One Bad Apple (general thread for Raye and Apple)

What do you get when you throw characters from different settings together?

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One Bad Apple (general thread for Raye and Apple)

Post by Andrea Anderson »

"How about you turn down the music? Some of us have work in the morning."

Andrea, or more commonly known - Apple, found herself startled from her work. The blaring of Lin-G - Sweet Dream having completely numbed her to the rest of the world. Craft knife slipped from her fingers when her body jolted a good inch or so off her stool. ".. H.. hey! Don't do that!" The red head turned about quickly to narrow green eyes at one of her roommates.

"Which one is it now? It better be a Gundam.. We don't take kindly to Zeons around here." The tall man said in the most serious sort of way while stepping inside the room. His first stop? The computer. Pushing strands of brown from his face before taking hold of the mouse and moving the arrow to turn down the annoying music. Seeing as he was distracted, he couldn't see that soft pillow zooming in to slam right at the back of his head.

"It's a Kampfer, dork..!" Pointing her craft knife at him. The man turned about and gave her a narrow of his eyes. ".. That's no Zaku, girl.. No Zaku..!" But his yelling only gained a negative response. Not from Apple, no, but by the banging from the room next door. "Shut up in there! I'm trying to sleep!" -- "What..?! Shouldn't you be yelling about the music?!" -- "I can stand the music! But not you! Leave her alone!" That wasn't the end of it. A third voice rung out. "All of you just need to shut up!" Apple stuck her tongue out at this. "Yeah!" Her invading roommate only narrowed his eyes. ".. Headphones." Plugging them in and tossing it to the red head. "Use - Them."

Apple slipped them on with a few grumbles.. Then made sure to fix her glasses before turning back to her work. "Get out, get out.. I need to concentrate!" Then? A sneeze. Sniffling back right after. This caused some sort of alarm for the male, who spoke up. "Hey.. You feeling alright?" But he'd get no response. Instead he'd watch as the redhead turned up her earphones volume to make sure she drowned everything out. So he'd turn while shaking his head to make that small trip out of the room; making damn sure to close the door slowly to not make any sort of sound for the others to complain about.

"Glue.. glue.. glue.." Mumbling to herself.
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Post by Andrea Anderson »

Cigarette flicked off to the side from her lingering position at that bus stop bench. The dyed-redhead wasn't waiting for the bus, but the spot was well lit enough for her to feel somewhat safe within the night. Cellphone in hand and flipped open. Soft chimes of Beeps echoing out with each thumb press to the down arrow.

Texts from her roommates.
A few from friends back in Emerald Bay.
and the past conversations she held with Rayvinn that she hadn't quite gotten around to deleting yet.

A conversation that had come to a sudden halt a good month or so back.

It was a bit worrisome. The woman had stopped coming around the dueling venues as well - and that gave Apple more reason to worry. Not only that, but the conversations they had before. Looking back on it now - could Rayvinn be in danger? .. Or worse? The thoughts alone had her pulling free another cigarette, but she stopped herself short of lighting it. Looking to the stick held between her index and thumb. Wiggling it about a few times before tossing it away all together. The same would be done to the pack.

"I'll just write her.." She said softly to herself. Her body hunching over and the phone brought closer to her face. Her posture was terrible, that's what anyone would probably think if they saw her right now. Still, the only thing on Apples mind was the message that she was now thumbing onto her screen.

Hey. You there?

Short and simple. Send. Wait -- she wouldn't. Her finger hovered over the button, and instead of hitting that - she'd erase it. The phone was slid closed and she looked out into the slightly lit street. A shake of her head followed, and the phone was opened once more.

Yo! Raye!

The next idea.. and the next to be wiped from her screen with a few taps to that back button.

Why was this so hard? She didn't even know the woman all that well. The only thing that she did know, was that she enjoyed her company.

I miss you.

Smack. Her hand found her forehead when she looked over what she just wrote. Said hand slowly began to slide down her face and finally drop into her lap. "No way.. that'll just sound wrong." But it's really how she felt. She did miss her. Thumb moved to that button to erase, but something soon startled her. Body jolting up and head looked to the source of that loud honk. ".. Took you long enough!" She yelled out. Then looking to her phone and the vision of a flying letter on her screen.

Message Sent

".. O.. Oh..! Sh*t..!"

"What's your problem?" The voice of her roommate met her ear. She shot him a look from the bench and quickly jumped up. "I hate you so much right now..!" Apple replied while dashing over to the car.
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Post by Rayvinn »

For obvious reasons, Rayvinn had not taken her cell phone with her on the mission to Istandor. She had it when she left RhyDin but had handed over all objects that could identify her as anyone other than Olivia Darkmont.

As Jack drove Raye to the safehouse, that first night she had returned from her mission, he fished around in the pocket of his sports coat and handed the cell to Rayvinn.

"Thought you might want this back," he said quietly.

"Did I get any calls or texts?"

"I turned it off right after you gave it to me, so I don't know. It's charged, though if you want to check."

Raye nodded and pushed the button to turn the phone on and once it was ready, typed in her password to unlock it. After pressing the button to bring the messages up, she almost smiled as she saw the conversation between Apple and herself.

That ghost of a smile vanished as she thought about the implications of leaving without telling her goodbye. They didn't know each other well but they had seemed to be growing more comfortable with one another. Which made it even worse that she had just disappeared.

She was getting really good at that.

She tapped upon the screen, one handed typing a message to send to the redhead before shaking her head and erasing it. The button was pushed to lock the screen once more and the phone was shoved into the pocket of her hoodie. Maybe she would try later...after a hot bath and some rest. After she drank away some of the nightmare of the past month.

She knew that nightmare wasn't going to go away so easily but what else could she do? How else could she cope...she didn't exactly have the best coping mechanisms in place.

"F*ck my arm and shoulder hurt, Jack. Do you have that script the doc was supposed to write? When did he say I could get this cast off and when can I take off the sling?"

It was almost as if she hadn't even been there as the doctor tried to patch her up. Her mind was mush and she couldn't focus on any one thing for long without it drifting. Except for now.

"F*ckit...I need to talk to her."

The phone was pulled back out from the pocket of her hoodie and the same ritual of unlocking and reaching the text screen was performed. Raye's thumb hovered over the virtual keyboard and before she could type out some ridiculous message that would likely embarrass her later, the "Tinkerbell" ding sounded and the screen lit up with the message from Apple..."I miss you," was all it said.

Rayvinn blinked a few times as she pondered that and what sort of reply she should give. She should probably try to be charming and funny but her very soul was too exposed and hurting for either of those traits to shine through. Not that she had ever been able to accomplish anything other than dorkiness when she was with Apple. For some reason, there was an absolute block when she was around her and all of the charm she could normally summon so easily was just gone.

Raye decided to just go with the truth. "Me too."

She stared out the window as she locked the phone and slipped it into her pocket once again.
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Post by Andrea Anderson »

Sugar, Fireworks, and Debates about Kissing

Stopping at one of the many vendors that sold their wares out of carts, Raye gave the older man that was spinning sugar into colorful cottony concoctions a warm smile.

"Hello there Harry, look at you with my favorite kind all ready for me."

A lilting chuckle was given as she accepted the large cone of rainbow colored cotton candy. It was passed off to Apple with a wink as she pointed at the cart.

"Want some of your own or wanna share? Don't forget we still have funnel cakes, teriyaki chicken kabobs, lemon ice, and about a hundred other things. Fried cheese. Gods but that sounds perfect."

Raye was already lost in her fantasy of eating every fried, fat, and sugar laden item all along this area. Gaze snapped back to Apple before her fingers, poking out of her cast, were entwined with the other womans in a softly possessive touch.

Damn that elf..! Andrea was supposed to be on a diet, right..?! Yet here she was, being tempted with spun sugar in the form of cotton candy!

"Uh.. Let's share."

The redhead spoke while flashing a smile. Diet could start tomorrow, right? No reason to not have a little fun! .. Plus lemon ice sounded good, same with the fried cheese. She said a silent prayer to her gut and thighs -- sorry, just try and last a little longer..!

"It sounds like you're trying to fatten me up.. should I be worried?"

Mock stare at the elf. Suspecting her of obvious wrongdoing! This didn't stop her from reaching out and pinching at some of the cotton candy. Popping it right into her mouth and enjoying the taste of it.. It was written all over her face!

"Soo good.."

"Of course. Remember...flayed hide and barbeque sauce? You look like you would be exceptionally yummy. Though I think probably better with a balsamic glaze than barbeque. Maybe wrap you in prosciutto first..."

Raye leaned back and let her gaze travel over Apple as if scrutinizing what cut of meat would go with what vegetable.

"Hmm..probably be good with some asparagus and baby red potatoes with rosemary."

It was all the elf could do to maintain that stoic look upon her face. Then all at once
she looked up and smiled sweetly before pinching off a bite of cotton candy to feed Apple.

"C'mon, precious...let's get to fattening you up then..."

"... Huuuuh...?"

Was all Apple could do while Raye spoke. Unbelieveable..! She couldn't help but look down at herself, then back up at Raye, all before casting those eyes down yet again. Cheeks began to puff in obvious distaste.. How dare she..! Would Andrea get mad? Was it time to yell and scream? No -- she'd instead begin to whine out while stepping closer to Raye. Moving to wrap arms about her while pressing head to shoulder.

"Stoooop..! You're making me feel all bad about myself..!"

This, of course, didn't stop her from taking that offered cotton candy bite and popping it between lips.

"So mean.. Why do I put up with you?"

"How am I making you feel bad about yourself? Because I said you look good enough to eat? That is somehow an insult? Unbelievable!"

Was Raye going to start yelling and screaming and throwing one of her famous tantrums? Of course not. She slipped her own arms around Apple's shoulders, not even remembering that this was supposed to be so weird, and laid her cheek against the redhead's.

"I think you put up with me because I am breathtakingly beautiful, amazingly talented, and the best kisser you will ever know."

Good thing Apple couldn't see the blush along her cheeks or the tips of her ears.

"Uhm...I mean once I decide to really show you my mad skills. Yeah...skills..."

Okay, -now- she was feeling that awkwardness. It just took a little while to warm up to it.

"But really...I think you put up with me because I say things about wrapping you in prosciutto and glazing you. You weirdo!"

Maybe she was too busy trying to act insulted to really freak out over what was going on.. Then again -- they had spent how many nights with one another now? Apple felt somewhat at ease when those arms wrapped about her shoulders, and even moreso when cheek pressed against her own. Standing like this, though awkward, was something she'd rather be doing at this very moment than anything else.

".. beautiful, talented.. and best kisser?" Her voice sort of low as she repeated those.

"Nope.. I don't think so."

Turning her cheek so that it wouldn't be her own pressing against the elfs; but her lips instead for a quick kiss. Then she pulled away and laughed. Nervous sort, but still a laugh with meaning.
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Post by Andrea Anderson »

"I'm far from weird! And--" Ahem. Patting down her skirt before pressing fists to hips. "I am the better kisser. And I'm still mad at you..! Can't forget that."

Scolding wag of her finger. Rayvinn was definitely not as freaked out as she had been before they had started invading one another's personal space on a regular basis. The fact that Apple was so calm worked wonders on helping Raye relax a little more, though her face did remain pink tinged as Apple kissed her cheek.

"You are totally weird...and you cannot seriously think you are the better kisser."

That was punctuated with a little snort before a hand dropped to press to a jutting hipbone as her weight shifted more to one side.

"There is no way you can stay mad at me. I am the sweetest person you know. Did anyone else give you a red velvet sword cupcake...with pink icing...because the colors reminded them of how good you look in the morning with your hair all crazy and spread out on your pillow?"

Oops. She had probably just made herself look like the biggest dork alive. Her lower lip was drawn beneath her top teeth and nibbled at as she stood there watching the redhead.

"I *am* the better kisser.. and I'll prove it. Well, not now.. but, you know, soonish!"

She took a lean forward. The back of her fists now pressing to hips. Eyes narrowed juuuust a little to give off that squinty sort of serious look! She's so mad..! At least till talk of cupcakes and the color pink.. and the way her bedhead spread across her pillow. That caused her to stand a little more straight while cheeks grew flush. Hands, unsure of what to do with them, sort of awkwardly came to her front as she crossed arms loosely under her bust.

".. W.. Well..! .. I can't say I wasn't surprised or anything... Cupcake and icecream for breakfast was nice.. But.. Um..!"

Looking away. Fake huff. "Fine. I'm not mad at you."

"You won't prove it...because it is untrue. No shame in being second best, sweetness. I lucky will we be that the two best kissers alive are in the same...uhm...kissing pair...or whatever. So, it's alright to admit that I am better. If not will when I finally decide to make you weak in th'knees."

The elf had leaned one shoulder back just a little and just had that "bro" stance going as she said that last part. Raye's encasted arm lifted as she leaned forward once again and
took ahold of a thick strand of dyed red hair and twirled it around her finger.

"Told ya. You will never be able to stay mad at me because I will always be a step ahead by doing something sweet. Either that or you will realize I am the best kisser and decide you can't settle for less than me."

That would have come across so extremely arrogant, except the elf's jade eyes were just twinkling and she had the most wicked little smile upon her lips.

Lips pursed. It did sound arrogant.. Andrea just couldn't let the elf do this. ".. Fine."

Green eyes peering away. No, that's wrong! Fight back -- say that you're the best! Sorry, Apple just couldn't hold it anymore. Those twinkling eyes had won her over - so she'd admit defeat and deal with it.

"You may be the best kisser, but I'm the best hugger."

Strand of her hair was being held captive. Hand rose up to take hold of Rayes own in an attempt to pull it away. Not only that, but to hold onto the hand all together.

".. and the best hand holder." Chin up. Just feel that ego!

"Fine. At least we have this settled. I have another title for you, since you are collecting them. Best Snuggler."

Rayvinn nodded lightly as she stepped in, her hand now held by Apple's own. Leaning in, her lips brushed across Apple's cheek as she leaned in to whisper, her voice holding a conspiratory tone.

"Best Snorer, Best Blanket Stealer..."

Poor Apple. Raye giggled lightly and leaned back to grin at the redhead. Yeah, she was probably in trouble now...

".. I should pop you so hard right now..!"

Trying her best to keep a serious look on her face.. but, those lips just couldn't handle it. In the end - she'd be grinning up a storm.

".. and shush, I don't snore.. That's a lie and you know it!"

Hand rose up to flick some dye-red hair from her shoulder while huff left her lips.

"Really! How could you lie like that, hmph!"

One eye peeking open to try and catch Rayes reaction. Andrea was still grinning though.

".. Where to next?"

"If you say so...I mean, I am pretty sure I saw the dead walking around after you woke them up with all of your snoring...but whatever."

Minus someone else's hair to twirl, Raye settled for her own and had a strand of the hip length mess curled around her finger as she finally stepped back from Apple.

"Something fried...or...whatever. What do you want to do?"

"Lies and slander.. I should totally sue you for that, you know?"
Shaking her head. "but I wont deny the blanket stealing.. but that's because you can just cuddle up against me if you're so cold."

Making sure to say this while NOT looking at Rayvinn. She then took a few quick steps forward. Her back kept to the woman. Hands grasping one another behind her back. Then, with a turn, she'd face the elf once more.
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Post by Andrea Anderson »

"Fireworks. That's what I want."

"It isn't slander if it is the truth and there is proof of it. I bet the other people that live at the Outback could hear you. So you can't sue me. But maybe I will sue you for threatening me. But you did just offer your body heat so...I won't sue you -this- time. You better be glad this deal is suitable. Do you have any idea how horrible you would look in one of those orange prison jumpsuit things? Even someone as hot as you couldn't pull that off, darlin'."

Raye had quickened her steps to catch up with the quick little Apple so when she stopped and turned around suddenly, Raye smacked into her.

"Oww...SUING! Unless you offer me another good deal!"

Raye rubbed at her arm then smiled as the request finally registered.

"Fireworks sound great. Lead the way."

Obviously the elf could have spoken much fantastic innuendo regarding fireworks, but she refrained. Such a well behaved thing.

"You're the dock adventurerer.. I've never been here before!" Leaning back from the bump.

".. Still, it's getting dark." She looked up to the skyline now.

"Might not be the best idea to stay out too late, you know? With all the crazies about.."

Unknown to Andrea, she had her own little brand of crazy standing right by her. ".. Oh."

She needed to make sure to say this before the conversation was fully taken elsewhere!

".. Stop stealing my bit, I'm the only sue-crazy person here, got it?!" Seriously serious look on her face!

Oh yes she most certainly did have her own brand of crazy right there!

"Well if you wouldn't assault someone then they wouldn't threaten to sue! Duh. And yeah, it is getting dark down here...and while I don't have any issue with a fight erupting and having to toss a few bodies into the sea...I would prefer to keep you out of that. So, maybe fireworks another night? Or we can shoot some out of your window tonight...uhm..."

Suddenly feeling a little awkward again. "..I mean...if you want me to stay again. If I haven't worn out my welcome...though you do owe me body heat!"

Rayvinn turned them around to start walking back the way they had come but stopped to get the funnel cake she had promised. After she paid and held the paper plate in her hands, she stared down at it and gave in to her mind recalling the last time she had eaten one of these. A little sigh was given as she forced the memory down...she could only take memories of him in small doses, after all.

Softly, "It is important that we have this at least, and really enjoy it. Someone really wise in these sorts of matters made me realize how important moments like these are."

Probably sounded really bizarre to the redhead but at that point, Raye was unconcerned. She had taken a bite of the funnel cake and licked the powdered sugar from her lips. A wide smile curved upon her lips as she went for another bite. Funnel cake smiles...that was what she had called it the last time.

"Jeez.. don't talk like that." Snickering.

Red strands of hair swaying left to right as she shook her head and followed behind the Elf. Tilt of her head, simply watching for now as Raye got some funnel cake. The man looked to her, but she instead brought up a hand and waved no. Why pass out on good funnel cake? Because she got what she needed from Raye. Reaching in to pinch at a little piece to slip between her lips. Just that small taste alone was good enough for her. She didn't know how the
elf could pack away so much food!

"Don't worry about that.. you can share my bed any night, alright?"

That might of sounded a little weird -- but she meant every word of it.

"Important moments, huh..?"

Apple blinked and looked up to the slowly darkening sky.

".. Yeah, this was a pretty nice day, wasn't it?"

Lips curling back to show off a smile. She then turned to look at the woman.

"I won't be forgetting this day. Never, ever."

Reaching out then. That good arm of Rayes would be grabbed at and hugged against.

"C'mon.. Let's head to the Outback.."

Raye chuckled a little at Apple's playful chastisement.

"Fine...but you will be very happy I am like this someday when you need someone's *** kicked. Or you need to hide a body. Just sayin'..."

Another teasing laugh as she began to walk slowly next to Apple. A brow arched lightly and she was thankful it was growing darker so the red tips of her ears wouldn't be obvious.

"Anytime huh? Careful what sort of offer you extend...I might be getting too accustomed to sleeping with you. I don't sleep much otherwise even if I take those stupid pills they keep saying I need."

A strange confession to make, especially when she had never been forthcoming about any specifics of why she had been so messed up. Raye fed another piece of the funnel cake to Apple and nodded seriously.

"Definitely important are..important...and special."

Taking another bite and then swallowing it, she finally spoke again.

"I won't be forgetting it either but we have tons more of them together, I think...I
mean...I hope so."

Letting the redhead lead her towards the Outback, Raye pulled her phone from the pocket of her bohemian ankle length skirt and texted a quick message to Hank. "Can u set off fireworks below App's window later? I'll let you know when. Lots of colors and designs. Big show, plz and thnks.”
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Important and special? Both Raye and Apple could be happy that with the slow loss of light gave enough cover for those blushing cheeks to remain hidden. Apple hugged herself closer to that arm instead of responding. Her head tilting, the side of it pressing softly to that offered shoulder. For now, she'd let Raye lead the way while she happily walked with her.

".. I hope so too.. Let's think of something we can do tomorrow, alright? Even if it's something small, it'll still be fun."

Leaning head away just so she could take that offered bite of funnel cake. That's when she'd let go, allowing herself to take point.

"C'mon, c'mon.. The sooner we get to the outback, the sooner we can have more fun! .. Except if Reap is there." Narrowing of her eyes. ".. If he is.. I should do something."

"I want to do that bowling thing. It is the strangest throw this very heavy ball quite far and try to knock stuff over. Sounds fun...Hank does it and he says there is always good beer in these alleys. Though I have no idea why they do this in an alley. Maybe it's illegal or something. Whatever sounds fun...let's do it. Better than being cooped up inside all the time."

All of this was speed chattered as Apple led her down the street.

"Yeah, you probably should do something to him if he keeps it up...or maybe if we act like it doesn't bother us, he will stop?"

"Bowling..? Aw.. aw -- yeah!"

Snapping her fingers and pointing at Raye. "We need to seriously do that. You go on about the beer? Pfft! Wait till you taste the nachos.. The nachos at the bowling alley are *always* the best..! Not only that.. but, you should see the arcades they usually have set up. I mean, they aren't as great as they used to be - but an arcade is an arcade, right? Oh! We should totally try one of those shooters, right? We can double team on those and try for the highscore! I'm pretty good with guns, you know?"

Speaking a mile a minute now. Ever since the subject of bowling had been brought up at the docks.. it, well, continued all the way here.
"And the hotdogs.. Oh, you have to try those too. Don't listen to anyone that says they'll make your stomach hurt! It's a total lie!"

"I don't know about eating nachos that come from some vendor in the alley, Andrea. That doesn't sound very safe at all...but I will help you win the shooting game. I'm pretty good with guns as well. But you still haven't told me why this all happens in an alley. Is it really illegal like I assumed?"
The funnel cake was finished off as she looked around the room as they entered.

"No, no.. it's just called a bowling alley. It's not in any shady place. Nothing illegal..!"

Hands waving out in front of herself. Finger then reached forward to gather at maybe the smallest bit of sugar at the edge of the elf's lips. Bringing it to her own for a lick while looking away. Then blinking. Turning back to Raye.

"We should invite a few people.. Make a game out of it. We can even have a team! Me and you against the world!" Apple was all smiles.

"Sounds like fun! So do I throw that heavy ball thingy at someone on the other team? Is that the point of it? If so, I say Reap should be on the other team."

For obvious reasons...obviously. Speaking of that particular flavor of demon...Raye lifted a hand to give him a wave and smiled sweetly as he waved in return.

"Nooo.. you roll the ball down the lane and, like.. hit the pins and all that stuff."

Trying her best to explain this with hand gestures as well. Then.. she spoke of Reap. Andrea turned her sights on him just then and gave that death glare!

After a couple of hours watching the fights and goings on around them, Raye started to withdraw into her own mind. There had been a large reprieve from reality...spending the entire day with Apple; however, her demons were never far away and took any opportunity available to torment her.

Apple noticed that Raye was a little out of it. “Uhh...ready to go to the room?”

"Sure. I'm ready to go."
Raye stood up and waved at everyone and headed for the door.

".. You sure?" Following beside her. Tilting her head. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good. Just tired and crashed from all the sugar earlier."

".. Oooh.. Yeah, we really did eat a lot."

Thinking back on it. The funnel cake and cotton candy.. it was Raye who ate the most of that, so of course she'd feel the crash faster than the redhead.. Or -- who knows! Apple wasn't so sure how things worked with elves.

"Hm.. How about once we get to the room.. I turn on some relaxing music and you can just pass out and sleep all that sugar off?"

"I dunno if I will sleep but I am all for laying down before I fall down."

Up the stairs to Apple's room she went. "Still didn't get a dang beer..."

"There's always tomorrow."
Apple said as she followed right up behind her.

Rayvinn had sent a quick text to Hank as she was walking up the stairs to Apple's room.

"Just letting Hank know we are going upstairs."
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Once they were standing in front of the room, Raye stepped back so Apple could unlock the door and then waited for the redhead to move inside before she followed and shut the door then locked both locks.

Shoes were kicked off and messenger bag tossed onto a table by the door before the elf began perusing through a duffel that was on the floor. Retrieving a pair of boxers and a plain t-shirt, she quickly changed clothes and then went to the window to stare out.


Those two clicks of the lock and deadbolt was all Apple needed to hear to finally feel perfectly relaxed in the room. Arms stretching high then bending at the elbow to press against one another behind her head.

"I'm so tiiired.."

Excuse the small whine that left her lips. But she really *was* tired! Tired enough to just kick off her shoes and plop rump first down onto the bed. She then caught sight of Rayvinn and blinked.

"What's up..? See something weird?"

"Yeah, you better come and look at this. It is How crazy."

The elf had to keep her face turned so Apple wouldn't see the excitement on her face. Hank needed a raise for all that he did...this was above and beyond anything Rayvinn could have asked for.


Andrea moved to slip off the bed and stand then. Those bare feet touching along hard floor; bringing her closer and closer to the window. Before she could even lean to get a better look, a flash of light met the sky and those green eyes would be surprised with the sight of an explosion of color.

".. What.."

It's all she could say. Another bright explosion. The light illuminating her face. It caused her lips to slowly curl from that shocked sort of "o" and into a full blown smile.

".. Wow."

Rayvinn hid her smile for a moment then nodded. "Wow is right. It's beautiful. We are totally lucky."

The elf watched Apple for a moment before looking back out the window at the wondrous display of color and design. Sure it was loud to her sensitive ears but it wasn't painfully so and the smile on Apple's face would have made it worth it anyway.

After the display ended twenty minutes later, Raye leaned over to kiss Apple's cheek before moving past her to jump onto the bed and slide under the blankets.

"So much sugar..." Yawn. [/i]"..And I was already so damn sweet to begin with."[/i] She snickered a little before burrowing into the bed to get comfortable.

Apple just stood there. Leaning against the window ledge. Eyes looking into the darkness in front of her. The haunting images of the fireworks still so alive in her eyes that the emptiness of the night meant little. “We are totally lucky”, she said.. Andrea could still hear those words, even after so much time passed. Her chin dipped, yet smile kept itself on her face. She had some hint of a feeling that it wasn't just luck. She had spoken of fireworks.. and then it was done, Rayvinn had to be the one behind this.

The smallest of sniffs sounded out. Hand moving up to brush a finger under wet eyes. Trying her hardest not to start crying. It took her a few seconds to collect herself, but once she had done a good job of it, that would be when she turned to face Raye.

"Yeah. We had a busy day, huh?"

Stepping closer to the bed. The redhead moved to kneel down at its side. Arms crossing against one another against the softness of the bed while chin pressed down onto them. Right now she'd be staring at Raye.

".. I'm going to take a shower. Think you can live without me for a few minutes?"

Apple could be as suspicious as she wanted but Raye would never tell her about this. There had just been something in the redhead's eyes when she had turned around and said she wanted to see fireworks that made the elf want to give that to her. Would she always give Apple whatever she wanted? Probably not...but when it really counted? Raye would do her best.

She thought she heard a sniffle. Couldn't be certain, however, as there was just that one. Then she saw a hand lift to the woman's face. Rayvinn nibbled at her lower lip, hoping she hadn't done something to cause this. However, Apple seemed just fine, so the elf dropped it before she could even get started on an interrogation.

"Hella busy day, yes. It was wonderful...thanks for making it so much fun. And for all of the work you put into it...I suppose you have earned a shower, though I will suffer immensely without you."

Such a pitiful lower lip pout she showed. She would likely be zonked out five minutes after Apple was out of the room but there was no reason to harass the woman less.

Eyes closed. Lips pulling back to show off that bright smile of hers. Chin resting against crossed arms turned to cheek with just a tilt of her head. The smile might not have been so bright after, but it still remained on her face. Those green eyes of hers peering out once more. For now, Apple would only stare.

".. Hm.."

That sound alone and nothing more. Another smile offered. Then, with a pushing of those palms, she'd rise up from her kneel and move to step about the bed.

"Goodnight, Isaviel." Stopping at the door to the bathroom. ".. That's if you fall asleep before I'm back."

Turning. Her back pressing to the door. One step, after another, causing the door to open behind her.. and finally, she'd escape into the bathroom.
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Confessions, Deals, and Lame Excuses

Rayvinn had been out for a late night run, trying to clear her head and wear herself down enough physically that she might be able to sleep for a couple of hours. A few miles into her run, the elf found herself standing near the Outback. All roads led here? Her phone was retrieved from the pocket of her hoodie and she quickly typed out and sent a text, using that ridiculous texting shorthand as she was known to do.


"So many Ps!"

"Don't say P...I have to go P"

"Thx for the info sweetheart"

"I can't go P bcause I am outside and there is no P room...or bushes lolol. u called me sweetheart! <3 I am melting"

The impulsive elf bent over to retrieve a handful of small pebbles and tossed them up to rain against Apple’s window.

Buzz, buzz went the phone as she went to investigate the sounds of -pebbles- striking against her poor, poor window..! She'd press her forehead to the window while squinting lightly. Even if the street had been slightly lit, she was having a hard time making out who it was from the distance. Then again, who else COULD it be? Popping open the phone and bringing it closer to read. Answer or..? That's when she'd pocket her phone and move to open the window. That red overed head popped out to peer down. "Sweetheart, sweetheart, sweetheart~" Totally in a sing song voice!

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!"

Raye yelled up, laughing. Grabbing the downspout that conveniently happened to be close to Apple's window, Raye tested her weight and then began to shimmy up, placing her tennis shoe encased feet upon the brackets that were placed at regular intervals. When she was parallel with Apple's window, the elf stretched until she was leaning as far as she dared to and grasped ahold of the window ledge. With a grin for Apple, Raye swung her weight from the downspout to the ledge and dangled there for a few seconds before swinging to gain momentum to propel a leg over the windowsill.

"No way..!"

"Hello, gorgeous. I missed you."
The elf offered a wink and mischievous grin.

Yelling out after. The neighbors around the area *might* not like it.. but with the Red Dragon Inn being just across the street? Noise shouldn't be that much of a problem. Apple would then blink while leaning more forward. Green eyes peering down, just watching as Raye showed off some climbing skill. She could get *SO* jealous of that..! .. Then again, she was laughing quite a bit. Amused by the skill the elf had shown. One backstep was taken while hands found her hips.

"You know.." Peering at Raye, who was now at her windowsill. Squint. "You could've just used the door. Show off."

"And miss the opportunity to make you think I might be part monkey? No way. Also, you can admit that this is pretty damn romantic....I climbed a building, in a cast, just to see your face."

The elf was inside the room now and sliding her hands over her white pajama bottoms to try to brush away a dark spot of dirt. Mission accomplished and then she was twirling the end of one of her two braids around her index finger.

"I suppose I should probably have been polite and called and asked if you wanted to go out or something. But I didn't want to get dressed and I didn't think you would want to be seen in public with me looking like this."

Points at her sports bra, pajama bottoms, and unzipped hoodie. "I look like total crap,." but she was smiling like a fiend.

Apple didn't look any better. Never mind how she was just in a tank top and some shorts.. that her hair hadn't been exactly brushed either! She was in that post-relax sort of situation! Now the elf had to come and mess all that up -- jeez. Andrea wasn't thinking about that though.. the talk of climbing a building just to see her face? That was enough to get her to blush.

"Nah, nah.. it's fine. I'm glad you came." Said while hand rose up to push back red locks of hair past her ear.

"You sure? I got to see you which was the goal so I can leave the same way I arrived."

".. and no way, you still look good." Taking in Rayes whole.. ‘outfit.’ "Should, like. Strike a pose or something!" Leaning back. Rump found the bed.

At the suggestion that she strike a pose, the hyperactive silly elf peeled her hoodie off and struck an Adonis pose. She wasn't thickly built but there wasn't an ounce of her body that wasn't toned so when she flexed, even though it was just partially due to the cast, there was nice muscle to be seen. And Apple would get to see, for the first time, the belly button piercing that she didn't know Raye had. Or probably didn't know.

"Good enough pose or do you have a request?"

Dot. Dot. Dot. Nothing could really be said. Was it bad that she was staring? Maybe she shouldn't be staring.. Maybe she *shouldn't* be staring so hard. Palms found one another in front of the redhead. Clap, clap, clap. Giving the pose-striking woman that much needed applause.


Requests? If she could find her voice.. maybe she could speak of one. Those butterflies in her tummy had turned into fighter-jets. She took in a breath, put on a smile, and sighed out.

"Nope! That's perfect!"

Should she ask? Well, it *was* on her mind. "Can I feel? I mean.." Making a few pointing gestures at some muscle.

A faint blush crept up her delicately angular features and the pointed tips of the elf's ears reddened as there was suddenly attention drawn to her muscles.

"Yeah...uhm...sure." Raye was rather surprised at Apple's reaction, though not in a bad way.

Andrea might of bit off more than she could chew. Getting the okay should be reason enough to reach out and feel, right? Then why did she linger. ~C'mon - think about what was planned on New Years.. be more daring! It's fine. There was nothing to be embarrassed about!~ Fingers softly pressed to Rayes stomach and added light pressure. Rising up, slowly, to feel about.

".. Pretty tight." Looking up at the elf. ".. I'm jealous." Whine.

Yes. She could even whine when her cheeks looked flushed like that! She then looked back down and fan a finger to that belly button piercing.

Raye wasn't sure what she had expected but that wasn't it. At the first hint of the touch to her stomach, the elf's pale green eyes widened. As Apple's hand moved upwards, a barely audible gasp escaped before a soft whooshing of air was exhaled. Her voice was a slight note higher as she responded to the redhead's assessment of her abs. "Uh-huh." Inhale.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful?"

She tried to joke her way out of whatever she was feeling by quoting cheesy lines from some book she had read.

"Hate you. Hate you soo much.."

The joke worked in two ways. It gave Andrea the needed reason to finally pull away. Her form leaned back, losing her balance all together so that she could flop down onto the bed. Arms spread at either side, while her own top had rose up enough to expose her stomach. One hand rose and slapped down. Poke, poke, prod.

".. I feel so fat."

Then came a turn. Now resting face first against the bed. At least like this.. she could hide her face away. She seriously touched her stomach..! Was she a pervert now?

Beestung lips were set into a pout. " are breakin' my heart. You hate me." Sniffle.
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That sniffling lasted only as long as it took for Apple to flop down and show her own stomach. The elf tried to pull her gaze away; tried to focus on anything other than the redhead because watching her was certainly not easing the tension in her stomach...butterflies on crack maybe?

"You are not are so freakin' sexy you make me want to..."

The very second the words left Raye's mouth, she sucked in a shocked breath, her face a nice shade of near purple, and began to choke. The choking was welcome, it had stopped her from saying anything more stupid than she already had.

It really was good that her face was pressed against the bed. The moment she heard Raye almost dare to finish that line -- was the same moment those green eyes grew wide. Palms pressed to the softness of the bed. Added force was applied so that she could rise up and soon enough turn onto her backside once more. The choking sound was alarming, but so had been the elf’s words.

".. Ah.. um.."

”Uh...I didn’t mean that like it sounded.” The choking began to subside, just ragged little pants for breath now.

Fingers curled to grip against sheets. Eyes, directing themselves away from the image of Raye, looked off to the side. ".. You want to stay over..?"

Dropping the subject. Changing to another one. But what she had changed it to, mixed with what was just said, might not make it any better.

What Raye had been about to say was so much more innocent than what it might seem...then again, there wasn't really anything purely innocent about any of it. What she had almost blurted out was that she wanted to paint Apple. Not the woman herself...but a picture of her. It was probably best she hadn't spoken further because the question would come up regarding how she wanted to paint her. That would only leave Raye looking like some pervert instead of an artist that saw everything in an aesthetic way more than a physical one.

Raye swallowed and fidgeted, weight shifting from one foot to the other, alternating which hip jutted. Tugging on the ends of both of the braids that fell over her shoulders and chest to rest at her waist, she drew in another soft breath before exhaling slowly through pursed lips. "Uh huh."

~Uh huh.~ The best way to counter that?"Okay.."

The best way. Andreas grip on those sheets became less and less; all before finally letting go all together as her body pushed forward. Elbows pressed to her legs and palms clapped against one another just once.. only then did fingers curl between one another so she could grasp at her own hands.

".. So, uh.."

They wouldn't stay grasped for long. Apple couldn't seem to stay still. Hands parted and instead pressed to the bed so she could force herself to stand once more.

"... I think I might have some popcorn.. or, I could go downstairs for something.. or, um." Stepping off to the right. Then -- she'd stop.

".. Hey, Rayvinn?"

Raye's gaze followed Andrea's every movement which likely made her just look twitchy and shifty eyed! When the redhead finally stopped, the elf blinked a couple of times.

"Hm?" She couldn't trust her voice yet.

".. Well.. you see.." Hands pressed to her hips. Then rose, so that she could cross her arms. Form sort of leaning over.. then came a small puff of a breath to push away some red bangs.

"I was wondering, well.."

Raye shifted so that her uninjured arm was bent behind her back and her cast was held against her side. Eyes widened ever so slightly as Apple spoke.


Deep breath. Taking a moment to just *think*.

".. Well.."

~Just come out and say it.~ That, along with a few other choice words, had been ringing in her head. Andrea shifted about so that she could peer over to Raye.

".. What is this.. I mean, you know.. that we're doing.."

Arms loosened their cross, but they wouldn't fall yet. She looked rather uneasy as she spoke.

".. What am I to you?"

A few slow, thoughtful blinks before the elf opened her mouth to speak, lifted her gaze to Andrea's then closed it again. This happened twice more before Raye growled out in frustration. Of all the times to find herself unable to speak! A quick, deep breath was taken as Rayvinn's long legged strides ate up the short distance between herself and Apple. If she stopped for even a moment to think about what she was doing, she would lose her she plunged ahead...dove into the deep end without her floaties!

A quick swallow as the elf lifted both hands, despite the awkwardness of the cast, and caressed Apple's cheekbones with her thumbs before cupping her jaw and leaning in. Her gaze locked onto the redhead's for the few moments before her lips brushed against Apple's and then lashes fluttered closed. Her lips parted slightly to draw Apple's lower lip between both of her own for a gentle tug before the tip of her tongue slid across it. Raye released Apple's lip but continued to stroke delicate fingertips across her jaw. She hoped she hadn't just plowed through Apple’s boundaries..

"You are special to me. I don't know what label to put upon you for several reasons. The main one being...I don't know what you want to be to me." Her voice didn't rise above a whisper as she leaned her forehead to Apple's. The other reasons

Andrea stood there lost in thought. How was this going to turn out? Raye wasn't speaking.. and then, when that frustrated growl let out. Andrea didn't know what to expect. The gap, as small as it already was, between them had been easily crossed. The next thing the redhead knew; she was taken. Her arms uncrossed instantly and fell to her side as fingers pressed to her jaw.. and then those lips, against her very own. Apple was surprised, yet.. in a way -- rather happy. Her own fingers began to twitch lightly before she drew her arms out to gently hook about Rayes waist.

"... I."

What did she want to be? It was obvious. She had some sort of feelings for this woman. To deny that would be to deny the way her heart rapidly beat at the moment at just her closeness alone. Forehead to forehead now. Her eyes looking right into the elfs. Andrea wanted to look away, yet couldn't do so.

".. I like you.. A lot." Awkward as it sounded. Andrea was trying her hardest. ".. More than I've ever liked a person before.. The time we've spent together.. I've had so much fun.. I.." Her own voice choked up.

"I like you a lot too. I miss you when I don't see you even if it has just been one day." Raye swallowed as she leaned her head back and tilted it a little, hearing that extra emotion in Andrea's voice.

"Hey, what's wrong? If I upset you, you can punch me as hard as you want to. I probably shouldn't have..uhm..done that..that way. Eh. I'm sorry." Awkward!

".. N.. No, it's not that.. you have nothing to be sorry about."

Her own head dipped forward; leaning in to press it against the womans shoulder so that her face could meet Rayes neck.

"I'm just.." Sniffing back. Her shoulders rising up while those arms that had wrapped about the elf lifted up along her back so she could take a better hold. ".. Happy."

Raye leaned into the embrace, lowering her head so that her lips hovered near the spot where Apple's cheekbone met her jaw.

"So, you are crying because you are happy...not because I have done something wrong. Good...because it would kill my ego to think my kiss brought you to tears,” she joked.

Lips lowered to brush across pale skin before they were pulled back, just in case she was being too affectionate. The elf's chin rested against the exposed side of Apple's neck.

Sniffing back once more. Her head shook gently. A soft chuckle left her lips, along with the sound of yet another sniff.

".. You're too sweet.."

Andreas arm unhooked from about Rayes form. One kept itself at her back, yet the other was on the move. Fingers trailing along to guide against skin before the feeling of that palm met with the elf’s cheek.

".. I'm glad you hit on me.. that night." Lifting then turning her head to offer a smile her way.

Raye did her best to ignore the tingle along her skin and arched a brow at Apple's words.

"Don't you mean you are glad you asked me out? But yeah...I am glad I didn't talk myself out of hitting on you...though I had no idea that is what I was doing, at the time. I still don't know what happened to make me notice another weird.'s good."

The elf still had her moments of being weirded out by this attraction to Apple, mostly when it came to physical contact because kissing a woman was all new territory for her. The weirdness came from her own insecurity more than anything else, however. She was working through it, obviously, or she wouldn't be standing there with her arms around Andrea. Raye leaned her cheek more firmly against the hand pressed to it and turned her head to press a kiss to Apple's palm.

"I'm glad I'm here.
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Was it strange that Andrea felt more at ease with the situation than Raye had been? There was something awkward - yes. But a feeling of ease had also come. That, along with the rapid beating of her heart.. a flurry of emotions; yet she didn't want them to leave. Her hand pulled back after the feeling of that kiss. Fingers curling, forming into a soft fist. A fist that uncurled so she could press that very same palm against her chest.

"So.. Um.."

~Try to say something cool. Make the moment last longer!~ Is what screamed in her head. But, Andrea didn't know what to say!

".. You're the best..!"

So she went with her gut. Arms wrapped about Raye as she gave that sudden push of her weight.

Raye definitely didn't want the moment to end either, but she didn't have a clue what to say. She quickly pilfered through and tossed out sentences that came to mind. Nothing sounded even remotely normal.


She paused, dropped her head to Apple's shoulder as she struggled with what to say next.

"Are you comfortable?"

She mentally kicked herself for not being able to think of anything better to say. Next, she would probably start talking about the weather or something.

"Am I comfortable?"

Andrea peered up from her post-nuzzle position. Green eyes looking right at the beautiful features of the elf. With a blink, followed with a small nibble to her bottom lip, she'd slowly nod her head while leaning away.

".. Mhm.. I feel comfortable around you."

Backstepping then. The distance between the two becoming more and more. Andrea kept her hands at Rayes waist, then finally let go after one final backstep.

"I should do something for you.." A bashful glance to the side.

Immediately following Apple's lip nibble, her attention drawn in that direction, Raye traced her thumb over the redhead's bottom lip. She attempted to loosely hold on for as long as possible as Andrea drew backwards, her arm slipping from the other woman's shoulder but fingertips catching a strand of her hair before she finally was forced to relinquish that as well.

"Why do you think you should do something for me? You do all sorts of things for me." A small step forward was taken before Raye paused.

’I do?”

"Of course you do. I am more at ease with you than with nearly anyone else and I...don't really sleep well without you. Maybe I should be the one doing something for you..."

Rayvinn had no idea what they were talking about, but it sounded like a win-win situation to her if they were both concerned about doing something for the other.

Andrea lowered herself onto the bed. Palms brushing against the comfortable fabric before hands drew themselves into her lap. Red strands of hair slipping from her shoulder with the way she gave her head the slightest of tilts. Then came a shake. Left to right, her eyes closing while doing so.

"Nope.. You've spoiled me far too much, Rayvinn." Leaning then. Her back falling against the bed. Arms spreading out at either side of her. "I'm going to do something for you.. I just need to lay here and think. `` What would Raye want? ``."

Still thinking of how weird it was that she slept pretty well when she was here, she thought of how the sleeping arrangements had been so innocent and harmless up until...right this moment. Now it might be really weird.

Raye swallowed the lump that had suddenly formed in her throat as her gaze traveled over the relaxed form of Apple on the bed. Funny that she hadn't really ever noticed how hard her heart pounded before. Breathe in--breathe out...Raye was on autopilot for a moment as she heard Apple question what she would want. Well, she really had no idea! New why was she chewing at her lower lip and staring at the redhead like that? The elf was confused, that much was evident...written all over her face. Her voice was soft when she finally got her wayward thoughts under control.

"You really don't have to do anything for me."

Feet shuffled back and forth almost restlessly before she strode over to sit on the bed with her back pressed to the headboard, facing Apple.

That resting form began to twist. Back no longer pressed to the bed. Instead, it rose up more into the air as Andrea crawled upon hands and knees. Inching closer, closer, and closer to the sitting elf. Glances had been cast, but would then be turned away as she lowered herself so that cheek came to rest gently down against one of the elf’s legs.

".. How about I give you a key to the room.. so you can come anytime you want..? You don't need to ask.."

Raye's eyes widened more and more as the crawling Apple approached. Why was she crawling towards her? The elf finally blinked and then lowered her hand to brush dyed red strands of hair from the woman's cheek. She hunched over and lowered her torso slowly so that she could brush her lips slowly across Apple's cheek. A light nibble was given to her jawbone before Raye smiled.

"I will accept but only if you let me pay for half of the room. It's only fair since I am here most of the time anyway..."

Eye closest to that jaw closed at the feeling of the nibble. Lips curling, then finding the bottom one once more bitten while flush of red took over her cheeks.

"There's no point in fighting you, huh..?"

Turning slowly. Her back meeting the bed once more, yet her head kept itself nice and propped against that leg. ".. I accept your terms.. but, this also means that I still need to do something more." Closing her eyes in thought. "Hmm.."

A nervous, soft laugh escaped Raye's lips. "No, I think you are doing quite enough as it is..."

Whatever could that mean? To keep her hands from fidgeting idly, Raye began to loosely braid Apple's hair; tiny braids were interspersed with unbraided hair.

Turning the tables a little. "Why don't you think about what you want to do for me instead of what you think I want you to do."

"Hm..? What I want to do for you.."

One eye peeking open. Then the other. Both of her greens simply looking up at the vision of Raye leaning over from above.

".. Well.. I want to hug you.." She swallowed back then.

".. Kiss you." Her eyes shifting as her vision was turned to the side.

".. Make you feel happy." Nibbling on her bottom lip.

".. And, um.. I want to cook for you."

Three out of four...that was pretty lucky. Of course, that last one would likely cause her early demise but a person couldn't have it all.

"All of that sounds perfect...but I am still not sure why you think you need to do anything for me. I mean...don't get me wrong. I will happily be your affection whore but I haven't exactly done anything to earn that from you. So, it is a treasured gift."

She took a stab at saving her life..."I also haven't earned your culinary services so please don't go out of your way to cook. I really don't eat much."

Which was a lie. She didn't eat -often- but she ate a lot when she did eat...and Apple knew this.

"So, tell me what you want...this works both ways."

".. I want you to tell me goodbye the next time you have to go.."

It sounded a little serious when she spoke those words. Even more so when she brought her vision back to look straight up at Raye. Her hands rising up then to reach for the elfs cheeks.

"I want you to give me kisses before we go to sleep.. and if you're not around, text me with them instead.."

A kiss Apple sought to take then and there with the way she leaned up. ".. and.."

A pause. That was the moment their lips had met. Apple kept hers there, lingering against the feeling of their shared warmth. Andrea pulled away and a breath was taken before she could speak while eyes fluttered.

".. for you to teach me how to cook, so you can stop with those lame excuses.."

"Deal. To all of the above." Apple wouldn't know this, but Raye agreeing to say good-bye next time was a pretty big deal. The elf sucked at those and was quite well versed in leaving without one. The fact that Apple seemed to know and accept that she would leave again, wasn't lost on the elf, either. Rayvinn's lashes fluttered closed as she pressed her lips to Andrea's forehead, sealing the deal with a kiss.
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You are (Not) Alone

There Andrea sat within the bathroom. Dressed for the morning of training ahead yet her mind wasn't quite on the same task as her clothing had been. With a lack of sleep and a whining dog bumping against her hand, she didn't know how she'd be able to handle morning training with Candy. Not only that, but visiting church a few hours later. Her day was pretty hectic.. but, at least she'd be able to sleep once those two things were over. Or so she thought. There was also Raye.. then again, the elf would understand if Andrea wasn't exactly conscious by mid-day.

"Huh?" Andrea questioned while looking over the edge of the bathtub. Her left arm had been dangling over it, the puppy her and Raye had purchased for Kruger was busying itself by bumping and licking against her slightly opened palm. In all honesty, that arm felt like dead weight with the lack of sleep she had been experiencing. The adrenaline rush and a good cup of coffee before training would fix that, but for now - she felt terrible. ".. What, you want me to sing it again? What's it been.." Andrea closed those emerald green eyes and thought back on her night of babysitting the puppy within the bathroom. ".. Twelve times already?" Her voice sparked the dogs own in response. It yipped and Andrea let out a soft sigh. "Fiiine.." Lazy fingers beginning to dance around to scratch at the small animals ear.

With a deep breath, followed by a soft sigh, she'd begin to sing out. The walls of the bathroom doing their best to cause that lovely echo to sound about within the small space. While Andrea wasn't the best singer in RhyDin. It just didn't matter within this bathroom.

"&#9834; Poets often use many words
To say a simple thing.
But it takes thought and time and rhyme
To make a poem sing.

With music and words I'll be playin'
For you, I have written a song
To be sure that you know what I'm sayin'
I'll translate as I go along.

Andrea closed her eyes and took in another breath. That pause causing the puppy to bark out, as if asking in its own way for her to continue. Lips began to curl into the smallest of smiles then. Her head tilting to the right, causing it to press against the hard, cold tile of the shower wall she sat against. "You're lucky this hasn't waken up Raye yet.. I'm putting all the blame on you if she comes barging in here.." The puppy made its presence known as it pressed against her hand once more. That pink little tongue tickled against her fingers. "Okay, okay.."

"&#9834; Fly me to the moon
And let me play among the stars.
Won't you let me see what spring
Is like on Jupiter and Mars.

In other words, hold my hand
In other words, darling, kiss me.

Maybe it was the lack of sleep, but she found this all amusing. Not only that, but somewhat special. Even more when she thought of the woman that laid within the bed in the room just opposite of this very wall. Andrea pulled her hand away from the puppy and moved to awkwardly rise from the tub. Only to settle herself down upon its edge. The puppy began to step about, sitting between her bent legs and looking up at her with its little head tilted to the side. Andrea reached down then and gave it a soft pat against its head while continuing the song.

"&#9834; Fill my heart with song
And let me sing forevermore.
'Cause you are all I long for
All I worship and adore.

In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you.

One last pat found its head. Then she rose to stand.

"&#9834; In other words, please be true.
Please be true, I just want you to be true.
In other words, -

Those soft Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah leaving her lips as she stepped toward the mirror. Glasses grasped upon and slipped onto her features so that she could take in the figure that reflected back at her. Then to her watch. 3:37.. she needed to head downstairs. She turned about and looked to the puppy that had followed after her.

" - I love you.
I love you, I love you. &#9835;

Andrea bent down. Resting one arm at bent knee while other reached out to give the puppy a few more pets. ".. It's time for you to go to sleep, sweetheart. Raye'll be up soon, alright? She'll play with you." The redhead then rose and made her way for the door. The puppy whined. It yipped. She gave it one last look, followed by a wiggle of her fingers, before opening and stepping out from the bathroom. Andrea peered through the slowly closing door, watching as it began to follow. Attempting to leave the room, but she'd close the door before it could. "I promise. Okay?" She whispered against the door. The song continued in her head, yet she only spoke it out in whispers. "To the moon.. To the moon. &#9834;" One last glance to the sleeping elf upon the bed was taken. Then she turned to leave the room. Only when she had exited into the hall - did she finish the song.

"&#9834; C'mon, just take me to the moon and back. &#9835;"

She was sure Candy wouldn't exactly approve of anymore singing from the red head once training started.
But Andrea kept that little smile on her face.
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If It Survives the Puppy and Elf...

After she awakened and realized that Apple was gone, Raye hopped into the shower to wake herself up. After quite some time of the puppy yipping and barking, he finally worked his way up and over the side of the tub only to have a fight with the shower curtain.

”Naughty puppy! Bad!” Raye admonished as she was suddenly sharing her shower with a little ball of fur that should be afraid of the hot water that was raining down upon him. He released the shower curtain from his sharp little puppy teeth and stuck his tongue out to lick up some water before barking again.

Turning off the water, the elf opened the curtain and grabbed her towel from the hook before stepping out onto the bathmat. After wrapping herself up in the towel and then wrapping her dripping, hip length hair into another towel, turban style, she scooped the puppy from the tub and bundled him up in another towel.

After leaving the bathroom and depositing the wrapped up puppy onto the bed, Raye dug through the duffel bag at the foot of the bed for a tee shirt and a pair of shorts. She got dressed and began to braid her hair, all the while watching as the puppy wrestled with the bath towel.

”You are gonna be good for Kruger. He will be so busy keeping you out of trouble that he won’t have time to get himself into any."

After drying him off, Raye put on her running shoes and grabbed his collar and leash. Fishing through her purse, she found the key to Apple’s room and shoved it into her pocket along with a fistful of coins. The .45 and holster were affixed to the small of her back then she grabbed the leash and led the puppy out the door.

After jogging for several miles, the elf backtracked and stopped in the marketplace to pick up the supplies for her surprise. She allowed the puppy to explore, keeping a loose hold on his leash, letting him lead. Finally, she took firmer hold of the leash and began her jog back to the room, all of the various sacks clutched in one hand.

It took quite a while to assemble, but after much trial and error with the numerous types of candy, bubble bath and lotion, nail polish, huge stuffed bunny, coloring books and crayons, bubbles, playdoh, and various other silly toys(including firecrackers)...Raye finally tied the pink and yellow ribbons into large looped bows and sat the Easter basket on the middle of the bed. Much like Christmas, she had absolutely no idea what this holiday was but she had heard that people gave candy, stuffed animals and little toys so she figured Apple should have this. IF it all survived the puppy and Rayvinn...the pair seemed likely to tear it apart for their own enjoyment.
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Confessions : 5-10
(Events are taken from Live Roleplay)

Apple was sitting at the couch. Wearing a nice little skirt, some fishnet leggings, that one shouldered black top and some killer boots. Red hair all done with curls just for the challenge! Looks like she put a little effort into getting ready. "Are the two of you ready to fight?"

Rayvinn came down from Apple's room, arms lifted to put the last pin into her hair. Unlike Apple, Raye wasn't dressed nice for this challenge. Just jeans that had seen better days, a nondescript shirt, and a pair of flip flops. Hair was pinned into a messy bun at the crown of her head.

Apple liked to make comments about Raye outshining her, so the elf made it a point to prove to the redhead that she easily took the spotlight. To the caller's couch she went, shoes slapping lightly upon the floor. Plops down next to the caller and grins.

Ahem. She'd rise up then and hold the mic at ready. "Okay! We might not really have a crowd, but that doesn't matter! We're here to watch two duelists fight it out for the Barony of Old Market! Will Camilla defend, or will Candy get a nice little district to call her own?!" She'd hold out a hand and gesture to the lit up ring.

"We have the Baron of Old Market herself, Camilla! Fighting under the flags of Latium and the Scathachians!" Then turning her hand to Candy. ".. Oh, get in the ring - the
both of you..." Ahem! Trying to sound like a pro. ".. And, well - Candy! Who fights for herself! Because she didn't bring me anything special to say about her!"

"The challenge will be best two out of three! So salute, bow, whatever sort of greeting you want to give.. aaannnnd..!" Slashing down her arm. "Get it on!"

"You didn't miss my flashy intro, that's good." Thumbs up to Raye. Apple was feeling herself right now. That ego on full shiiine.

"I didn't. You did awesome. Told ya not to worry." If she hadn't told her, she meant to. "So, if Candy wins, I'm moving to Old Market. You coming with me?"

".. With Candy in charge of the place? Yeah, sure." Grinning. "I think she'd make a pretty good baron. But I don't wanna sound biased. I'm on the job after all." Ahem.

Rayvinn fell asleep not long after the first match took place. Candy won and the two ladies launched into the second match without much of a break between the two. Camilla fought hard to defend her title but Candy was ruthless and ended up winning the second match as well.

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That loud announcement into the mic woke the elf that had somehow managed to fall asleep in the middle of a baronial challenge. "Okay, so now we gotta move."

Drops the mic and just begins clapping. Yelling out with her own voice. "Good fight! Both of you! Really!"

Candy straightened herself out, standing before the last blow. The flame went out of her weapon as she brought another boot into the woman's body.

"Yeah.. looks like we are." Apple replied, still clapping.

With the fight called, Candy stepped away from the downed Camilla.. and looked around the Arena.

"Ahem.. Uh..! Oh! Candy! Will you be loyal to the Overlord or not?"

Looking to Apple. "I am loyal to myself and no other."

"So that'll be a no. I think the word renegade does suit you well.."

"Renegade...yeah, it fits. She needs to get a shirt with that on it." Raye grinned towards the firebug.

A short nod and a smirk for Raye's comment. Candy moved out of the ring, leaving Camilla to Jaycy. "Nice fight."

"I better go write the report for this real quick. I'll be back, okay?" Apple would offer a wave before dashing off to the back office.
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