. He shook his head, laughing, then stood up and walked over to her while she put her sandals on. He wrapped his arms around her and smiled, squeezing her shoulders and looking into her eyes. "Okay then. Fine. No staying on the Island at night worrying about a demon that doesn't exist on that island. You're free of worrying about it." A nod.

"But. The ship will be a bit off shore, and you -can- stay on that. There's no place safer in Rhydin." He rubbed her shoulders again, giving her that look of determination that meant that there really was nothing to worry about. "Also, can you please speak Common around me? I never took French."

Mercedes was all geared up to begin another rant, in Common because he -needed- to understand her, then she just clamped her teeth together. ”It exists and you can be foolish if you want to be but I will not be. I will stay on the ship. Now do not speak of him again or you will draw his attention.” She crossed herself, just in case.

She allowed him to rub her shoulders but she stubbornly wouldn’t look up at him for a long moment.She was tired of fighting with him but still feeling quite feisty and it would also not do G any favors if she gave in too easily and he thought he had won this argument. Because he certainly had not.

Her gaze finally shifted up to him, after an appropriate waiting period, and she leaned forward to kiss his cheek quickly. That kiss never reached him, however, as she stopped and gave him a little warning look. ”I speak Common when you need to hear what I say. That wasn’t French, was my native tongue, Portuguese.”

Merci gave a little sniff then decided she would kiss him anyway. She had a fiery, Latin American temper but that just stemmed from being a passionate woman as did the desire to give him a kiss. Quick to anger, quick to make up...unless the object of that making up decided to continue speaking.

He couldn't much respond, now, could he, not when she is kissing him. Sometimes he had to wonder what was going on in her head with how quick she switched tracks. Talk about the Beast? He had made it up in the beginning anyway when he suggested there only *might* be something on the island to require sacrifice. She was superstitious, that's for sure.

There really wasn't much point to responding either. Or course, the comment of speaking common when he needed to hear what she said made him chuckle. He knew a language or two that she didn't, so two could play that game. And so, after the kiss, he just smiled back to her and patted her hip. "So, is it too late for a late lunch, and we should just plan for dinner?

Taken from live play and edited with permission. Thanks to the player of G.
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Trying on a New Identity

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:04 pm

Outback 6/4

Strolls on into the Outback, holding the door open for his Girlfriend, Mercedes, who is adored by him. "And then, once they lifted all that weight off the one side, the board didn't have any resistance. So of course it ended up acting like a catapult, and it took a good seven minutes for the poor fellow to finally land."

Okay, so they aren't boyfriend/girlfriend yet, but they'll talk about it.

"Well, that is some catapulting action, if I ever heard tell of it." Not that Merci had much experience or working knowledge of catapults. She slipped past him, smiling as moved, "Are you sure you aren't too upset that I changed my mind at the last minute and ruined our plans? For once, I just didn't feel like sitting there and behaving civilized. I would like to sit here and try beer out of a bottle and cheer very loudly as people bleed." Everyone watch! G is about to fall over dead from shock.

Merci lifted the hem of her dress up to avoid any of the disgusting unknown goo upon the floor. They were far too overdressed for the Outback, though that wasn’t intentional.

He takes a moment to stop at look at her. Beer? Bottle? No wine or glass? Who was this woman. He turns to follow her, shaking his head to clear it. "No.. those formal functions can be so tedious. I much prefer these quieter environments.." Ha.. quiet, right.
"Did I hear you right and you want to cheer as people bleed?"

"Yes, lovely. I want to cheer loudly while I drink beer from a bottle." While in a formal gown. It is possible that she had been hit on the head and was experiencing personality changing head trauma.

"Hey Merci?" As he leads her to the bar area, gesturing to an empty stool for her to sit.

"Mm?" She was on a straight path for the bar, moving as quickly as she could in those heels. "I'm going to...get smashed. Is that how they say it?"

"It is. But, like, before you do and I still have you sober enough.. You want to be my official girlfriend? Like, commitment and all? No others?" And we watch as G turns into a teenager all of a sudden.

A glance was sent aside towards G, but more importantly to his lady friend. At Mercedes' plan of getting smashed Lizzie had to offer a cheerful thumbs up. It was a good plan! Now the pair were getting smooshy. Gag. Back to smacking the bar with her skateboard. "Destroy him, Candy!!"

"I mean, if not, it's cool, you know. We got a good thing going on now. Just, you know. Thought I'd bring it up and all. If you're interested. If not, I am okay with it staying as is and all." She's gonna need a six pack, now. Just to start.

Lizzie’s fingers sank to her lips to give off a whistle. "Hell yeah!"

She stopped. In mid stride. "You want to talk about this right now, G'nort?" She stared at him for a moment, thinking he was obviously joking around. "This is how you deem to punish me for being indecisive about what I want to do after making you dress up? That isn't much of a punishment."

She was suddenly distracted by Lizzie's loud whistle and cheering. The girl was flashed a smile before Merci turned her attention back to G. "Like that...I am going to cheer just like that. LOUDLY!" She even practiced using a loud voice. "Anyway, if you are just is highly inappropriate to do such a thing as this in public." She still didn't think he was serious, having always believed he was anything but attached enough to want exclusivity.

You know those scenes in anime, where the boy is with his crush, and the crush says something that kills that boy, and the screen goes black and white with two bars on the top and bottom of the screen. Then the face of the boy turns chibi style and blank with just white eyes and open mouth and the sweatdrop appears because he's crushed? That's G right now.

Of course, on the Outside, he has that false cheerful facade. Comes with not usually being so serious, like he was at this moment. But time to play it off until they get alone, maybe. She wanted to drink and cheer and he'd support that. So instead, he does that nervous chuckle with the hand behind his head scratching. "Ah heh, heh. Yeah. Cheer like that. Umm.. that wasn't a punishment. I was.. well.. serious.. but. Yeah anyway!! Beer!"
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She said "Boyfriend..."

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:06 pm

Mercedes chewed at her lower lip, not sure if she could sit here and pretend that she wasn't bothered by him making jokes like this. She was great at playing the part of cold, unbothered-by-anything diva but not when it involved G.

She cleared her throat a little and was luckily saved from having to speak before she knew what to say, by hearing Lizzie talking about Brazilian Juju. Being Brazilian, she found this hilarious. Then reality came back to punch her in the gut. "Oh damn, you were serious?"

Gasp. Merci was cursing in public again! But really, "Damnit G'nort. You need to give a woman some clue that you aren't just being some jerk and toying with her heart!" Huff. She -finally- managed to sit upon that barstool, amidst the mass of material from her skirt. "I agree that it wasn't a punishment. Which is why I said 'that isn't much of a punishment'. I suppose I won't be the first woman to have to teach her boyfriend how to behave properly in public." Huffs again, hiding the stupidest teenage girl grin.

She said 'Boyfriend.' That's a positive reaction, right? Remember, G turned into a teenager during all this because of the subject matter. "You said 'boyfriend.” Looks randomly around. "She said 'boyfriend.' Yep. That's right." He grunts and does that 'to the side' fistpump. "Well, my dear Mercedes. I seriously don't believe I need to learn how to behave in public. I am quite civilized, I assure you. So then. Would you like one beer, or two?" He grins.

"Well, you are not that civilized if you are asking these sorts of questions in public when a scene could have occurred." Did she just stick her tongue out at him? She really and truly did. "I would like two. No glass." She would have said please and thank you, but that just wasn't going to work with her new attitude that she was trying on.

"I am going to cheer for that woman that likes to play in the mud. We should place bets or something." Merci really had no idea how normal people behaved in these situations.

"Which woman? Candy? She's just a mud wrestler at home down there. You toss dollar bills at her, not bet on her." Fighting words, fighting words!

He chuckled, moving behind the bar and then grabbing a pair of.. well, he recognized Badsiders, but chose the Skullsplitter ales instead. Everyone drank Badsiders. Boring. He took them back around to sit beside her, sliding them to her. "Yes, but to let everyone know that my mind was made up and that I wanted to have you as my girlfriend? That I wanted to be with you? Come now, does that not say something to make you swoon?"

"I will not swoon in public, G'nort. I will not, no matter what you say." It was obviously a challenge.

She lifted one of the bottles and frowned. "How do I open this? I refuse to use my teeth. That is far more edgy than I care to attempt." Slides the bottles back to him. "I am going to cheer for that loud blond girl as well. So, I just throw money at the muddy woman and she beats on him more? Is that how this game works?"

"I think you should swoon in public. It's very becoming." He grins, taking one of the bottles and then reaching over for a bottle opener. Only a heathen would ever use the countertop to open a bottle. Besides, both Jasper and Caedia would be pissed off if word got out that happened. He opens the bottle and slides it back to her.

"Now, to place a bet. Someone says 'I'll bet on the guy, ten silver.' then you say 'You're on!' Then whoever wins the fight, that's who gets the silver."
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Someone has a Big Mouth...

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:08 pm

She lifted the beer, looked at the bottle then shrugged and tipped it up for a few gulps of beer. Gulping was definitely not ladylike. She gave G a thumbs up. "So, I am going to shed this wimpy image. Is this helping?"

Lifts the beer for another big gulp and then yells towards the ring that held King and Lizzie. "WAY TO GO BLONDIE!" Looks at G. "Is that the right way to do it?" Of course, poised on her barstool like a queen on her throne with her hair up, in a fancy dress and jewels probably didn't help her look less out of place here.

Did someone give her props? Lizzie kept her eyes on King but lifted her hand to offer a metal sign for Mercedes.

He raised a brow a moment, pursing his lips. He studied her closely now. "Just so you remain who you are. And.. don't gulp, whores gulp and act the drunkard. You are doing the yelling right."

"How can I be anyone other than who I am? That is impossible. And no gulping. Got it. Yelling is fine though."

"What you want to yell is 'Tear me out some of her hair!'Do that, and the crowd will love it."

"HEY..." She paused mid-yell to look at G again. "What was that woman's name, again, that is in the mud?" Without waiting for his response, she belted out. "HEY MUDDY WOMAN...I WILL THROW MONEY AT YOU IF YOU BEAT SOMEONE ELSE UP"

"Pretty sure that's Candy in there." He chuckles, leaning against the bar as he watches her yell and drink.

It should be noted that Merci was quite proud of the fact that she could even raise her voice that loudly. She took a drink of her beer and tried very hard not to crinkle up her nose at the taste.

"You do not seem to be enjoying yourself. Perhaps you would have preferred the stuffier more uptight crowd? You would have been forced to dance and everything." Tilts her head as she looks at him.

He laughed, shaking his head. "No, I'm enjoying myself. I'm just being careful so that you don't over do it yourself. Being less, as you said, uptight, or whatever, it's a sudden change. Normally one would do it gradually. These sudden changes take a few moments to get used to, you know?" Grins at her.

"And.. don't mind me, too much. I've never been one for giving out enthusiastic cheers." Chuckles. "I've always preferred to watch."

"Oh. Its too much, you think? I should probably not force the change. Right." Did she seem a little relieved? Why yes, she did. "I am just trying to fit in more, you realize. It really isn't much fun to be the weird new kid that no one wants to talk to."

He smiles and wraps an arm around her waist. "Change should come naturally, darling. I'm glad you want to fit in, but too abrupt a change is too obvious, if that makes sense.."

"It makes sense, yes. I feel rather foolish sitting here, behaving this way. I assumed it would be fun." She shrugged a little and turned her attention to the active ring.

"You didn't enjoy it at all? Not even the yelling part? I kinda like the yelling." He chuckles.
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I Dislike this Beer and the Bottle....

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:10 pm

She smiled for him before leaning forward to speak quietly. "Could you ask that to fight some more. I don't think I want to, she looks like she might throw mud on me or something."

"Well, if I ask her to fight more, she's going to want to drag me into the ring, and that ring is the pit, and I hate fighting in there. Not to mention.. last time she did that, I needed help getting out."

"You wouldn't fight in the mud for my entertainment?" Lashes were blinked several times in obvious disbelief. "Really?"

"Hon, the mud? C'mon. It can take hours to get the mud out of all those hard to reach places. Not to mention the weevils.."

"If I'm not worth mud and weevils...okay then." She almost pulled off the pout, except for the laugh she hid behind her hand.

He laughed with her now, reaching over and poking her stomach. "You almost had me there, you know."

"Hey look! My pick for the fight won. I think you owe me something!" It didn't matter that they hadn't actually bet anything.

"I do?" Thinks about that for a moment. Could be that he doesn't owe anything, but, there might be something good to come out of it. "Well then, I suppose I should pay up. What is it we wagered on?"

"HEY BLONDIE! Good job. And YOU, the girl that blondie beat. Good job too."

"Thank you! You just won me a month of massages and drink service and anything I ask for!"
Grins at G. "That is what we wagered. You would owe me whatever I want for a month. Lucky for you I don't want your business or need your money."

Laughs, knowing full well he didn't bet *that* but who cares right? It's going to benefit him as well. "I am lucky. For a month, yeesh. Let's hope I have the ability to keep up with you!"

[color"I have faith in you. I don't think what people say about you being too old and worn out is true at all."[/color] She poked at his side and laughed before waving at Lizzie as she left.

Grinning at her, then moves to lean close. "It's nice that you, at least, have some sort of faith in me. Just be sure that you give me time to rest my hands. Those massages can really exhaust a person."

Her cheek pressed to his as she spoke quietly. "I have all the faith in the world in you. I will think about giving you rest breaks. I promise nothing, however."

"All right. I think that can be managed. After all, not all massages require full use of hands, right?" He smiled then laughed. "You know. There's a Fists tournament coming up. For Emeralds. I'm one of those.."[/color[

"Want me to throw dollar bills at you?" Referring to his earlier comment about Candy, though it might sound a bit less innocent the way she said it.

"You can throw anything you want at me, love. Just so long as it's not to hurt." Grinning

"Maybe I will throw myself at you."

"If you threw yourself at me, I would certainly catch you." Chuckles softly

She started to take a drink from the bottle of beer and wrinkled her nose. "I have to confess something. I dislike this beer and the bottle."

Taken from live play and edited. Thanks to all of the players involved, even those not quoted in this post.
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Grrrrwwwwllll-- G is Hungry!

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:15 pm

After Leaving the Outback 6/4

Leaving the Outback, arm in arm, he was still mulling over the idea of Merci taking fighting lessons from Candy. It wasn't that he didn't want her to learn, actually the more he thought about it, the more he liked it. He wasn't much for hand to hand, which was always why he had one of his weapons with him. He was concerned a little about Candy doing the teaching. Likely that would pass over time, she was a good fighter, maybe she'd be a good teacher. He did consider her a bit brutal, though, so would be paying close attention to those lessons.

At any rate, as he walked alongside his now official girlfriend.. Girlfriend. This thought made him smile. He was a taken man again, though he'd pretty much been taken since he met her. He couldn't really place why he had become so attached to Merci, and was glad he was. She was a lot of what he liked in a woman. Passionate, strong, independant, beautiful, intelligent. His smile began to grow and he was about to say something complimentary to her when...


His stomach made a familiar sound. He reached down and covered it and realize.. it had been a long time since they'd last eaten. He made an embarrassed expression after hearing that loud noise around them. Surely she had heard it too. He chuckled. "Heh.. excuse me. I guess it's been a while and we did miss dinner. Are you up for anything to eat? There's gotta be something open this late.."

”You poor thing, I didn’t even consider the fact that we were going to be having dinner at the gala when I changed our plans. What a terrible woman I am for starving you!” Merci laughed a little as she walked along at a casual pace.

”I am sure there likely is something open still if you feel like stopping somewhere. If there isn’t, I could always make you something.” Maybe she had some of the qualities he liked in a woman, but her culinary skills (or lack of), wasn’t one of them. Unfortunately for G, she still did not believe this to be the case.

She was careful to keep the hem of her dress from dragging the ground, the material clutched lightly in her free hand.

He chuckled at the thought of her cooking something for him this late. Dangers of her cooking aside, it may be easier to just try and pick something up randomly just to tide him over till the next day. "What about you? Aren't you hungry at all or was that half a Skullsplitter too filling? It's kinda heavy." He chuckled.

He looked down as she struggled to hold up her dress, and got an idea. He quickly began searching around for one of those random horse drawn carriages. Difficult to find late at night, but they were in a well travelled area so it wasn't long before he was able to flag one down. He smiled to Merci and winked. "Late night carriage ride to an all night diner, maybe? You don't mind Horses much, do you?"

She shrugged bare shoulders a little as she chuckled. ”I am not overly hungry, no. I could likely eat something and should probably do so.” The memory of how the ale tasted, had her crinkling up her nose again.

”I do not mind horses at all so long as they don’t try to bite me, kick me, or throw me off of their backs. Since I will not be in that close proximity to them at this time, I think it will be fine.”

She offered him a smile then turned to look over the carriage and horses. ”This will be fun. The all night diner idea is probably your best option at this hour, also.”

That meant that someplace that may have a salad of some sort would be a good idea, or something along those lines. He smiled as the carriage finally pulled up alongside them and held his hand up to help her into the cab. After they got settled and he sat beside her, shifting to face her, he took her hand and played idly with her fingers.

You'll be safe then, in here. Those beasts never bother those in back." He smiled and looked to the driver. "Jerry's Grill, please. No need to rush, it can be a nice slow drive." He turned and winked to Merci, then settled back and moved up beside her before sliding an arm around her shoulder, taking hold of her hand with his other. "This is nice, isn't it? You, me, alone.

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