October All-Ranks Tournament

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Neo Eternity
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October All-Ranks Tournament

Post by Neo Eternity »

Hello, patrons of the Duel of Magic!

It's time for the All-Ranks Tournament! As I said last time, the Fall tournament will be themed by the Keeper of Air, Rachael Wynter, and she will be awarding some of her Keeper Gems to the winners. We will also be searching for someone to hold her complement tower, the Tower of Earth.

The tournament will take place on Wednesday, October 26th, at 9:00 PM RDT. Any duelist of any rank may enter, even those not yet on the standings. The format will be single elimination if we have a lot of entrants, otherwise we'll use double elimination. Sai will be officiating.

The prizes are as follows:
1st place: Two Air Gems -OR- the Tower of Earth, and 2000 nobles.
2nd place: Whatever 1st doesn't take, and 1000 nobles.
3rd place: One Air Gem, and 500 nobles.

Post your pre-registrations as replies to this thread. Good luck and have fun, everyone!
-- Neo Eternity
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Post by Sarah »

::Ink blots and jabs and stabs of ink appear as she signs her name on the list before walking away. All the while she mutters.::

I better be in the right mind by joining that tournament.
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Post by Nayun »

- Nayun
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Rhiannon Brock
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Post by Rhiannon Brock »

Rhiannon Brock
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Post by Ahni »

Another notice!?

Ahni scanned the names already on the list, noting the same names written as the other tournament. She especially took note that her new acquaintance, Nayooooooooon, had entered.

Giggling wildly, the coppery-haired woman scribbled something that looked like a lily with vines encircling it, and a heart beside it.

(underneath, in extremely tiny letters, she wrote her name -- in case her lovely picture wasn't enough)
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Siofra Kelley
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Post by Siofra Kelley »

I would love to throw my lot in with all of you as well.
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Riding the Thunder
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Post by Riding the Thunder »

Count me in as well!
I am a being of Heaven and Earth, of thunder and lightning, of rain and wind, of the galaxies.

- Eden Ahbez
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Chythraul The Vile
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Post by Chythraul The Vile »

Chythraul enters the tournament.
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Post by Shadowlord »

I will enter.

"Still round the corner there may wait a new road or a secret gate; and though I have oft passed them by, a day will come at last when I shall take the hidden paths that run west of the moon, east of the sun." -- J.R.R. Tolkien
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Post by DUEL Sai »

Holy cow, a tournament, it happened! It was pretty great! Want to see how it went down? Do you? Nope. ...Okay, fine! I give! Here's the bracket:


Once we ended up with two Keepers in the final three, we offered Chythraul the Tower of Earth. And he accepted it; he is now the Keeper of Earth! Having no interest in the monetary prizes, he withdrew at this point and finished in third, receiving 500 silver.

Shadow and Rachael then went at it in Anemoi. And the winner of the tournament... is Shadow! He wins 2000 silver and two Air Gems, and the second place winner, Rachael, wins 1000 silver and one Air Gem.

Thanks to everyone who participated and spectated!
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